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AI Video Makers: Video Creation with Artificial Intelligence

AI Video Makers: Video Creation with Artificial Intelligence

AI video makers have transformed video content creation, making it easier for individuals and businesses to produce professional-quality videos. These innovative tools simplify complex video editing processes using artificial intelligence, offering automation, diverse templates, and advanced features. In this post, we will unveil the impact of AI-powered video makers on the world of video content and how they have transformed how we tell stories and engage audiences through visual media. Read on to learn more details!

How to Use Meta AI Make a Video

Part 1. Top 5 AI Video Makers


Platform: Online

Price: Price starts at $19

Design AI Video Maker Video Maker is an online creative platform that offers a suite of AI-powered design tools. It helps users create various types of digital content, including logos, videos, mockups, and graphic designs. provides a user-friendly interface that leverages artificial intelligence to automate design tasks, making it easier for users to generate visually appealing content quickly.


  • It enables users to create content more efficiently.
  • It automates many design tasks, such as layout suggestions.
  • It offers various pre-built templates for different design categories.


  • Some features require a subscription to access.
  • Produced outputs are less accurate or mismatched results.


Platform: Online

Price: Price starts at $19

Lumen5 Video Maker

Lumen5 is an AI-powered video creation tool that transforms text into captivating videos. It is ideal for video editors who wish to convert their blog posts, social media content, or articles into visually appealing videos. This AI video maker from text uses Natural Language Processing technology to analyze the text content and automatically generates video scenes by matching the text with relevant visuals.


  • It automates many design and editing tasks.
  • It offers a library of royalty-free images, video clips, and music.
  • It enables users to repurpose texts into engaging video content.


  • Occasional mismatches between visuals and text might occur.
  • Customization might be limited compared to fully manual video editing.

3CyberLink PowerDirector

Platform: Windows

Price: Price starts at $51.99

CyberLink Video Maker

CyberLink PowerDirector is an AI that makes videos for amateur and professional video creators. It offers comprehensive tools and features, including advanced video editing capabilities, special effects, and AI-powered enhancements. It has a Multi-Cam Designer feature that lets users synchronize and switch between multiple camera shots in real time. Additionally, it allows users to apply artistic styles to their videos automatically.


  • It has a fast rendering and exporting process.
  • It allows users to apply artistic styles to their videos.
  • It offers a collection of special effects, transitions, and titles.


  • It was primarily available for Windows PC.
  • It requires a powerful computer with ample resources.


Platform: Online

Price: Price starts at $8

Animoto Video Maker

Animoto is an AI animated video maker online that lets users create professional-quality videos for various purposes, including social media marketing, business promo presentations, and personal projects. It provides several pre-built video templates and styles to suit different types of videos. Animoto then automates the video creation process by matching the media with the chosen template, resulting in a polished video.


  • It allows users to add text and change the layout.
  • It offers various pre-designed templates and styles.
  • It provides a rich collection of royalty-free music tracks.


  • It adds a watermark to exported videos.
  • Users might find some limitations in design flexibility.


Platform: Online

Price: Price starts at $15

InVideo Video Maker

InVideo is an AI YouTube video maker allowing users to create professional-quality videos for various social media platforms, including YouTube. It offers a beginner-friendly interface that simplifies the video creation process. It provides various pre-built video templates and an extensive library of stock footage, music, images, and animations to help users create videos quickly.


  • It allows team members to collaborate on video projects.
  • It allows users to access stock footage, image, music library, etc.
  • It offers a collection of pre-designed templates for different videos.


  • It operates as an online platform.
  • The quality of the video depends on the AI’s accuracy.

Part 2. Can AI Replace Video Editors?

AI technology has certainly advanced and plays a significant role in automating various tasks in video editing. However, AI has not fully replaced non-AI video editors; both have their strengths and limitations.

AI Video Editors

The Good

  • • AI-powered video editors can quickly process and analyze large amounts of data, resulting in faster video editing times.
  • • Some AI can automate repetitive tasks like video stabilization, color correction, and background removal, reducing manual effort.
  • • AI can analyze content and suggest appropriate visuals, music, and transitions, streamlining the video creation process.
  • • AI video editors can be more user-friendly and accessible to people with limited video editing skills.

The Bads

  • • AI lacks human creativity and intuition, making creating emotionally resonant or highly artistic videos challenging.
  • • While AI can automate specific tasks, complex video editing requires human expertise and decision-making.
  • • AI may not understand nuanced context, leading to potential mismatches between visuals and content.

Non-AI Video Editors

The Good

  • • Non-AI video editors can infuse videos with creativity, storytelling, and emotional appeal that AI may struggle to replicate.
  • • Users can grasp the nuanced context of video content, ensuring that visuals align with the message.
  • • Skilled video editors can tailor each project uniquely, adapting to the specific needs and vision of the client.
  • • Non-AI video editors can quickly adjust their editing techniques based on feedback and client requirements.

The Bad

  • • Manual video editing can be time-consuming, especially for complex projects.
  • • Skilled video editors may come at a higher cost than AI-based editing solutions.
  • • Mastering video editing software and techniques requires time and training.

AnyMP4 Video Editor: A Notable Non-AI Video Editor

AnyMP4 Video Editor is a powerful non-AI video editor that does not limit your creativity. This non-AI video maker and editor offers precise editing tools to help users produce professional-quality videos. It provides various features allowing users to rotate, flip, crop, and clip videos accurately and precisely. Additionally, AnyMP4 Video Editor provides a selection of pre-designed themes that users can apply to their videos.

Furthermore, it offers numerous transition effects that allow you to move smoothly from one video clip or image to another. Also, it includes a text editor that allows users to add text to their videos. On top of that, AnyMP4 Video Editor provides a library of elements, such as stickers, shapes, emojis, and icons, that users can add to their videos for visual enhancement or to convey specific messages.

Here’s how to make a video with AI alternatives using AnyMP4 Video Editor:

1.Begin by clicking the Free Download to obtain AnyMP4 Video Editor. Once the program is installed, launch it on your computer.

Free Download For Windows

Secure Download

2.Click Add Photo(s) and Video(s) Here to import your video clips and images.

Load media Files for Editing

3.Click Edit to start rotating, flipping, cropping, and clipping your video clips. Also, you can color-correct your video and adjust video effects, such as brightness, contrast, hue, etc.

Edit and Enhance Media Files

4.Click the Transition tab to add a transition effect to smoothly switch clips to another. You can pick from more than 50+ transition effects it offers.

Add Transitions to Media Files

5.Optionally, insert text and titles to introduce scenes, add subtitles, or display information. Click the Text tab and choose your desired text template to attain this.

Add Text to Media Files

6.Once done with your editing, click Export, and choose your desired format and resolution. Finally, click Export to save your creation.

Export the Media File

In addition to video editing features, AnyMP4 Video Editor allows users to edit audio in their videos. You can add background music, voiceovers or adjust audio levels and apply audio effects to enhance the overall audio quality.

Part 3. FAQs about AI Video Makers

Is there an AI that creates videos for free?

YES! Some AI video generators offer free versions with limited features but often have premium subscription options for more advanced functionalities.

Which is the best AI video generator?

The best AI video generator depends on the user’s needs and preferences. Popular options include, Lumen5, Animoto, and InVideo, each with unique features for video creation. However, remember that Free AI video makers limit your creativity and artistry. Still, it would be best to use non-AI video editors like AnyMP4 Video Editor.

How do you make a video with artificial intelligence?

Making videos with AI video generators makes the process easy, allowing you to get the results in a few minutes. You can easily follow the instructional guide provided by the AI video generators to accomplish this. However, making videos with AI limits you to create emotionally resonant or highly artistic videos.

What are the benefits of AI in video editing?

AI in video editing offers time efficiency, automation of repetitive tasks, enhanced creativity, object recognition, and consistent editing styles for a polished result.

Can AI improve video quality?

YES! AI can improve video quality through upscaling, noise reduction, super-resolution, frame interpolation, and other advanced algorithms for sharper and smoother visuals. On the other hand, non-AI video editors like AnyMP4 Video Editor can upscale your videos up to the highest possible resolution of 4K!


AI video makers have revolutionized video creation, making it accessible and efficient for all levels of creators. While AI can automate a particular task, complicated video editing still requires human effort. These non-AI video editors empower users to unleash their creativity without advanced expertise. With AI-driven automation and precise editing tools like AnyMP4 Video Editor, video quality has improved, resulting in captivating content.

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