Comprehensive Review of Repair Video Master

Comprehensive Review of Repair Video Master

Repair Video Master is a classic video repair tool that first entered the market before the rise of advanced technology and video streaming. Because of its early emergence in the market, the software also became one of the most used video repair tools since there were limited options before. In this comprehensive Repair Video Master review, we will explore if the tool can still hold up in today’s modern standard or if new users would be better off if they choose other modern alternatives.

Repair Video Master Review

Part 1: Overview of Repair Video Master

Providing an overview of Repair Video Master is harder than other software that we already reviewed. This is because of the tool’s lack of a main website where all of its features are displayed and featured. Despite that, we will still provide an overview of this tool by downloading it from third-party websites.

One of the most notable features present in Repair Video Master is its traditional-looking interface making it friendly for legacy users. Another factor that makes it a capable repair tool is its ease of use and fast repair time behind an extremely compact installation size.

Overall Rating:

Easy to follow video repair process:

Limited file format support:

Cannot be upgraded from the trial version:

Extremely outdated looking:

Main Features:

  • • Repair various video issues like video black, video errors, video corruption.
  • • Fast installation time because of its compact file size.
  • • Large file size support.
  • • Capable of repairing most Videos repaired will be saved as a new file.Hands-on technical support.


  • Designed for users used to working with older software.
  • Can be used to repair movies and long documentaries because of its large file size support.
  • Efficient and effective.


  • Its classic-looking interface may look outdated for younger users.
  • Lack of a proper downloading website.
  • Has low ratings in third-party downloading sites.

Part 2: How We Test

Setting the metrics of how we tested the software will be the first step before proceeding to the proper review of this article. To provide a straightforward and clear review, we tested the software through the downloading process, the software’s installation wizard, and its trial version since it is the only one that can be downloaded online.

Looking for the Site to Download

Repair Video Master Boilsoftware Site

As we mentioned in the overview section of this article, the lack of an official website where Repair Video Master can be downloaded is the first obstacle to reviewing or using it. Fortunately, there are multiple third-party sites where its installation file can be downloaded. The reviewer gambled on one of these websites hoping that it had no virus or malware.

Installation Process

Repair Video Master Setup File Size

After downloading the setup file of the Repair Video Master, opening it took a long time to startup especially since the setup file is small and it was run on a modern computer. This is a bad sign since it was downloaded from a non-reputable website.

Time Limited Trial Version

Repair Video Master Trial Version

The program that was installed has a large trial version tag in its window with the time duration before it expires at 15 days from the day of the installation. Fortunately, 15 days is more than enough to conduct a detailed review of the software.

Part 3: Full Review of Repair Video Master

Can Only Be Downloaded on Third-party Websites

Repair Video Master Third Party Download

Encountering an obstacle before downloading the software that you want to use is not a good sign if you are looking for one. Unfortunately, this challenge must be solved by interested Repair Video Master users if they want to use the software.

Outdated Looking Interface

Repair Video Master Main Interface

An older-looking interface is a complete hit or miss depending on the user. If they are more familiar with classic software, the interface of Repair Video Master might be appealing or nostalgic. However, it will look outdated for modern users which is expected by a larger portion of the users.

Installs An Integrated Antivirus Extension

Repair Video Master Antivirus

After installing the software, it will automatically ask the user to install a browser extension of the program’s antivirus platform. This part of the installation process is time-consuming and will provide a bad look on their new users.

The Site Where Its Full Version Can Be Bought Is Down

Remo Video Repair Site Down

What may be considered the final nail in the coffin, buying the full version of Repair Video Master is simply impossible since the website where it can be bought is already down. Moreover, clicking the register section on the software’s interface will provide the steep price tag of its full version priced at $99.05 which can be bought on the software’s now disabled website.

Part 4: What Users Say About Repair Video Master

According to Informer Technologies

The software has a fast repair speed. It also has a safe repair method since a brand new file will be created after repairing instead of replacing the one that is being repaired.

According to Soft Radar

Its supported file formats are limited and it has no batch processing mode. The software is extremely outdated looking.

Part 5: Repair Video Master Alternative

Import Videos Screenshot

Based on our full review, Repair Video Master is not a suitable tool or option, especially for modern users who want to use programs that are optimized for today’s technology. The software is simply outdated. With that in mind, we will present the best alternative for Repair Video Master that is built for today’s modern standards and design which is none other than AnyMP4 Video Repair

To start, this alternative has an aesthetically pleasing interface made for modern devices and users. This aspect alone makes it a better repair tool than our topic in this article. Moreover, its support for modern video formats is another top-notch quality since it can provide MP4, MOV, 3GP, and other video formats that are used today.

Moving forward to the types of video corruption that it can repair, AnyMP4 Video Repair is capable of fixing choppy videos, glitching visuals, advanced playback errors, unknown issues making videos unplayable, corrupted and damaged clips, and black screens with no audio. With all these issues combined, this program is now capable of fixing any video errors no matter what file format they are saved.

For more advanced users, listed below are recording devices and video sources that AnyMP4 Video Repair supports:

  • • Smartphones
  • • Drones
  • • CCTV Cameras
  • • Vehicle Dash Cams
  • • Camcorder or DSLR Cameras
  • • Downloaded Online Videos

Download the software now and experience the best modern video repair tool that you can use for free today.

Free Download For Windows

Secure Download

Free Download For macOS

Secure Download

Part 6: FAQs About Repair Video Master Review

Is Repair Video Master free?

Its trial version is free. However, it can only be used for 15 days. Buying Repair Video Master is now impossible since its website is now disabled.

Is Digital Video Repair free?

Yes, it is. Digital Video Repair is a freeware. It means that it can be downloaded and used for free.

How can I repair a damaged video for free?

Use free video repair tools. AnyMP4 Video Repair is a good option. It is easy to repair corrupted videos or damaged files.

Where can I download Repair Video Master?

Repair Video Master can only be downloaded on third-party sites. Its official site is not available anymore. This also means that you cannot buy the full version of the software today.

What is a good alternative to Repair Video Master?

AnyMP4 Video Repair is the best. This software makes for a great alternative because it is optimized for modern use. It can also be downloaded for free.


Now that we have discussed the modern shortcomings of Repair Video Master, we hope that our readers consider a more advanced and modernized tool. With that in mind, AnyMP4 Video Repair makes for a great and overall better alternative.

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