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Compress JPEG – 5 Best Methods to Reduce the Photos for Your Website

It is not easy to find the balance between the file size and photo quality when you need to add photos to your website. How to compress JPEG in bulk to 100KB, 50KB, or less? To boost up the load time and lower the website bandwidth, you can learn more about the 5 best free JPEG compressors to reduce the size of JPEG. Just learn more about the process and choose the desired one according to your requirement.

Compress JPEG

Part 1: 5 Best Free JPEG Compressors to Shrink JPEG Files

Top 1: AnyMP4 Image Compressor Online

Image Compressor Online is an excellent JPEG compressor that enables you to reduce the size of JPEG, PNG, SVG, and GIF with the optimal quality for free. It is an easy method that you can complete the image compressions without downloading any application or plugin.

Step 1: Go to the Image Compressor Online with any browser, you can drop up to 40 JPEG files by clicking the Add Images button. You should make sure the maximum size of each JPEG file is 5MB.

Step 2: Once you have uploaded your JPEG files, the compressor will start the automatic compression. It will compress the JPEG size and remain the best quality for the original JPEG photos.

Step 3: You can click the Download All button to save the compressed JPEG files on your computer after compression. Then, you can upload the photos to your website accordingly.

Note: You can check the original size of the JPEG file on the left side of the green compressing bar and the compressed size on right.

AnyMP4 Image Compressor Online


COMPRESS JPEG is a very simple method to compress JPEG files in bulk. It enables you to reduce the files for PDF, JPEG, and PNG. You can master the JPEG compression in more detail by activating the manual mode. Compared to other JPEG compressors, it only supports 20 photos at a time.

Step 1: Head to with any web browser and click the UPLOAD FILES button to upload JPEG files. You can also choose the JPEG tab to compress JPEG files in bulk.

Step 2: It will show the compressed percentage of each JPEG file. Then you can simply click the DOWNLOAD button on each JPEG file to save, or click the DOWNLOAD ALL button to save all files.


Top 3: FreeCovert

FreeConvert is more than a JPEG compressor that compresses JPEG, PNG, GIF, but also reduces the size of WAV, MP3, and more video formats. It also provides advanced settings with various options, such as compression method, compression type, image quality, and so on.

Step 1: Go to the website from any browser on your computer and choose the JPEG compressor option. Then click the Choose Files button to upload the JPEG files within 1GB.

Step 2: Click the Compress JPEG button, and then choose the compression method, select the image quality, reduce Chroma sampling to 4:2:0, resize output image, and more.

Step 3: Once you have finished the compression, you can just click the Download JPG button to save the output files. Then click the Compress More JPEG! button to compress JPEG in a batch process.


Top 4: Imagecompressor.11zon

11zon is an all-in-one JPEG online compressor, which enables you to convert, crop, type, beautify, and design multiple file formats. You can customize the image quality and more other settings. It is browser-based that functions in Mac, Windows, or Linux without restriction.

Step 1: Get into 11zon with any web browser and click the Compress JPEG button. Then you can click the SELECT FILE button to upload JPEG files you want to compress.

Step 2: After the fast compression, all compressed JPEG files will be available. Note that there is a button above your JPEG files to re-select the compression level, and the default compression level is 60%.

Step 3: Click the Download button on each JPEG file to save files you want selectively, and click the Download ZIP button of compressed JPEG files to save the compressed package.


Top 5: miniimagesvideos

Miniimagesvidoes is a great JPEG compressor that runs smart algorithms to compress JPEG files further or reduce JPEG file size. It can compress JPEG files to 100KB or even 20KB online without any impact on visual quality. But the compression speed is slower than other websites.

Step 1: Drop your JPEG files in the panel or click the Upload button to upload your JPEG files. The JPEG Compressor can generate 3 different compressed files to reduce the size of JPEG.

Step 2: After the automatic compression, you can know the compressed JPEG file size and the degree of compression. Then click the DOWNLOAD button to save your desired files.


Part 2: FAQs of JPEG compression You Should Know

Should you choose Photoshop to compress JPEG?

Of course, Photoshop is an excellent JPEG compressor, especially the Web option to compress JPEG files to 200/100/50KB as desired. But there are some limitations, such as the batch process and photo quality.

What should I do if the compressed JPEG files are blurry?

If you set up 50KB or 100KB as the output size, the online JPEG compressor might reduce the photo size without considering the quality. When you need to reduce a large photo, you can combine several algorithms instead.

Which should be the best JPEG compression method?

When you need to upload the photos to online streaming sites, you can reduce the JPEG with the Image Quality method. To preserve the best quality of the original JPEG, you should choose the Lossless method.


Here are 5 online websites to compress JPEG files for free. When you need to compress JPEG files without damaging the original quality of files, you can use these websites easily without downloading any applications. If you want to preserve the best photo quality of the JPEG, AnyMP4 Image Compressor Online should be a versatile choice.

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