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5 Best External Blu-ray Burners to Create Blu-ray Movies

5 Best External Blu-ray Burners to Create Blu-ray Movies

External disc drives and burners have replaced computers' internal optical drives as a more common way to read, write, and play disc media. While these external Blu-ray burners can play Blu-ray movies on your computer, they're different from Blu-ray players because they can also write to and read other types of data stored on Blu-ray discs.

You can securely store computer backups on this physical medium or offload photo libraries and outdated information to clear up space on your hard drive. Many of these creators also support archival-quality disc formats so that you can save crucial data to those.

External Blu-ray Burner

Part 1. Top 5 External Blu-ray Burners

1 ASUS BW-16D1X-U Blu-ray Drive

As well as DVD and CD formats, the ASUS BW-16D1X-U can read and write Blu-ray discs. The M-Disc and BDXL disc formats are both supported by the BW-16D1X-U. However, the 16x write speeds and built-in backup software are its key selling factors. The online NeroBackup application, available through Asus, enables you to back up data from your Android device to Blu-ray.

It also comes with CyberLink Power2Go 8 software, which speeds up the process of burning data on CDs and offers optional data encryption to safeguard your files and private information. Please note that it seems like this software runs on something other than macOS.

External Blu-ray Burner


  • Optional data encryption.
  • 16X write speed.
  • Sleek design.


  • Installation sometimes fails.

2 LG WP50NB40 Ultra Slim Portable Blu-ray Writer

The LG Ultra Slim Portable Blu-ray/DVD Writer's physical factor is true to its name. One of our list's slim gadgets, this Blu-ray burner is only 2 inches thick. It's a good choice for anyone who needs to create high-capacity or archival Blu-ray discs for data storage.

Although the write speeds aren't the speediest, this burner is less expensive than many others that use this technology and supports both M-Disc and BDXL discs. When you can Blu-ray movies with the wireless Blu-ray player, its requirement for two USB connections—one to your computer and the other to a power source—is a disadvantage.

External Blu-ray Burner LG


  • It supports M-Disc and BDXL formats.
  • No drivers are required.
  • Very compact


  • Slower reading and writing speed.

3 OWC Mercury Pro 16X Blu-ray, 16X DVD, 48X CD Read/Write solution

Due to its extreme speed, the OWC Mercury Pro is one of the most popular external Blu-ray burners. Its read rates represented a significant performance increase over the rest of the burners, being more than twice as quick. The results were as impressive as the 16x write and test rates: a 13GB picture library was burned onto a Blu-ray disc in less than 20 minutes.

The Mercury Pro is ideal if you read from or burn many Blu-ray discs. While videos display beautifully on the linked laptop, this quality is lost when the laptop is connected to a TV.

External Blu-ray Burner Mercury


  • Fast read speed.
  • 16X write speed.
  • Solid build.


  • Unnecessary noise and incorrect image.

4 Pioneer BDR-XD05B

The Pioneer BDR-XD05B is a portable device that works well for irregular reading and writing tasks. The external Blu-ray creator performs well and uses very little space, despite the slow 6x read and write rates.

The BDR-XD05B is a reliable tool to have on hand if you occasionally need to burn some data on a Blu-ray or make copies of discs. The main restriction is that it only works with Windows. This gadget is undoubtedly portable because it weighs just 8 ounces. Additionally, it doesn't operate as a dedicated Blu-ray player like most of these burners.

External Blu-ray Burner PioneerXD05D



  • Not compatible with macOS.

5 Pioneer BDR-XUO3

We also have another Pioneer brand. This Pioneer BDR-XUO3 differs from the previous one because it is only compatible with macOS. It reflects the sleek type of Apple goods in terms of design. This compact drive has dimensions of 5.2 x 0.8 x 5.2 inches and weighs roughly half a pound.

However, this Blu-ray burner also offers a few additional significant features. It offers a few intelligent playback modes, including PowerRead, PureRead2+, and Auto Quiet mode, and it supports the high-capacity BDXL disc format. These settings highlight the BDR-capabilities XUO3 as a media player, disc reader, and writer.

External Blu-ray Burner PioneerXU03


  • Intelligent playback modes.
  • It supports the BDXL format.
  • Vertical orientation.


  • Not compatible with Windows.

Part 2. Best Blu-ray Burner Software

If you do not spend a large amount of money on the external Blu-ray burner, and do not carry with the heavy burner, then the Blu-ray software is your best choice.

AnyMP4 DVD Creator is a multi-function best Blu-ray burner software. You can easily burn various videos, including AVI, MOV, MXF, MP4, and others, to Blu-rays, Blu-ray folders, and Blu-ray ISO files. Additionally, this software allows you to burn media files into Blu-ray discs with outstanding video quality for 4K Blu-ray.

You could save the burned Blu-ray and DVD movies on your hard drive as a playable folder, even without a blank disc. After that, you can navigate the folder using your Blu-ray player or other media players to open the Blu-ray or DVD files without any issues.


  • VSO, CdrTool, and IMAPI SDK burning engines are supported to create videos in various Blu-ray formats.
  • Customizable Blu-ray menu template from the ready-made library and your ideas.
  • Burn a chapter by combining and merging multiple video titles.
  • Add audio track, music, images, and subtitles to the Blu-ray movies.


  • Burn any media files to DVD, Blu-ray disc, folder, or ISO.
  • It has a powerful burning engine to create DVDs.
  • It offers a high Blu-ray-burning speed at 30X faster.


  • It only offers the free trial of 30 days..

1. Download AnyMP4 DVD Creator onto your computer.

Free Download For Windows

Secure Download

Free Download For macOS

Secure Download

Then, launch the application. Next, select a DVD or Blu-ray disc from the pop-up menu.

AnyMP4 DVD Creator Add

2. To include the video files in the program, click Add Media Files. Optionally, click Power Tools after importing the file to use editing capabilities like crop, rotate, merge, flip, filters, and more.

AnyMP4 DVD Creator Next

3. After making the necessary changes, click Next to select or modify the menu template and click Burn to select the TV standard, burn settings, and other options. Finally, hit Start to start creating Blu-ray or DVD videos immediately.

AnyMP4 DVD Creator

Part 3: FAQs about External Blu-ray Burner

1. Can a Blu-ray drive read a DVD?

Definitely YES! Most Blu-ray drives can read and write to CDs and DVDs, and specific combo drives can burn discs of all three formats. Blu-ray material cannot be read by DVD drives, though.

2. What are the advantages of Blu-ray?

Blu-ray has some of the most excellent audio quality available in physical media, with visual quality reaching 4K Ultra HD. Blu-ray may produce 7.1 audio, which entails up to seven different sound channels and subwoofer capabilities for low-frequency music.

3. Is Blu-ray better than streaming?

Blu-ray discs can give a better experience than streaming video if you are okay with the physical aspect of the medium, which also heavily relies on your internet connection and the bandwidth available to your device. Although Blu-ray is fading from use, it is still one of the most significant ways to watch movies and TV shows.


Nothing is more satisfactory than unwinding with a good movie or TV show. Yet, many people are forced to cope with downloading their desired movies when they want to watch them on the go. However, there are quick fixes available. One of the ways is by investing in the best external Blu-ray burner. Please let us know about relevant topics and concerns by posting a comment below.

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