Professional Tutorial to Convert YouTube to Ringtone on Windows and Mac

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Professional Tutorial to Convert YouTube to Ringtone on Windows and Mac

Ringtone is a very special element on smartphones. It may be the only element that you want to show it to others on your mobile device. A good ringtone is not only able to distinguish your phone calls from others, but also show your personality. Want to convert YouTube to ringtone for your iPhone or Android phone? It may be not a difficult task depending on what tools you use. Most YouTube converters only grab and save online videos to different formats. When it comes to ringtone makers from YouTube, they should offer more features involved with ringtone making. In this guide, we are going to share the best ways to make ringtone from YouTube.

Youtube to ringtone

Part 1: The Concrete YouTube to Ringtone Converter

A YouTube to ringtone converter should include at least three features, download YouTube video, trim the video and convert it to M4A or MP3. From this point, we recommend AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate, which is an all-in-one solution integrating extensive features, such as:

In short, if you want to create ringtones with YouTube videos, Video Converter Ultimate is the best option.

How to make ringtone from YouTube with VCU

Step 1: Get YouTube videos offline

First of all, install the best ringtone downloader from YouTube on your computer. Then launch Video Converter Ultimate from your desktop, click Download menu at the toolbar to open the downloader window. Copy the YouTube video address in your browser, the application will fill it in the URL box automatically. Hit the Analyze button, select a proper video file and click OK to get it download.


Step 2: Clip YouTube videos and remove-unwanted parts

When go back to the main interface after downloading, click Clip to open the video editor. Next, move the sliders on the timeline until you get the desired clip, or you can set start and end time. Click OK to confirm it and remove unwanted parts from the YouTube video. iPhone supports the ringtone up to 40 seconds.


Step 3: Convert YouTube to ringtone for iPhone or Android

Finally, select the YouTube video clip in the media library, move to the bottom of the window, pick up MP3 for making Android ringtone or M4A for iPhone from the Profile dropdown menu. If you want to change the ringtone quality, hit Settings button to open the Profile dialog. Click on Convert to make a ringtone from YouTube video. When it is done, you can transfer the ringtone to iPhone via iTunes or Android phone using USB cable.


Part 2: Top 2 online YouTube makers from YouTube

Some people prefer to online ringtone maker from YouTube, but only a few ringtone makers online support YouTube. Here we identify 2 effective ways to make ringtone from YouTube videos.

1. maker is a convenient way to convert YouTube videos to ringtone online. And the procedure is not very difficult.

Step 1: Input in the address bar of your browser and hit Enter key to open the home page.

Step 2: Enter the address of your favorite YouTube video into the box and hit the Process Video button to extract the YouTube video.

Step 3: Next, move to the next panel, drop a name for the ringtone, set the starting point and length based on your requirement. Select a proper quality from the dropdown list; it supports up to 256kbps. Then choose the ringtone format, iPhone Ringtone or MP3. Hit the Make Ring Tone button to convert YouTube to ringtone based on your settings.

Step 4: Finally, transfer the ringtone to your phone via phone number or your email address.

Note: Some copyright protected YouTube videos are not available to this ringtone maker from YouTube.



Another online YouTube to ringtone converter is It supports to upload YouTube video from hard drive and address. And display the video in timeline to make ringtone for iPhone and Android. Similar to other online converters, it cannot deal with copyright encrypted YouTube videos.

Step 1: Access in your browser, when you discover the YouTube video that you want to make it as your ringtone.

Step 2: Tap on extract sound from YouTube and then enter the video address into the URL box. Hit Extract button to extract audio from the YouTube video.

Step 3: After processing, you will be presented the sound spectrum with a moveable block. Drag the starting and end points of the block to proper positions.

Step 4: Tick the checkboxes in front of Fade in and Fade out. If you are not sure, press the Play button to pre-listen to the ringtone. If you are satisfied with the result, click on the Create ringtone button, drop the name and artist, and hit Get ringtone button.

Step 5: Finally, select iPhone or Android according to your device, download it to your computer temporarily and then send it to your phone.



A personalized ringtone is able to show your personality and recognize your phone calls simply. So, we shared the best ways to convert YouTube to ringtones on Windows, Mac and online. Firstly, AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate is the best way to make ringtones from YouTube. It offers all functions necessary to convert YouTube videos to ringtone on computer. And all features are easy to use. The biggest benefit is to produce high quality ringtones for iPhone and Android. For people who do not like to install software on their computer, online ringtone makers, such as and, are another option.

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