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Best 5 Photo Transparent Background Editor Free

Indeed every one of us loves taking pictures anytime and anywhere. Sometimes, we cannot avoid getting undesired backgrounds. So what comes to our mind is to get rid of these undesired backgrounds and change into something better. But can we achieve this scenario in our favorite shot? While technologies keep emerging, it isn't possible. It's effortless to do if you select the right transparent background editor.

There are a lot of free photo editor transparent backgrounds that we can use. These programs ensure to their users that they will provide a realistic final image result. But you must be wise in selecting such apps for implementing this feature in our favorite shots because some apps can ruin our memorable image instead of making it realistic.

Which is the best transparent background editor? Which is more straightforward to use? Well, this article will be your guide for picking the topmost background editor in the market nowadays! So without further ado! Let's get this started.

Image Editor That Make Transparent Background





Signing/Logging in

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Customer Support

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Online Free 9 9.5 9.5 9 Beginners, Intermediate, Professionals
Windows, Mac, Linux Free 8 8.5 Sign In 8.5 8.8 Professionals
Online Free 8.8 9 8.9 8.6 Beginners, Intermediate, Professionals
Online Free 8.3 8.3 8.8 8.7 Intermediate, Professionals
Online Free 8.8 8.9 8.7 8.7 Intermediate, Professionals

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Trusted Reviews

1. AnyMP4 Background Remover Online

AnyMP4 Background Remover Online is a free photo editor transparent background remover that can eliminate unwanted backgrounds from an image. JPG and PNG are this online background remover's commonly supported image formats. You can use it for free, and it doesn't require users to log in. Therefore, no personal information from the user is needed.
After uploading the image, this tool automatically removes the background. The best thing about this tool is if you want to keep something else in your picture, you can define it as you desire using the brush tool. The entire process of the removal of the background is so easy. This tool is more than just a background remover; it can crop the image, flip or rotate, and choose the desired color for the background.

Image Editor That Make Transparent Background AnyMP4


  • No login required.
  • 100% free to use.
  • Intended for beginners.


  • Limited image file supported.

2. Inkscape

Inkscape is a background remover software that lets users erase the background from their images. This program is intended for professionals compared to others. It requires the user's mastery in editing to perform the removal. Nonetheless, this tool is efficient in erasing the background from an image.
With Inkscape, you can use some methods like outlining and image tracing to get rid of the background of your image. Removing the background image is just an additional feature of this tool. Inscape is known for making illustrations such as logos, clip art, cartoons, and more.

Image Editor That Make Transparent Background Inscape


  • Safe to use.
  • Free to download and use.
  • A lot of features to offer.


  • Not recommended for beginners.
  • Not user-friendly.

3. is an online background remover that you can use for free. This tool removes the background from the image instantly and accurately. It quickly removes the background from the image after uploading. Aside from that, this tool gives you the exact output you expect.
Moreover, before you save your output, you can edit your image with this tool. It provides users with different colors to change the background color for personal purposes. Also, this tool offers a variety of ready-to-use photo backgrounds to add some twists. Besides that, you can also upload the background of your choice as a replacement.

Image Editor That Make Transparent Background Removebg


  • Accurate in erasing the background from an image.
  • Beginners can access the program.
  • No need to download it.


  • Only supports JPG and PNG format.
  • Limited features.

4. LunaPic

LunaPic is an online editor that can make the background of your image transparent or remove it permanently. With this tool, users may need a few technical skills in editing. Nonetheless, with LunaPic, you can not only remove the background but also personalize your image. Aside from that, you can also customize your photo by cropping, rotating, and more. Also, you upload multiple images with this tool. After editing your picture, you can save your output or directly share it on different social media platforms.

Image Editor That Make Transparent Background Lunapic


  • Quick sharing feature.
  • It can blur and pixelate the background.


  • Old designs.
  • Limitations in the maximum size of the image.

5. PhotoScissors

PhotoScissors is a free background editor that can eliminate any backgrounds from an image. With this tool, you can replace the background of your photo with a transparent one or something you desire. While removing the background, this program offers a variety of tools you can use.
What's more enjoyable with this tool is that you can adjust your image's boundary and feathering to look more realistic. It also splits the foreground from your background. Some editors say that this tool is manageable and ideal for beginners. The good thing about using this tool, it provides a tutorial to its user.

Image Editor That Make Transparent Background PhotoScissors


  • It can remove complex backgrounds.
  • No technical skills are required.


  • Only supports JPG, PNG, and WebP.
  • Only 10Mb is the maximum image size you can upload.

6. FAQs about Transparent Background Editor

1. How will you notice if the image is transparent?

Usually, it has a faded image background. Images with transparency display it using a white and gray checkered pattern. The checkered pattern is the background. The concept is that you can see which parts of the image will be transparent before you save it.

2. What is the purpose of a transparent background?

The usefulness of transparent backgrounds is that you can pile multiple backgrounds and give your layout depth or make impressive visual results by layering other photos or colors.

3. What do you call an image with a transparent background?

PNG is an image file format that lets you have no background color. A transparent background has no pixels; it allows through what's behind it.


There you go! as we presented the best transparent background editor free to use, You probably now have an idea which one will benefit you. All the tools illustrated above are reliable in making transparent backgrounds from your image. What we're pointing out is you must pick the best of the best and will lessen your burdens. We would appreciate it if you would leave us a comment for more recommendations. We hope that this post has aided you.

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