How Do I Fix iTunes Restoring iPhone Error 4010?: Manual for Resolving the Issue

How Do I Fix iTunes Restoring iPhone Error 4010?: Manual for Resolving the Issue

Many iPhone users are experiencing difficulties when recovering their devices via iTunes. It keeps appearing anytime consumers attempt to restore their iPhones. Also, there are occasions when your tracks are not matched, and you are not permitted to access that unmatched music. This instance is an excellent hassle for all of us.

Furthermore, have you ever had a problem while recovering an iPhone? If you are unsure what to do and are experiencing problems with your iTunes Error 4010, you can refer to our provided solutions. This post will offer you an idea of how to solve this iTunes match. Kindly observe these three effective ways how we can solace the problem instantly. Everything you need to see is here.

iTunes Error 4010

iTunes Error 4010

Part 1. What and Why iTunes Error 4010

Before we get started on the remedies for iTunes Error 4010, let's go over the definition and causes of this error. This section is crucial because it is unknown to users, and there is no representation of the reason in the error message. When attempting to restore your iPhone with iTunes, you may experience an error or difficulty. The fault examination revealed that the iPhone Error 4010 occurred due to the restore failing. You must learn to reduce any issues because the method is pretty delicate. Specific interferences frequently cause such issues on your iPhone.

As several parties may be engaged in the process, there are several possible causes for this mistake. Investigate these factors to assist you in determining the best solution.

  • 1. The outdated iTunes software installed on your computer is one of the key reasons and difficulties of iTunes Error 4010. If it is updated, many functionalities on iTunes will be able to recover, resulting in such errors during iPhone restoration.
  • 2. Anti-virus software or firewall settings may be incompatible with iTunes, resulting in errors like the 4010 while restoring your iPhone.
  • 3. Internet connectivity problems and device malfunctions are two of the most common and severe reasons for iPhone Error 4010.

Part 2. 3 Solutions to Fix iTunes Error 4010

Solution 1: Getting the Latest Version of iTunes

To resolve the iTunes match problem 4010, be sure to upgrade your iTunes to the most recent version. It should be the first thing you attempt. Some older iTunes versions are incompatible with the latest iOS version, which may cause problems.

To check for an iTunes update on a Mac:

We all need to open the Mac AppStore and select Update at the top of the screen.

To check the iTunes update on your computer:

1Kindly, open iTunes on your computer and launch successfully.

2After that, we need to select Help from the menu bar at the top of the iTunes window.

3Lastly, from the drop-down menu, select Check for Updates. If any iTunes updates are available, download them, and the error will be resolved.

iTunes Check for Updates

The updating process of iTunes on our Mac and Windows PC is straightforward. Please ensure to follow the steps above. Then, observe if there are changes in terms of the problem that we encountered on iTunes.

Solution 2: Disconnect Your Apple Account from iTunes and Retry

To begin, disconnecting the Apple account from iTunes is the first thing we need in resolving the problem of iPhone restoration via iTunes. To do so, please follow the steps outlined below for a better understanding of the procedure:

1Launch iTunes and navigate the Account tab in the left panel. To access the sign-in option, you must first pick View My Account.

iTunes View my Account

2Sign in with your Apple ID and look at the devices connected to iTunes via the Apple ID displayed on the screen.

iTunes Sign in Apple ID Account

3To disconnect the device from iTunes, click the Remove button next to it. Attempt to restore the iPhone using the generic method of recovering the iPhone with iTunes.

iTunes Manage Device

That is a potential fix for an iTunes Error 4010 by disconnecting your Apple ID from your iTunes. However, if this solution is still not enough, we also have another solution for you that is proven to be the best solution to the problem. Please see solution three below.

Solution 3: Fix it Using AnyMP4 iOS System Recovery

We know that iTunes error 4010 appears in iTunes. However, sometimes, the iPhone may get system issues and cause that error. That is why we all require replacement tools to complete the operation. Fortunately, AnyMP4 iOS System Recovery can help us complete the task. It is an excellent application for fast fixing an issue within our iOS device.


  • Repair over 30 iOS system errors like update error, activation error, iTunes error 9039, error 4000, and more.
  • Fix iPhone system issues without data loss and downgrade iOS freely.
  • It has two process modes: Standard Mode and Advanced Mode to fix common and advanced system issues.
  • Compatible with the latest iPhone 16 and later models.

1Ensure that you utilize AnyMP4 iOS System Recovery on your computer. Please download the software using these links.

Free Download For Windows

Secure Download

Free Download For macOS

Secure Download

2As the next step, select iOS System Recovery from the top menu. The pop-up window will then display a list of iOS system issues. The next step is to press the Start button. You'll need a USB cord to connect your iOS device to this PC.

Click Start iOS System Recovery

3We must click the Fix button to upgrade or downgrade the iOS version on a particular iOS device.

Click Fix Button

4After completing the preceding steps, select Standard Mode and click Confirm to expedite the procedure.

Select Repair Standard Mode

5Finally, we must return to your iPhone model, double-check the information, and make any necessary changes. Check the box next to the iOS version you're running. The firmware will be downloaded and updated when you press the Next button. We must wait a short period before attempting to repair the firmware issue.

Fix iOS Device

We must take these steps to resolve the iTunes Error 4010 issue. We can see that AnyMP4 iOS System Recovery is a complete solution with all of the functionality we require. Get it right now and use it for free.

Solution 2: Disconnect Your Apple Account from iTunes and Retry

A defective wire is a key problem that might cause the iPhone Error 4010 because the process needs a USB connection for restoring the iPhone using iTunes. You should monitor the wire's condition and ensure that the connection created through it is solid and not problematic. If necessary, change the wire to ensure a seamless process transition.

Surely, you can restore an iPhone without iTunes, when you get other iPhone backup and restore options.

3. FAQs about iTunes Error 4010

How can I force a factory reset on my iPhone to resolve iTunes 4010?

Go to Settings to access General. Then, Transfer or Reset iPhone to transfer or reset your iPhone. Prepare your content and settings for transfer to a new iPhone by one of the following: Tap Get Started, then follow the onscreen instructions. Afterward, go back to Settings to see General again. From there, click on Transfer or Reset iPhone, and then tap Erase All Content and Settings.

What should you do if iTunes says it can't restore your iPhone and displays the error message iTunes 4010?

Put your device into recovery mode and restart it. If you're using iTunes, ensure you're running the most recent version. Launch Finder on a Mac running macOS Catalina or later. Launch iTunes on a Mac running macOS Mojave or earlier or on a PC. If iTunes is already open, close it and then reopen it.

Can AntIVirus tools be the reasons for iTunes Error 4010?

Yes. Tools like AntiVirus can prevent us from restoring our iPhones using iTunes. It is also the main factor why your iTunes says an Error 4010. For that, it is essential to deactivate the tools or uninstall them. After installing them, you may proceed with the process and see if the problem is gone.


We are now about to end this write by saying that having an Error 4010 on iTunes is not something we can worry about. That is because we have different solutions and methods to fix the problem. Everything we all need to make the process is listed above. That is why we all need to follow each step correctly to live out the process successfully. In line with that, many users suggest we can use AnyMP4 iOS System Recovery for a 100% effective problem-solving process. ThatThat is why, if you are a user experiencing the same problem, use it now for free.

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