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Remove iStock Watermark on Images With Licensing & No Cost!

Images can be easily copied and used without proper attribution or permission. That’s why many content creators embed a watermark on their media content. Watermarks serve as a vital tool for protecting intellectual property and the rights of content creators. While these watermarks are essential for safeguarding artistic works, there are instances when users may require access to high-quality images from stock photo websites like iStock without the visible watermark. It has led to the development of various software and tools designed to remove iStock watermarks, enabling users to use these images for personal or professional use. This post will discuss removing watermarks from iStock images, from purchasing a license to a free solution using tools like AnyMP4 Watermark Remover Online.

Remove iStock Watermark

Part 1. Does iStock Have a Watermark

iStock’s use of watermarks depends on the user’s status and the type of access they have. If you are a free user or browsing the site without a paid license or credits, iStock displays watermarked versions of the images and media. These watermarks serve as a protective measure to prevent unauthorized use. Also, users who want to use the content must purchase the appropriate license.

However, once you purchase a license plan or buy credits, you gain access to high-resolution, watermark-free versions of the content. It allows you to download iStock images without watermark, making them suitable for your creative and business needs. It’s important to note that the watermark is only present on the preview versions of the content and is not included in the downloaded licensed versions.

Part 2. How to Download iStock Images Without Watermark

iStock is an online marketplace for buying and selling high-quality visual and audio content. It boasts a massive collection of visual assets, with millions of photos, illustrations, videos, and audio files to choose from. Many of its contributors are professional artists, and the content undergoes meticulous screening to ensure high standards.

If you need content from iStock for personal or business needs, here’s how to download iStock images without watermark:

1.To start with, head to the official iStock website using a browser. Use iStock’s search and filtering tools to find the images you need.

Search for iStock Image

2.When you find an image you want to download, click on it to view details. Choose the licensing option that matches your plan, or use credits to download the image.

3.After selecting the desired image, click Download this Image, which will prompt you to the payment page.

Download this Image

4.Choose the licensing option that matches your plan, or use credits to download the image. Afterward, click I agree-Purchase and Download to get the image.

Purchase and Download

While iStock is known for its quality, premium content can be relatively expensive. iStock offers royalty-free licensing, which means you pay a one-time fee for the content. On the other hand, you can still download and use iStock content for free. However, it displays a watermarked preview of the content to prevent unauthorized use.

Part 3. How to Remove the iStock Watermark

If you are an occasional user, purchasing a license or buying credits may not be worth it. iStock images are too expensive for someone lacking a budget. If you need an image from iStock for a simple project, you can use the iStock watermark remover tool to eliminate the watermark. A tool like AnyMP4 Watermark Remover Online is the ultimate solution.

AnyMP4 Watermark Remover Online is a web-based program that provides several tools to remove unwanted stuff from images, such as watermarks. It provides a straightforward solution to remove watermarks from images, including those from stock image platforms like iStock. It can eliminate various types of watermarks, including text, stickers, logos, and more. What’s more, AnyMP4 Watermark Remover Online’s removal process maintains the quality of the image, ensuring that the final result looks clean and natural.

Here’s how to remove iStock watermark using AnyMP4 Watermark Remover Online:

1.First, navigate to the official website of the AnyMP4 Watermark Remover Online by searching. Within the website’s interface, click Remove Now to proceed in the removal process.

Navigate to The Tool

2.On the next page, click Upload Image to import and select the iStock image from your local drive. Alternatively, use the drag-and-drop feature of the program to load the iStock image.

Upload iStock Image

3.There are three available tools to select the watermark area: Brush, Lasso, and Polygonal. Use one of these tools to highlight the watermark area by clicking the left mouse.

Highlight iStock Watermark

4.After selecting and highlighting the watermark, click Remove to wipe out the watermark. Afterward, click Download to save a copy of the watermark-free iStock image on your PC.

Remove and Download

AnyMP4 Watermark Remover Online is a free solution to eliminate iStock watermarks. This iStock watermark remover online also provides a cropping or tool for easy watermark removal. It is ideal to use when the watermark is placed near the edge of an image, providing a watermark-free image.Surely, if you are not satisfied with this image, you can enhance the photo quality after removing the watermark.

Part 4. FAQs about Removing the iStock Watermark

Can I use iStock images commercially?

YES! You can use iStock images commercially by purchasing the appropriate license. iStock offers different licensing options, such as Essentials and Signature, that permit commercial use. These licenses cover various business and marketing needs, including advertisements, websites, promotional materials, and more.

Can I use iStock images on my logo?

YES! You can use iStock images in your logo but you must purchase the correct license. iStock provides logo-friendly licensing options that allow you to use their images in your logo design. Select the appropriate license to ensure compliance with copyright and licensing agreements.

What stock images can I use without copyright?

Stock images are not available for free without copyright. They are copyrighted materials; you must acquire the appropriate license to use them legally. Free and public domain images exist, but verifying the specific usage rights associated with any image is essential to avoid copyright infringement.

How much does an iStock image cost?

The cost of an iStock image depends on factors such as the image’s resolution and the type of license you require. iStock offers various pricing options, including single-image purchases and subscription plans. Prices range from a few dollars for basic images to higher premium and high-resolution content costs.


The need to remove iStock watermarks arises from a genuine demand for using images legally and professionally. It’s essential to emphasize that watermark removal should only be attempted when you have the appropriate licensing. Nowadays, technology has evolved to offer reliable tools like AnyMP4 Watermark Remover Online for watermark removal, providing a watermark-free iStock image. When handled correctly, watermark removal from iStock images allows you to fully use these valuable resources while ensuring copyright compliance.

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