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How Long are YouTube Shorts: Its Max Duration Answered

How Long are YouTube Shorts: Its Max Duration Answered

Today, consuming videos has reached a new height in the form of short-form videos. What may be described as bite-sized entertainment, this brand-new type of media emerged in popularity during the late 2010s and rapidly took over the social media market at the beginning of 2020. Today, all social media platforms now present their platform for short-form videos, with Facebook and Instagram calling theirs Reels, TikTok solely built on this concept, and the most famous video-sharing platform on YouTube calling theirs Shorts. In this article, we will focus on the short-form video section of YouTube, where we will answer how long are YouTube Shorts in terms of their maximum duration.

How Long Are YouTube Shorts

Part 1. How Long are YouTube Shorts

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Ultimately, to answer how long are YouTube shorts allowed to be, the maximum duration is 60 seconds.

This is an ideal sweet spot for multiple formats of short-form videos, from comedic skits and informational shorts to podcast conversations and more.

With short-form videos being bite-sized by nature, the first seconds in these videos are the most important part for producers of this content. However, grasping the attention of social media users only plays a large part, but it is not everything. In fact, finishing the video itself is the biggest challenge when it comes to short-form content since moving on to the next video is as simple as scrolling the screen upwards. With that, maintaining the quality of content up to the maximum duration of the video is easier said than done. Especially since YouTube also offers long-form videos for prolonged entertainment. These factors add obstacles to the ultimate goal of consuming your short-form content down to the last second.

With this important information in mind, we can now proceed to learn how to upload a maximum-duration YouTube Short on this platform by using powerful software that can trim and crop video clips into a perfect one-minute short-form video.

Part 2. How to Post a Long YouTube Shorts

With the clear maximum duration of one minute in mind, setting a video to an exact duration is easier said than done when edited manually. Thankfully, we can use multiple video trimmer software to exactly set the duration of a video to 60 seconds with a few simple tweaks. The best software in the market that can do this is none other than AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate, equipped with a fully functional and convenient video trimmer available in the software’s versatile toolbox.

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Trimming videos using this video trimmer is as simple as setting the start and end of the video. Moreover, the total duration of your trimmed video is also available in the main display to help their user’s quality assurance. This intuitive video trimmer interface is perfect for clipping an entertaining part of a long-form video and converting it into a shorter one.

Make sure to download AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate and learn how to use its Video Trimmer tool by following these simple steps:

1 Open AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate and proceed to the Toolbox section of their main interface. Click on the Video Trimmer tool.

AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate Toolbox

2 Add the video that you want to trim in the software and set the time in the Set Start and Set End tabs of the editor interface. You can check the duration of the trimmed content through the Duration section between the start and end tabs.

AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate Start End Duration

3 Click on Export once the exact 1-minute duration has been set.

AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate Export

After following these steps, you can now ensure that your short-form video is exactly 60 seconds since its duration is also displayed in the convenient video trimmer tool.

In addition to this video trimmer tool, the software is also equipped with other features that can be used for producing YouTube Shorts, especially their MV editor, where a horizontally oriented video can be easily converted to a 9:16 aspect ratio by adding shadows on the top and bottom part of the video. This tool can be used to transform any video into short-form content, all within a few clicks.

Make sure to download AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate now and experience convenience like no other.

Part 3. YouTube Shorts Brand Examples That Work

The trend of short-form content presented all forms of brands, both recognized and start-ups, a new marketing platform where they can reach out to their target audience. Because of that, short-form content has now evolved to be another facet of marketing ploy that companies can utilize.

Some examples of these are media outlets such as ESPN highlighting their favorite moments of the game and player match-ups, major YouTuber and their channels such as MrBeast and his MrBeast Shorts channel releasing snippets of his latest uploads to entice new viewers, and information YouTube channels like Satori Graphics releasing quick tutorial Shorts to attract viewers interested in learning their specific niche.

As another platform of entertainment emerges, always expect that the marketing department of international brands is already one step ahead of you. Short form video platforms will now often be used by brands to highlight the product and services that they can provide all within an extremely short window.

Part 4. FAQs About How Long Are YouTube Shorts

Can YouTube Shorts be 3 minutes?

No, it cannot be. Three minutes is three times longer than the maximum duration of YouTube Shorts. The maximum length of YouTube Shorts is 60 seconds.

Do YouTube Shorts have to be 15 or 60 seconds?

No, Shorts can be shorter than 15 seconds. However, the maximum duration cannot exceed 60 seconds. This makes the duration between 15-60 seconds an average length of YouTube Shorts.

How much do YouTube Shorts pay for 1000 views?

The range of pay for 1000 views in YouTube Shorts is not wide. In fact, it is only between $0.01 - $0.06. However, this is much lower than traditional long-form content. Get more ideas to make money on YouTube here.

Can YouTube Shorts be longer than 60 seconds?

No, Shorts are limited to 60 seconds only. You can make your YouTube Shorts shorter than 15 seconds but no more than 60. These are the answers to how long is YouTube Short videos.

How long do YouTube Shorts stay up?

Uploaded Shorts will not be deleted automatically. However, you can take them down just like any YouTube video. Temporary shorts are often only available on popular messaging apps.


Now that we have discussed the maximum duration of YouTube Shorts and answered how long these videos can be, we can now create short-form videos more efficiently, especially when using AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate in the production process since this software is a versatile all-around tool.

Please share this article online to help other people discover how long YouTube shorts are allowed to be and to help them enjoy this content more.

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