Top 3 Efficient Guide to Download Ustream Video with Best Ustream Downloaders

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Top 3 Efficient Guide to Download Ustream Video with Best Ustream Downloaders

As one of the most popular live streaming video services, Ustream contains a variety of channels of video streaming and life-casting. Today, watching videos online has become a new way to kill time and have fun. But the poor internet penetration and connection is still the biggest obstacle to enjoy online videos in some regions. That is why it is always better to download Ustream videos to your computer or smartphone so that you can view them anytime and anywhere. It is possible to download video from Ustream, but you will need to use an online video downloader application, which is able to find the video URL hidden behind JavaScript, or video recorder to download Ustream videos directly.

Download Ustream Video

Part 1: Concrete method to download Ustream videos

More and more streaming services add to the copyright protection regulations, so does Ustream. The common way is to encrypt the video link address to prevent people from downloading Ustream videos through URL. In such cases, AnyMP4 Screen Recorder is an efficient way to get what you want. Its key features include:

Apparently, Screen Recorder is the most efficient option to download Ustream videos with the highest quality.

How to download Ustream videos without quality loss

Step 1: Get the best Ustream video downloader on your computer

Download and install Screen Recorder on your Windows PC. If you are using Mac computer, get the Mac version directly. When you find a video on Ustream that you want to view offline later, launch the application and choose Video Recorder on the home interface to open the best Ustream video downloader.

Screen Recorder

Step 2: Preparations for recording Ustream video

There are four sections on the Video Recorder window, Display, Webcam, System Sound and Microphone. To rip Ustream videos, enable Display and System Sound while turn off Webcam and Microphone. Then select the recording area based on the video by dragging the control points or setting the dimensions manually. Next, click the More settings option at top right side to activate the Preferences dialog, and customize the options involved with Recording, Output, Hotkeys, and more.


Step 3: Download Ustream videos easily

Finally, play the Ustream video in your web browser and click on the REC button at the same time. Wait for the video to finish, and hit the button again to go to the Preview window. If you are satisfied with the video record, hit the Save button to export it to specified location.


Note: If you have set the duration according to the video length, Screen Recorder will stop and save the Ustream video automatically.

Part 2: Download Ustream video with VLC

VLC Media Player is not only a popular multimedia player, but also an online video downloader. Almost all playable online videos can be saved to your personal computer by VLC, though the workflow is a bit complicated. And you will find the steps below are helpful.

Step 1: Open your web browser, access Ustream and find the video you want to download. Then run VLC and go to Media-> Open Network Stream to locate to the Network tab on Open Media dialog.

Step 2: Next, copy and paste the video address into the URL box, hit the downward icon next to the Play button and select Stream. Click the Next button on the Stream Output dialog.

Step 3: Then drop a folder and file name to save the video by hitting the Add button. Make sure to check the box next to Activate Transcoding and select your favorite video format from the Profile dropdown menu. Click the Next button and Stream button

Step 4: When go back to the player window, press the Stream button to start playing and downloading Ustream video. You will know that the video is recording successfully when you see the elapsed time is adding up. When the playback is done, click the Stop button.


Note: If the video address is invalid, it means that the Ustream video is protected by copyright regulations and forbidden to download.

Part 3: Grab videos on Ustream online

Web-based Video Downloader is another appealing option to download Ustream videos simply. They are usually working fine in most web browsers, like Safari, Firefox, Chrome and more. And users are not required to install anything on their machine. But the cost is that you have to spend longer time to download one video. Plus, the online downloaders cannot produce as high quality output as professional programs. We use online-downloader as the example to show you the procedure.

Step 1: Run your web browser and find the video on Ustream that you'd like to download. Create a new tab in the browser and visit the official website

Step 2: Right-click on the video and select Copy Link Address and then paste it into the box on the home page of the Ustream downloader online.

Step 3: Click on the Download button to start extracting media files in the address. When the result page pops up, select a proper output format and hit corresponding Download button to download Ustream video immediately.


Note: According to our testing, online Ustream downloaders only work on the videos in public domain, and the success rate is pretty low.


For video enthusiasts, Ustream is a well-known platform, which enables people to discover, watch and broadcast video and audio contents. If you want to download Ustream videos to computer for offline playback, you will find our sharing above is helpful. First of all, VLC is an open source video stream toolkit, so you can use it to record Ustream videos for free. And online video downloaders are a convenient way to grab short video clips on Ustream. For people who want to get high quality videos, AnyMP4 Screen Recorder is an efficient option. It is not only easy to use, but also able to produce best audiovisual experiences.

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