通過音樂錄製語音 is a complex thing.是一件複雜的事情。 You might spend years studying sound and still not understand how to perform it perfectly.您可能需要花費數年的時間來研究聲音,但仍然不了解如何完美地演奏它。 Moreover, even if you have learned mix voice over music with the right knowledge, you still need to use the right tool to do the job.此外,即使您已經學會了將音樂混合語音與正確的知識一起使用,仍然需要使用正確的工具來完成這項工作。 Fortunately, you can get the best methods to record audio while playing music on computer and Android phone.幸運的是,您可以獲得在計算機和Android手機上播放音樂時錄製音頻的最佳方法。 So that you can produce podcasts and voice overs as professionals.這樣您就可以以專業人員的身份製作播客和配音。



第1部分:在PC / Mac上通過音樂錄製語音的終極方式

There are many reasons why you'd like to learn how to record audio while playing music, such as become a voice over artist, record a podcast, do a video voice over, teach online, deliver a presentations online and more.您想學習如何在播放音樂的同時錄製音頻的原因有很多,例如成為藝術家的配音,錄製播客,視頻配音,在線教學,在線演示等等。 High quality audio is essential in recording voice over music as professionals.高質量的音頻對於以專業人員的身份錄製語音音樂至關重要。 In turn, it will lead to more downloads, more audiences and more sales.反過來,它將導致更多的下載,更多的受眾和更多的銷售。

Today, hardware is not a big problem since the microphone on our computer and mobile is good enough.如今,硬件已不是大問題,因為我們計算機和移動設備上的麥克風已經足夠好。 Besides, it also requires a powerful voice recorder, such as此外,它還需要功能強大的錄音機,例如 AnyMP4屏幕錄像機。 It can meet almost all your need on recording voice over music on computer.它幾乎可以滿足您在計算機上錄製語音音樂的所有需求。




步驟 1: 設置最好的錄音機

Run the best voice-over-music recorder once you install it on your PC.將其安裝在PC上後,運行最好的錄音機。 There is a dedicated version for Mac.有Mac專用版本。 Choose the選擇 錄音機 from the home interface.從主界面。 For advanced users, click the對於高級用戶,請單擊 跑步裝備 圖標打開 偏好 dialog and set the custom options related to output format, destination, hotkeys and more.對話框並設置與輸出格式,目標位置,熱鍵等相關的自定義選項。 Be default, the recorder will optimize all options based on your software and hardware.默認情況下,刻錄機將根據您的軟件和硬件優化所有選項。


步驟 2: 通過音樂錄製語音

Open the background music in your music player.在音樂播放器中打開背景音樂。 If you want to use online music as background, find it in your browser but not play.如果要使用在線音樂作為背景,請在瀏覽器中找到它,但不能播放。 Turn to the voice recorder, and plug in your microphone if you want to use an external one.如果要使用外接麥克風,請轉到語音記錄器並插入麥克風。 Turn on both同時打開 系統聲音麥克風,以及調整音量。 You can test the volume until you are satisfied.您可以測試音量,直到滿意為止。 Once you are ready, click the準備好後,請點擊 REC 按鈕,播放音樂,然後開始旁白或採訪,開始通過音樂錄製語音。


步驟 3: 保存錄音

錄製完成後,單擊 停止 button.按鈕。 Then you will be presented the preview window.然後,您將看到預覽窗口。 Press the按下 icon and pre-listen to voice over music recording.圖標並預聽音樂錄音。 The的 tool can help you cut unwanted parts by resetting the start and end points.該工具可以通過重置起點和終點來幫助您切割不需要的零件。 Finally, click on the最後,點擊 節省 button to export the voice over music recording to your hard drive.按鈕可將錄音中的聲音導出到硬盤。 Then you can share it on your social media and more.然後,您可以在社交媒體等上共享它。


此外,您也可以使用此工具 在 Google 幻燈片上錄製並插入您的聲音。


Today, more and more people become mobile-first, who access internet and perform various tasks on mobile device primarily.如今,越來越多的人成為移動第一,他們首先訪問互聯網並主要在移動設備上執行各種任務。 In fact, some apps can help you record audio while playing music on Android.實際上,某些應用可以幫助您在Android上播放音樂時錄製音頻。 We use an app called Add Music to Voice as the example to show you how it works.我們以一個名為“將音樂添加到語音”的應用為例,向您展示其工作原理。

步驟 1:運行配音音樂應用。 You can download it from Play Store for free, but it contains ads and in-app purchases.您可以從Play商店免費下載它,但其中包含廣告和應用內購買。

步驟 2:點按 引起注意 icon and say something in front of your microphone.圖標,然後在麥克風前說些什麼。 Then your voice will be recorded on the audio track.然後,您的聲音將被記錄在音軌上。 You can also add voice recording from your memory by tapping the您還可以通過點擊 添加聲音 icon.圖標。 After voice recording, you can edit it on the track.錄音後,您可以在軌道上對其進行編輯。

步驟 3:接下來,點按 添加音樂 icon to open your music library and add the background music to the other track.圖標打開您的音樂庫,並將背景音樂添加到其他軌道。 Then edit it with your fingers, such as adjust the volume.然後用手指進行編輯,例如調節音量。

步驟 4: 按 智能過濾器 icon to blend voice over music smoothly.圖標,使聲音在音樂上流暢融合。 Play the voice over music and tap the通過音樂播放聲音,然後點按 完成 icon if it is ok.圖標,如果可以的話。 Tap the點按 節省 icon to confirm it.圖標進行確認。 Next, go to接下來,前往 我的聲音 tab and you will find the voice over music file.標籤,您將找到音樂上的語音文件。 Tap the點按 更多 按鈕(帶有三點圖標),然後您可以將其重命名或直接將錄製內容分享到社交媒體。

備註: The voice-over-music app requires a lot of permissions.音樂語音應用需要大量權限。 You must permit all of them;您必須允許所有這些人。 otherwise, it won't work.否則,它將無法正常工作。

在這裡您可能會喜歡: 最好的Android錄音機.



Firstly, purchase a good microphone if you want to record high quality voice over.首先,如果要錄製高質量的語音,請購買優質的麥克風。 Plus, you'd better record your voice in a studio or small room.另外,您最好在工作室或小房間裡錄製自己的聲音。 It can reduce the noises and echo.它可以減少噪音和迴聲。 Then a powerful voice recording program almost determines the quality of the result.然後強大的語音錄製程序幾乎可以確定結果的質量。


If you record your voice with the built-in microphone on iPhone or computer, it will sound bad.如果您使用iPhone或計算機上的內置麥克風錄製語音,則聲音會很差。 That is because the microphones are not made specifically for vocal recordings.這是因為麥克風不是專門用於聲音錄製的。 What's more, recording singing leaves very little room for error, unless you go to a studio where has special effects, reverb, filters and more to make your sound well.更重要的是,錄製唱歌幾乎不會有錯誤的餘地,除非您去一家擁有特殊效果,混響,濾波器等的錄音室,以使您的音質更好。




Now, you should understand how to record voice while playing music on your computer or Android phone.現在,您應該了解如何在計算機或Android手機上播放音樂時錄製語音。 For mobile-first, a voice-over app is a simple way to make voice over music.對於移動優先,配音應用程序是一種通過音樂進行配音的簡單方法。 However, we suggest you to do it with a computer using AnyMP4 Screen Recorder.但是,我們建議您在使用AnyMPXNUMX屏幕錄像機的計算機上進行操作。 It is not only easy to use, but also able to produce the best audio quality.它不僅易於使用,而且能夠產生最佳的音頻質量。 More problems?還有更多問題嗎? Please write them below.請在下面寫下。


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