Complete VideoShow Review: Video Editor for Mobile Devices

Complete VideoShow Review: Video Editor for Mobile Devices

Video editing tools have become easily accessible, unlike the previous decade, when the software was only available on computers. Today, even mobile devices have dedicated video editing applications that can match with programs available on computers. In this article, we will conduct a full VideoShow review to learn if this video editing tool for Android and iOS devices is a good option if you want to produce and edit videos on your phone. Continue reading below to learn more.

Videoshow Review

Part 1: Overview of VideoShow

VideoShow is an excellent video editing platform since it is easy to use and its free version has powerful enough tools. However, using this platform for purposes other than personal use might not be advisable since edited videos on it have a large watermark in the lower corner of every clip. (learn how to remove a watermark from a video file here.)

Moreover, the free version can only save videos up to 480p resolution, which is remarkably low, especially in mobile displays and modern computer or television screens.

Overall Rating:

2-in-1 video editor and movie maker tool:

Beginner-friendly tools:

Built-in templates:

Lossless quality on saved videos:

Main Features:

  • Multi-layer editing.
  • Packed with popular background music.
  • Extract audio from video.
  • Animated text and sticker.
  • Video speed customizer.


  • Easy to use.
  • Has a good user rating.
  • Trusted and downloaded by more than 5 million users.


  • Slow update schedule.
  • Expensive in-app purchase.

Part 2: How We Test


Videoshow Performance

Basic editing in VideoShow shows no sign of slowing down in terms of performance. Because of that, applying simple edits and video customizations such as filters, music, and stickers will not affect the overall performance of the platform. This is a notable upside for users with weaker phones.

Interface Design

Videoshow Interface

The interface of the platform is easy to understand. This is more evident in the tool’s editor window, which can be navigated by simply scrolling through the available tools and then adjusting the intensity sliders.

Available Tools

Videoshow Editing Tools

In terms of the available tools, the essential editing materials such as the music editor and basic editing tools are all available. The free version has all these options unlocked and ready to use, even if the app version is only free. Only the advanced tools are locked behind the VIP paywall.

Part 3: Full Review of VideoShow

VideoShow VIP Free Trial Offering

Videoshow Free Trial

Opening the app for the first time will present its new users with an offering to test their VIP version for free for three days. They also presented a new user bonus discount of 62% off if the free trial was availed. These offerings might be enticing at first, but most users of video editing tools on mobile devices do not need such advanced editing tools to begin with. Despite that, these discounts and free trials are a good welcome package.

Overwhelming Ad Presence

Videoshow Ad Presence

After the free trial offer, VideoShow has another option to entice new users to test their VIP plan. This is none other than bombarding new users with ads every time they click a button inside the app. When the reviewer tried to tap on the edit video option, an unskippable 10-second ad popped up. Then, after clicking back to return to the main interface, a pop-up ad will appear again. All these ads will only push new users to uninstall the platform instead of buying their free version. There are free-to-download video editors with lesser ad presence.

Limited Export Settings on the Free Version

Videoshow Free Export Settings

If you managed to power through beyond the consistent pop-up ads and choose to save the video after editing. We wish that you availed the free trial version of the tool since the video exporting of the free version is extremely limited. The frame rate and watermark might be a minor problem but the resolution limit to 480p on the free version is a complete deal breaker for most video editors.

VideoShow Watermark

Videoshow Watermark

Even though quite annoying, watermark presence is a minor issue in this regard. Understandably, a free to use platform will have the files edited in it to have a watermark. This is not a major problem, but the ad presence is.

Part 4: What Users Say About VideoShow

According to Google Player Users

It is pretty great for a free-to-download video editing app. There are a few disabled features, but it does not matter since the free version is enough to make professional-quality videos.

According to TechRadar

New users must agree to have their data shared. The app is plagued by ads and the app constantly asks to buy the VIP version.

Part 5: VideoShow Alternative for PC and Mac

Anymp4 Video Converter Ultimate Mv Editor

If you are a new user of VideoShow who got fed up with the app’s annoying ad presence, chances are you are now looking for an easy-to-use video editor alternative for mobile or computer devices. Fortunately, this part of the article got you covered if you choose to opt for computer software since this part will highlight AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate - an easy to use software free of productivity blocking ads.

One such feature is its built-in MV editor that can also be used as a functional video editing software. Even though the tool is simply an additional feature of the platform, this MV editor is full of highly customizable settings such as a resolution editor, rotate and crop tool, effects and filter applied, watermark editor, audio track adjusting tool, and a fully functional subtitle editor. With all these platforms combined, any video that will be edited in VideoShow can be processed in AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate instead, and its result will be a lot better and more efficient since the tool is totally ad-free and easy to use.

More powerful features available in AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate:

  • Format converter which can convert low resolution videos up to 4K.
  • Photo and video collage maker.
  • Video enhancer tool.
  • Built-in DVD ripper tool.

Download AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate now and start editing your videos completely ad-free!

Free Download For Windows

Secure Download

Free Download For macOS

Secure Download

Part 6. FAQs About VideoShow Review

Does OTF work in VideoShow?

Yes, it can. VideoShow supports OpenType Fonts. However, it needs to be installed first.

Does VideoShow have a watermark?

Yes, it does. The free version of the app has a watermark. It can only be removed on the VIP version.

Is VideoShow free?

Yes, it is. The tool has a free-to-use version. However, it is filled with banners and pop-up ads.

How to cancel a VideoShow subscription?

It can be cancelled in the VIP tab on their main interface. You can also check the account settings. Simply look for the cancel button.

Is VideoShow for Windows available?

No, it is not. There is no VideoShow for PC. Thankfully, there are multiple video editor & maker VideoShow alternatives on computer devices such as AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate.


Now that we have discussed the strengths and biggest weaknesses of the VideoShow, we hope that we have helped you decide if downloading the platform or buying their VIP version is worth it. Otherwise, you can always use more powerful alternatives such as AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate for PC. Please share this article online to help other mobile video editors interested in using VideoShow.

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