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Wondershare Repairit - Video Repair Review
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Wondershare Repairit Video Repair: AI Driven Repair Software

Wondershare Repairit Video Repair: AI Driven Repair Software

In the competitive software market, developers are constantly racing against each other to make their products the best among their competitors. In this punishing industry, they may choose to pick one among two options to gain an edge in the competition; they may opt to innovate or invest in developing their current offerings. Video repair software is familiar with this concept, and Wondershare Repairit is a leading competitor who opted for innovation. This review will discuss what made Wondershare Video Repair one of the market's top players. We will also look on the other side to feature one software that focuses on developing its current features.

Wondershare Repairit - Video Repair Review

Part 1. What is Wondershare Repairit?

When thinking about the Wondershare Software company, most people, especially those familiar with video editing, will immediately recall their easy-to-use video editing product in Wondershare Filmora. But besides Filmora, another product may put Wondershare in the spotlight with their video repair tool in Wondershare Repairit.

Wondershare Repairit is an all-around data repair tool primarily focused on its video repair aspect. It is also capable of fixing digital images, document files, and audio tracks. Surprisingly, their versatility is not the most innovative move that put them on the map. Their absolute game changer is using a modern AI photo enhancer, a feature they lean on to highlight their website.

Overall Rating





  • Multipurpose file repair tool.
  • Use of modern AI technology.
  • Features patented data repair technology.
  • High repair success rate.


  • Features advanced data repair technology.
  • Repair multiple file types.
  • Innovative use of AI technology.
  • Clean interface.


  • The use of AI technology is limited to image enhancement.
  • AI does not support the video repair tool.
  • Upgraded version is expensive.
  • The free version has limited features.

Part 2. Wondershare Repairit Review

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With their main features and innovations now fully discussed, we can now move forward to properly reviewing the capabilities of Wondershare Recoverit video repair based on the quality of its features, the performance that users will experience when using the app, and the overall practicality that the software offers to its users. However, this review will solely focus on their video repair tool's quality and general capabilities since this was their flagship offering. Despite that, we will still credit their multipurpose data repair system since it cannot be denied that this all-in-one package may be the main reason some of their users opted for their product.

All-around File Repair Tool

Let us first begin by reviewing their exclusive data repair package to focus more on the performance of their video repair tool later. Users looking for a video repair tool to repair corrupted video files may be surprised once they open the program since a dedicated tab labeled More Types Repair may be quickly accessed in their interface. This may prove useful for other users, but it is more probable to expect that users finding a video repair tool are only concerned with finding that specific tool. They may consider it an effort to overcompensate, which is not ideal for a software app. These users might think that the effort spent developing an all-around repair tool should have been invested in improving their video repair capacities.

Wondershare Other Repair

AI Support Absent in Video Repair Feature

Since they heavily focused on highlighting their AI support on their website, users expecting this feature in their main purpose as a video repair tool might be disappointed. Unfortunately, Repairit's innovative AI offering is exclusive to its photo enhancer. This may be considered an effort to overcompensate for their basic video repair tool. What should've been a big step in automated video handling technology was instead focused on their image enhancer. It may sting slightly more since AI-supported image editors are easily accessible, even in mobile applications.

Wondershare AI

Standard Video Repair Capabilities

On the brighter side, Wondershare Repairit is still highly capable of doing its job as a video repair tool. However, somewhat basic, it still cannot be understated that the program features more than it should. Dedicated video repair users may be disappointed by the lack of AI support in their intended use. Still, more casual repair tool users should consider Repairit as their main tool to process multiple corrupted files. The software's multipurpose file repair capacity is a big step towards their practicality since it may be used as a 5-in-1 multimedia tool, capable of repairing videos, fixing photos, recovering damaged documents, cleaning bad audio files, and, most importantly, an AI image enhancer.

Wondershare Repair Video

Part 3. Wondershare Repairit Alternative

As previously discussed in the review proper, Wondershare Repairit's effort to be a toolbox-type multimedia tool may have hurt its main purpose to serve as a primary video repair software. With that, an alternative that users interested in finding a dedicated video repair tool should look no further than our proposed software.

AnyMP4 Video Repair

Completely developed from the ground up as a dedicated video repair tool, AnyMP4 Video Repair is fully optimized to deliver its purpose. Committed and focused on repairing videos, it could support multiple file types recorded from different devices. The software can repair videos captured even by the most advanced equipment. Videos recorded by Drones, Windshield dashcams, modern Camcorders and DSLRs, and even security CCTV footage will not pose a problem.

Free Download For Windows

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Free Download For macOS

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Although advanced and modernized in its services, AnyMP4 Video Repair is very simple to use. Video repairs may be done without any technical knowledge required and can be done by following three simple steps.

1.In the main interface, click the Plus Sign in the Orange Box to add a video that does not play, is damaged, or has a playback error. Next, click the Plus Sign in the Blue Box to add a healthy video clip as a sample file the software will use as a reference.

AnyMP4 Repair Client

2.Once both corrupted and sample files are added to the client, click on Repair.

AnyMP4 Repair Click Repair

3.After the repair process is finished, it is done. You can click on Preview to ensure the quality of the now-fixed video clip or select Save to finish your session.

AnyMP4 Repair Save or Preview

Video repairs are as easy as adding the corrupted and sample files in AnyMP4 Video Repair’s client, clicking the Repair button, and then Saving your file in your device.

Free Download For Windows

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Free Download For macOS

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Part 4. FAQs About Wondershare Repairit Review

Is Wondershare video Repair legit?

Yes, Wondershare Repairit is a legitimate software. It is an all-around repair tool capable of repairing multiple file types. Its image enhancer is also supported by AI technology.

Is Wondershare Video Repair free?

Yes, you can download Wondershare advanced video repair tool for free.However, a premium version may also be purchased for more advanced features. Buyers may opt for a one-month, one-year, or a one-time perpetual license.

How do I repair MP4 files in Wondershare?

Repairing MP4 video files in Wondershare Repairit is simple. In their Video Repair tab, click the Add button and add your corrupted video. Wait for the program to finish repairing before saving the file on your computer.

Does Wondershare video Repair work?

Yes, Wondershare Repairit's video repair tool is fully functional. It offers the basic job that video repair tools can do. The software also features the option to repair images, documents, and audio.

Is Wondershare video repair AI supported?

Yes, Wondershare Repairit features AI support. It is capable of enhancing images being edited in the program. However, this AI feature is unavailable in the flagship video repair tool.


Wondershare Repairit is a versatile tool not only limited to video repair software but can also be used to repair multiple file types, making it an extremely practical program. However, this versatility was obtained in exchange for more advanced features for their video repair tool. Despite that, it is still a solid choice, especially for people looking for a good mix of practicality and function.

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