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2 Ways to Get Rid of Date and Time Stamp from Photos

Can I remove a date stamp from a digital photo? Yes indeed! Who isn't familiar with digital photos? Perhaps no one! Digital photos have been part of our lives since our childhood. When taking a photo, our digital camera records the date and time information in the actual image. These times and dates from our photos were beneficial. It helps us to remember the exact time and date when we took the picture. As the years go by, the date and time on a photo are out of trend nowadays. We don't want to post or share our image, particularly on social media sites with time and date.

Does your photo have those distracting date and time stamps? Check out these guides and learn how to wipe date stamps from pictures already taken. For that reason, this post will recommend a perfect tool for removing the date and time on your photo. Also, we will recommend a digital camera that allows you to enable or disable the stamp.

How to Remove Date Stamp from Pictures

Part 1: How to Remove Date Stamp from Pictures Already Taken

AnyMP4 Free Watermark Remover is the utmost erasing tool online and a user-friendly image editor. This erasing tool is an expert in removing time and date stamps in any photos. In addition, it can eliminate countless undesirable things in your images. In just one click, unwanted dates and times from your photo will be removed quickly using its intuitive editing tools. Furthermore, besides eliminating multiple undesirable objects, this tool is limitless as much as you want. JPG, PNG, BMP, and JPEG image file formats are supported by this online tool. However, if it catches your attention! I will illustrate how to remove date and time stamps from photos. Read the steps below clearly for the perfect outcome of your image!

1. Go to your browser and run the AnyMP4 Free Watermark Remover. Click the Remove Now button to proceed to the next page. Select your desired image file that you want to delete the stamp from by clicking the Upload Image button.

Remove Date Stamp from Pictures Upload

2. After uploading the desired image file, choose a tool to use in the window's lower-right corner, such as a brush, lasso, or polygonal tool. Start to highlight the area where the date stamp is overlaid.

Remove Date Stamp from Pictures Edit

3. After highlighting the area where the date stamp is overlaid. Besides the editing tool, click the Remove button to start the removal of the date stamp. To complete the step, hit the Download button to save the outcome of your photo.

Remove Date Stamp from Pictures Download

AnyMP4 Free Watermark Remover can easily remove date stamp from photo hassle-free. Aside from its easy-to-use access, this online tool works on various devices such as Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac. Then you can easily remove object, text, or other stickers from the photo. This online tool gives you 100% assurance on the security, making your image file safe! Being an expert in using editing software is not required to use this online tool. Therefore, you don't need to acquire expertise in performing digital tasks.

Part 2: How to Avoid a Date Stamp from a Digital Photo Before Taking

Most digital cameras still let you put a date stamp onto the image at the time of capture. Compact cameras and some advanced models also have this feature. Check the user's manual to ensure that your camera offers this feature. To enable removing date stamp from pictures, look for the date stamp or timestamp on your camera settings. Also, ensure that your date and time are set on your camera.

Sony RX100 compact camera is an example of a digital camera that allows users to add or remove the date stamp. This feature is only available when you set the camera to shoot in JPG. It is visual when reviewing the shots on the camera.

The benefit of using the date stamp feature is it will add a date to your pictures as you take them. It isn't required to use any software to add it, making this the easiest option. But, the disadvantage is that the images will have the date stamp. It's not something that can delete or removed from your camera; the date stamp is another part of the image. The only way to remove the date stamp is to use editing software.

For this reason, we tell people not to add the date stamp to the photo through camera settings. So you don't change the original look of the image. Of course, if you are sure you want the date to be visible in your photos, then this is the most uncomplicated option.

In some cameras, the date stamp feature may only work when the camera is on specific settings.

Part 3: FAQs About Removing Date Stamps from Pictures

1. Can I remove the date stamp from the pictures?

Date stamps are mainly located at the bottom of the photos. Aside from using a watermark remover to remove the date stamp, the best alternative is to use the crop tool to remove the date stamps on the image.

2. Is it legal if I remove the date stamp on my photo?

Definitely yes! If you own the photos. But if it's someone else's image, you should have consent from the owner before doing it.

3. How to remove date stamp from photo on iPhoto?

The date stamp is part of the image. To remove it is by editing; you may blur, crop, or copy some background over it. But cropping it out of the picture is the best way.

4. How to get rid of the date stamp from a photo for free?

Many online tools allow users to edit their photos for free. The best thing is to find the perfect software to do the job. We recommend you AnyMP4 Free Watermark Remover. Visit the online tool and follow these steps:
First, upload the image.
Next, highlight the date stamp.
Then, click Remove.
Finally, download the processed image.

5. What is a date stamp, and why is it important?

A date stamp is an overlaid text on top of an image. It indicates the date when you took the picture. You can add it manually after taking the photo, or it applies after taking a shot using advanced cameras.


Indeed, this post answered all your questions about removing date stamp from pictures! After showing the guides on removing date stamps and giving tips on which camera to be used, we're sure you found something in these guides that will help you. Make the best selection for the perfect tool that will surely help you.

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