100% Working Facebook Audio Downloaders for Windows and Mac Computers

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100% Working Facebook Audio Downloaders for Windows and Mac Computers

How do you download audio from Facebook Messengers or posts? As the most popular social platforms, Facebook seems do not need any introduction. Hundreds of millions of people around the world access Facebook on computer and mobile device every day. They keep in touch with their friends and family on the social platform through text messages, photos, voice and videos.

And sometimes, people share their favorite music and video clips of their favorite movies on Facebook with others sharing the same interest. What can you do if you discover an awesome music and want to download it on your device? Unfortunately, Facebook does not provide any download options. Instead, you will need a Facebook audio downloader. Don’t worry! We will share the best ways to download audio from Facebook below.

facebook audio downloader

Part 1: How to Download Audio from Facebook with Video Downloader

With a professional Facebook audio downloader application, you cannot only get any songs online, but also enjoy the music in the best quality. From this point, we recommend AnyMP4 Video Downloader since it provides pro-level features, like:

In short, Video Downloader is the best option you can find to download audio from Facebook.

How to download Facebook audio with Video Converter Ultimate

Step 1: Get the best Facebook music downloader

Get the latest version of Video Downloader installed on your machine. Then launch it from your desktop and click on the Paste URL button on top of the window.

Step 2: Download audio from Facebook

Open your web browser and navigate to the music on Facebook that you want to download. Right-click on the music and choose Copy Link Address, enter it into the URL box in this Facebook audio downloader software.

After that, click Analyze to gain Facebook video information. Select the format and resolution that you want.

Select the audio format from the drop-down option of Automatically convert to, and finally click OK to start downloading and converting Facebook video to audio formats.

Check Downloader Videos

Part 2: Record Facebook Audio with Screen Recorder

Sometimes, Facebook and other platforms may encrypt the songs and audio files and prevent people from downloading audio through URL. In such situations, AnyMP4 Screen Recorder is a good alternative solution to download audio from Facebook.

As an efficient messenger audio downloader, Screen Recorder is able to grab any playable audios from Facebook. Another benefit is to get Facebook audio in the original audio quality. And for advanced users, you can adjust a variety of parameters to get your favorite effect.

How to record Facebook audio with Screen Recorder

Step 1: Preparations for downloading audio from Facebook

When you want to download audio from Facebook messenger or your favorite songs on Facebook, start the best Facebook music downloading application after installed it on your computer. Then go to the Audio Recorder tab on the home interface. Make sure to turn on System Sound, while disable Microphone, and adjust the volume of System Sound. Next, press the More settings option to open the Preferences dialog, and set the options related to Output, Recording, and more.

Audio settings

Step 2: Record audio on Facebook simply

If you are ready, start playing the Facebook audio in your web browser as soon as click on the REC button once playing the video on Facebook. Wait for the playback is complete, and then hit the REC button to go to the media player window. If you are satisfied with it, hit the Save button to export the Facebook audio according to your settings.

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Part 3: Download Facebook Audio Message from Facebook Message Center

In fact, you can download audio messages from Facebook Message Center directly. And the steps below could help you to simplify the process.

Step 1: Input https://m.facebook.com/messages into the address bar of your browser and hit the Enter key to open the Facebook Message Center.

Step 2: Scroll down and find the audio message you’d like to download and open it by hitting the Play icon. And then right click on the player next to the Play icon and choose Copy audio address on the floating menu.

Step 3: Create a new tab in your browser and enter the audio address into the address bar by pressing Ctrl + V on Windows or Cmd + V on Mac OS. Then the Facebook audio message will get offline to your computer. (Download Facebook to MP3 here)

Note: First of all, this way is only available to a part of audio messages on Facebook. If you want to download audios on Facebook, like music posts, you will need to use a professional Facebook audio downloader. Plus, you cannot select audio files or customize other options with the Facebook Message Center. According to our testing, the method above works in Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer.

Facebook message center

Part 4: Bonus Tip: Facebook Audio Converter

Many tools enable you to download Facebook videos, instead of audio. Once you have accessed Facebook videos, you need a Facebook audio converter to extract background music files from a Facebook video. That’s what we will recommend you, AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate. It is a professional audio converter to change the video into audio and other digital media formats on computer.

Learn here to convert audio to MP3.


In this tutorial, we have shared how to download audio from Facebook. Today, Facebook is still the biggest social platform around the world. And it is not only a tool to keep in contact with your friends and family, but also a way to share the interest, like favorite music. The problem is that Facebook does not offer any option to download music or audio messages from Facebook. We have shared three Facebook audio downloaders above. First, AnyMP4 Video Downloader is an all-in-one solution to download Facebook audios. And AnyMP4 Screen Recorder is another way to get Facebook audio messages and music. Video Converter Ultimate is a solution to convert Facebook video to audio. If you just want to back up a Facebook audio message, Facebook Message Center is a simple option.

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