Everything You Need to Know on MP3jam and Best Alternatives for MP3jam

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Everything You Need to Know on MP3jam and Best Alternatives for MP3jam

Recently, some people leave messages and ask questions about MP3jam, a practical tool for Windows users to search and download MP3 music. According to experts, music is not only a long-standing entertainment, but also a good way to relax. But poor mobile internet connection and expensive traffic data stop people from listening to their favorite music on the road. Fortunately, MP3jam and other music downloaders could grab online music easily. And to help you get entertainment as you wish, we are going to introduce the popular MP3 downloader and the best alternatives for MP3jam in this post.

MP3jam Alternative

Part 1: Introduction: MP3jam

As mentioned, MP3jam is a music search and download program for Windows. It features and highlights:

Once MP3jam released, it attracted a lot of users, partly because it is free of charge and complete legal. As the cost, users have to view ads. To help you use this utility correctly, we will show you how-to below.

Step 1: When installing MP3jam, you'd better select Custom installation, and uncheck all boxes below. Otherwise, it will install other programs automatically. Move on and if prompted to install games or other apps, select I do not accept.

Download and install the software

Step 2: Open the program, search for your favorite music with the key word. Next, select the song on the result window and hit the Play icon to listen to it before get it offline.

Listen Music

Step 3: Press the Settings icon to open the Settings dialog, and reset the custom options based on your requirements. Then go back to the search result screen, and hit the download button with a downward icon in front of the desired song.


Part 2: Top 3 alternatives for MP3jam

MP3jam is attractive since it is legal and free of charge. But it only contains a small collection, and many people complained that they cannot find the desired music. So, we will share 3 best alternatives for MP3jam.

1. Professional alternative for MP3jam: Video Converter Ultimate

AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate is a professional online video downloader and converter. Its key features include:

How to download MP3 with the professional alternative of MP3jam

Step 1: Download music videos in original quality

Download and install the professional alternative for MP3jam on your computer. Then launch the application and hit the Download menu on the top ribbon to open the downloader window. Copy and paste the address that contains the music or music video into the URL box. Hit Analyze to extract files and select your favorite one. Click OK to start downloading the file.


Step 2: Convert downloaded files to MP3

If you download music from YouTube, the professional alternative for MP3jam is able to convert it to MP3 or other audio formats. Select the files in media library, head to the bottom section, pick up MP3 or target mobile device from the Profile menu and drop a location to save the results. Hit the Convert button to transcode the media files to MP3.


2. 100% working replacement for MP3jam: Screen Recorder

In some cases, you are not allowed to extract multimedia files from the address, partly because the copyright regulations. From this point, AnyMP4 Screen Recorder is the best replacement for MP3jam.

How to download MP3 with the effective alternative for MP3jam

Step 1: Preparations for downloading online music

Launch Screen Recorder after installing it on your machine, select Audio Recorder to open the next window. Then turn on System Sound and disable Microphone simultaneously.

System Sound

Step 2: Use the alternative for MP3jam simply

If you want to change other options, press More settings to open the Preferences dialog. Then hit the REC button as soon as you start playing the online music, video or playlist. When it is done, hit the button again to save it.


3. Simplest substitute for MP3jam: Video Downloader

Another easy way to download online music is AnyMP4 Video Downloader. As the simplest alternative for MP3jam, Video Downloader offers some benefits, like:

In a word, it is the easiest MP3jam alternative to download online MP3.

How to use the simplest MP3jam alternative

Step 1: Install Video Downloader on your computer

Get the simplest MP3jam alternative on your machine and start it when you want to download some online music. Enter the URL into the field, click Analyze to extract multimedia files, and select the proper one.

Video Downloader

Step 2: Download MP3 with one click

Select Only Download or Convert to other formats depending on your demands. Then Hit OK button to start grabbing the file.

Download video


In this tutorial, we focused on a popular music downloader program, MP3jam, and the best alternatives for it. The biggest advantage of MP3jam is free of charge. But the cost is that you can only get a small collection of music. That is why we shared 3 best alternatives, AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate, Screen Recorder, and Video Downloader. They work on all online multimedia files on YouTube, Dailymotion, SoundCloud and other platforms.

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