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Top 5 ImgUpscaler Alternatives for Advanced Image Upscaling

Low-resolution images are often used for professional documents such as identification cards, application papers, or government IDs. Often, these photos look good and professional enough to be perfect for casual purposes, like using them for social media sites or as profile pictures for personal business emails. However, since they have low resolution naturally, these images may decline in quality when used for certain purposes. This is where image upscaling will come in handy; software built for this reason will be perfect for upgrading low-resolution images, making them viable beyond professional use.

In this review, we will briefly discuss ImgUpscaler, one of the most trusted image upscaling software available online, to learn more about it. We will also explore five of the most effective alternatives that people may use for photo enhancement purposes.

ImgUpscaler Alternative

Part 1. What is ImgUpscaler?

ImgUpscaler is an online AI-powered image upscaler built specifically for processing multiple files in a batch. The software was optimized to process two of the most common file types in JPG and PNG and can enhance the files to 16000 x 16000 pixels. This ultra-clear image resolution can be processed smoothly with the help of their AI technology, which can handle all kinds of photos, from animated images, wildlife photographs, sceneries, and even professional headshots.

ImgUpscaler Interface

For people interested in processing photos on their mobile devices, ImgUpscaler is also available for both Android and Apple devices.


  • Features modern AI technology for extremely fast processes.
  • Enhance images in large batches for more efficient workflow.
  • Protects the privacy of their users by regularly clearing their database within 24 hours.
  • Features an integrated image editor.
  • Upscaled images may be used for commercial purposes for free.

With all these features combined, ImgUpscaler successfully built a brand focused on applying AI technology to images for the convenience of its users. They also have a dedicated program for specific uses like clearing backgrounds and removing unwanted objects.

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Part 2. Top 5 ImgUpscaler Alternatives

Since image upscaling powered by AI technology is an extremely competitive market, there are multiple softwares built to provide these services. When looking for an alternative to ImgUpscaler, five of the most popular and trusted software available today are listed in this section.

Feel free to read this article section to learn the pros, cons, and best uses of these image upscaler software alternatives.

1 AnyMP4 Image Upscaler Online

Best Used For/By:

  • • One-time image upscaling.
  • • Perfect for people finding a way to improve photos quickly.
  • • Upscaling low-resolution images as clear as high as 8×.
  • • Editing image file size.

One of the smartest and most convenient choices when looking for an alternative to ImgUpscaler, AnyMP4 Image Upscaler Online should be one of the first software that every user must consider since the platform is free, easy to use, and optimal for both casual and professional use. Like ImgUpscaler, it is an equally capable photo editor and AI-powered image resolution enhancement software developed to upgrade digital image quality and enlarge the image size to as high as 8×.

Choose Magnification

Although capable of delivering advanced services, AnyMP4 Image Upscaler Online is simple to use thanks to its design and clean interface. One sneakily convenient feature is that their Upload Photo button may be accessed easily on their website's menu while scrolling and reading their feature. This is perfect for users finding a way to improve their workflow.


  • Free and easy to use.
  • It may be used directly on browsers.
  • The interface of their website and editing software is clean.
  • Can upscale images within three simple steps.
  • Does not require program installation.


  • Advanced users may find it too simple.

2 Icons8

Best Used For/By:

  • • People find multiple file types.
  • • 3D model projects.
  • • Downloading different files from photos, illustrations, or music.
  • • Experienced graphic designers.

Icons8 is an online platform for downloading multiple image files for common but specific purposes. Most of the images on their site are designed to be used as application icons, design elements, illustration assets, royalty-free photos, and music files. It can also do AI-supported image enhancement and generate photos as a bonus. Their design tools feature common settings designers often use, such as image enhancers and one-click background removers.

Icons8 Interface


  • Free and versatile.
  • Offers an option to download royalty-free music.
  • 3D models may be downloaded and used for free.
  • It has a dedicated library for application icons.


  • The image upscaling feature is hard to access.
  • Other online platforms are much easier to use.

3 Topaz Gigapixel AI

Best Used For/By:

  • • Users willing to pay for premium experience.
  • • Upgrading micro details in photographs with small features.
  • • Supported by advanced AI.

Moving on to our third alternative, let’s explore the dedicated image upscaler developed by Topaz Labs with their Topaz Gigapixel AI. Similar to ImgUpscaler, this software is capable of improving image quality by increasing the resolution of images processed on it. Gigapixel AI is capable of improving image quality by up to 6X.

Gigapixel AI Interface

What may be considered a deal breaker for some users is its steep price tag of $99.99. This price point is significantly larger than most of its competitors, where some are even free to use. Gigapixel AI only offers their trial version for free,


  • Their dedicated face recovery feature is convenient for professional use.
  • Their AI is capable of handling specific photography nicehs like scenery and wildlife photography.
  • Topaz Labs is famous for their advanced AI and it translated in Gigapixel.
  • AI technology is more advanced that its competitors.
  • Features a simple interface.


  • Extremely expensive compared to its competitors.
  • Its price tag is not justifiable for the benefits that it brings since other softwares may get the job done for free.

4 Let's Enhance

Best Used For/By:

  • • Processing batches of images for a more efficient workflow.
  • • Enhancing images in a snap making it ideal for emergency situations.
  • • Enhancing images more than 8K.

Complete beginners overthinking complicated software should not worry if they choose Let's Enhance because it is built for convenience and ease of use. Enhancing images in Let's Enhance may be done with just one click. It is an online image enhancer and upscaler that may increase image resolution, improve image quality, and add clarity to poor-resolution images, all within a few clicks. Additionally, it can produce AI-generated images.

Lets Enhance Editor


  • Capable of handling and processing multiple files at the same time. These files can also be uploaded by batch.
  • Upgrade low resolutions images higher than 8K.
  • Instant photo enhancement process which can be applied within a few seconds.
  • Offers HDR filters to improve saturation.


  • Limited processes for the free version only at 10 a month.
  • Does not provide an unlimited image processing plan even for the most expensive upgrade.

5 Upscayl

Best Used For/By:

  • • Low-end computer users.
  • • Users who are working offline since it can be accessed without the internet.
  • • Open-source development is optimal for users with technical knowledge.

Upscayl is similar to ImgUpscaler since they are both AI-powered. However, the biggest difference between them is that Upscayls is developed as an open-source software, making it perfect for users with technical background like professional software engineers, software developers and other professionals in similar fields. But the biggest plus of the software is its availability across three operating systems in Windows, Mac, and Linux. In fact, Upscayl is the first AI image upscaler available for Linux. As an additional support for their goal of accessibility, the program is low-end device friendly making it run at a functional rate even for devices with no GPU.

ImgUpscaler Interface


  • Supports old hardwares even those with no dedicated GPU.
  • Open-source and free to download.
  • Portable in terms of being functional offline.
  • Multiple upscaling offerings.


  • Users with powerful hardwares may opt for a more advanced software.
  • The cloud-based version is still in development.
  • Features
  • AnyMP4 Image Upscaler Online
  • Icons8
  • Topaz Gigapixel AI
  • Let’s Enhance
  • Upscayl
Online Platform Free AI-Powered Easy to Use Unlimited Image Upscaling

Part 3. FAQs About ImgUpscaler Alternatives

Is there a free AI upscaler?

Yes, there are multiple software that can upscale images for free. Some of them are AnyMP4 Image Upscaler Online, ImgUpscaler, and more. The easiest and simplest among them is AnyMP4 Image Upscaler Online.

Is ImgUpscaler safe?

Yes, ImgUpscaler is safe to use. Their database is always cleared within 24 hours to ensure user privacy. The software values the trust, security, and privacy of its users.

Is ImgUpscaler free?

Yes, their website can process images for free. It is also available for Android and Apple devices. Another free alternative that is easier to use is AnyMP4 Image Upscaler Online.

Is ImgUpscaler worth it?

Judging if the premium plan of ImgUpscaler is worth it is hard. They run on a credit system where one credit equals one image process. Their free plan offers 20 credits per month, which is a good baseline to consider if their upgraded plans are worth it.

What is the best ImgUpscaler alternative?

In this article, we reviewed five of the most popular alternatives to ImgUpscaler. They are all perfect, depending on the users. However, the best among them is AnyMP4 Image Upscaler Online since it is the most convenient and free.


Image upscaling is easy to do and can be done online and offline by multiple software. For people finding an alternative to ImgUpscaling, we hope this article helps you decide what is the perfect depending on your purposes. From a value standpoint, free software like AnyMP4 Image Upscaler Online and Upscayl are some of the most efficient.

Feel free to share this article online to help others decide which software they would like to use when upscaling their photo resolutions.

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