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How to Get Contacts from iCloud to Android Phone Quickly

Getting contacts from iCloud to Android seems very difficult since they are running totally different systems. Fortunately, that is not completely impossible. Despite the fact that the two mobile operating systems are two different worlds, there are multiple ways to transfer your data from one device to another. This article focuses on how to transfer contacts from iCloud to Android phone or tablet without losing data.

Transfer iCloud Contacts to Android

Part 1: Sync iPhone Contacts to Android via TransMate

AnyMP4 TransMate is a powerful way to get your contacts from iCloud to Android. Unlike most tools, it can transfer data between iPhone and Android directly but not rely on third-party medium.

  • Transfer contacts from iPhone to Android in one click.
  • Preview iCloud contacts for selectively syncing.
  • No interrupt existing contacts on your iPhone and Android phone.
  • Utilize physical connection to transfer data safely.
  • Support all iPhone and Android devices.
Free Download For Windows

Secure Download

In a word, it is the easiest method to transfer contacts from iCloud or iPhone to Android.

How to Transfer iPhone Contacts to Android

Step 1. Connect iPhone and Android

Once you download and install TransMate on your computer, launch it. Connect both iPhone and Android phone to the computer with USB cords. They will be detected automatically.

Connect device

Step 2. Preview iPhone Contacts

Select your iPhone from the dropdown list on the top of the window, and go to the Contacts tab from the left side. Then you can view all iCloud contacts on the right side.

Transfer contact

Step 3. Get iPhone Contacts to Android

Check the iPhone contacts that you want to transfer to Android. Expand the Phone menu on the top ribbon and choose your Android phone. A few seconds later, you can access iCloud contacts on your phone.

Part 2: Transfer Contacts from iCloud to Android through USB Cable

Android is an open operating system. It means you can access your Android phone directly. Though some manufacturers have enclosed their devices, most Android phones are still accessible. So, you can transfer contacts from iCloud to Android through a USB cable.

Step 1. Visit https://www.icloud.com/ in your browser and sign in your iCloud account. Then go to the Contacts app, select the desired contact items, click the Settings menu at the bottom left side and choose Export vCard to export the iCloud contacts to your computer.

Copy iCloud contact to android

Step 2. Plug your Android phone into the computer with a USB cable, and copy and paste the vCard file to your phone.

Step 3. Next, remove the Android phone, and run the Contacts app. Tap Settings -> Manage Contacts -> Import/Export.

Import iCloud contact to android

Step 4. Find the vCard file and tap Import to get your contacts from iCloud to Android.

Note: If your Android phone is not accessible, you can copy the vCard file to a SD card, insert it to your Android phone, and import it to your Contacts app. Bear in mind that the design of each Android phone is various.

Part 3: Get Contacts from iCloud to Android by Gmail

Sometimes, USB cable or SD card is not very convenient to transfer iCloud contacts to Android since you cannot take them anywhere. Instead, email can help you to do it wirelessly. We use Gmail as the example considering that most Android users set up Android with Gmail.

Step 1. Also, access iCloud website in any browser and log in the iCloud account used to store your contacts. If you have enabled two-facto authentication, enter the verified code.

Step 2. Select the Contacts app, highlight the contacts to transfer to Android, click Settings -> Export vCard to save iCloud contacts to computer.

Step 3. Next, visit the Gmail website and log in the Gmail account associated with your Android phone. Locate the left side and choose Contacts.

Google contact

Step 4: Click the Import option under More. When prompted, select CSV or vCard. Then find the vCard file and import it to your Gmail. Now, you can access your iCloud contacts on Android.

Gmail transfer contact

Note: Unfortunately, Gmail or other email services cannot merge iCloud contacts to the existing ones on your phone.

Part 4: Top 3 Apps to Transfer iCloud Contacts to Android

For mobile-first, mobile apps are the easiest way to get contacts from iCloud to Android. They usually works via a Wi-Fi network.

Top 1: Sync Cloud Contacts on Android

Sync cloud contacts


As its name said, Sync Cloud Contacts on Android is the client of CardDAV for getting contacts in iCloud to your Android phone. With it, you can use your iCloud contacts on both Android and iOS device.



Top 2: Sync for iCloud Contacts

Sync iCloud contacts


If you are looking for an intuitive app to transfer contacts from iCloud to Android, Sync for iCloud Contacts is the right option. It is free to download in Play Store with in-app purchases.



Top 3: Sync Contacts Cloud

Sync contacts Cloud


Sync Contacts Cloud is another app to transfer iCloud contacts to Android without computer. It also allows you to sync multiple accounts into one Android phone.




Now, you should master the methods to transfer contacts from iCloud to Android. Firstly, iCloud website permits you to export contacts to computer, and then you can migrate them to your Android phone. Plus, some mobile apps can help you to get it without computers. If you are worried about security or data loss, we suggest you to try AnyMP4 TransMate. It has the capacity to get iCloud contacts to Android directly. More questions? Please feel free to leave a message below this post.

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