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Tutorial to Download Veehd Video with Online and Desktop Downloaders

Tutorial to Download Veehd Video with Online and Desktop Downloaders

Today, we can get more entertainments than ever before, from old films to latest movies, from short videos to live stream, from animation to science fiction. But you may find that all of them need a prerequisite: excellent internet connection. And it is the biggest obstacle to watch Veehd videos on the road. This video collection platform provides download option, but you have to install a plugin to grab your favorite videos. The plugin will install malware on your machine. That is why people look for video downloaders instead download videos using the official plugin. In this tutorial, we will tell you the best way to get Veehd videos offline.

Download Veehd Video

Part 1: What is Veehd

Veehd is a video stream and download platform created by a group of artists. As its name said, people released this platform aiming to share HD videos and promote their latest work. Besides, it is also a visual social media that share videos between families and friends.

All videos shared on the platform are in high quality. If you click on the Download button on your favorite video, it will require you to install the Veehd plugin. But many people complained that the plugin download virus and malware.


Part 2: Best way to download Veehd videos

Want to download Veehd videos but afraid that the official plugin contains malware? We suggest you to try one of the best Veehd downloading software, AnyMP4 Screen Recorder. Its key features include:

All in all, Screen Recorder is the best alternative of Veehd official plugin on downloading online videos.

How to download Veehd videos with Screen Recorder

Step 1: Install Veehd downloader on your computer

There are two versions of Screen Recorder, one for Windows 10/8/7/XP and other for Mac. Install the right one on your computer and start it when you need to download a video on Veehd. Click on the Video Recorder to open the home interface.

AnyMP4 Screen Recorder

Step 2: Setting for downloading Veehd video

In order to grab online video, enable the Display and turn off Webcam. Then toggle on the System Sound and disable Microphone. This will only record what happens on your screen. Next, click on the Display icon to select a proper recording area using three ways: full screen, drag control points, or input dimensions. Then click on the More settings link to open the Preferences dialog. Here you can reset output format, quality, destination and other custom options.

Adjust Audio

Step 3: Start downloading Veehd in one click

If you are read, play the Veehd video you want to download in your browser and click on the REC button to start downloading it. If you want to draw on the video, click on the Edit button with a pen icon and use the pen tool to get the desired effect. Wait for the video to play completely, hit the REC button again. The online video downloader will save the video to your computer.

Note: Screen Recorder does not have limitations on the length of the video you want to download.


Part 3: Top 2 Veehd online video downloaders

Somebody prefer to online video downloaders, partly because they are able to grab online videos without requiring you to install anything on your machine. The cost is that you have to live with some downsides, like limited file size and output formats, lower quality, longer time, and more. Here we will share 2 effective Veehd online video downloaders.

Top 1: FetchFile Veehd video downloader



How to download Veehd video with Veehd Downloader

Step 1: When discover a Veehd video you want to view offline, create a new tab and access

Step 2: Copy the video address into the box and click on the Download button.

Step 3: Wait for the download page to show up, select a proper format and resolution, like MP4 480P, and click on the Download video button.


Top 2: OnlineVideoConverter



How to get Veehd video offline

Step 1: Copy the Veehd video address if you want to download it. Visit in your browser.

Step 2: Put the address into the field, select MP4 or your favorite video format from the Format dropdown list. Click More Settings and reset other options.

Step 3: Click the Start button and then hit download the result after the process.



In this tutorial, we showed you how to download videos from Veehd and watch them offline. We suggest you to try AnyMP4 Screen Recorder, because it is a professional video downloader and pretty easy to use. On the other hand, you can use the online video downloaders to grab Veehd video, if you do not care about poor video quality and other shortcomings. If you have more questions related to Veehd, welcome to leave messages below this post.

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