3 Ideal Methods to Download Music from Tumblr on Windows and Mac OS

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3 Ideal Methods to Download Music from Tumblr on Windows and Mac OS

Is there any method to download Tumblr audio files with ease? Tumblr is a micro-blogging platform and a social networking site, where users can share what they love, like photos, music, videos, and text, and follow the interested blogs. As multimedia contents are increasingly popular, Tumblr members stream a lot of music and audio clips on the platform. But, Tumblr is just an online platform to enjoy all contents and there is no download button. If you are one of those, who struggles with downloading audio from Tumblr, don't worry, here we are going to share the trick to help you download Tumblr audio on Windows PCs and Mac computers quickly and easily.

Download Tumblr Audio

Part 1: The most efficient way to download Tumblr audio

AnyMP4 Screen Recorder is one of the best online music downloading software. If you are looking for a professional way to download Tumblr audio, SR is a smart option since it offers lots of easy to use features:

No matter you are average people or advanced user, Screen Recorder's flexible features could meet your demands.

How to download audio from Tumblr

Step 1: Install the best Tumblr audio downloader on your PC

Screen Recorder offers two versions, one for Windows PCs, and the other for Mac OS. Download and install the right one on your computer and start it from your desktop. Hit the Audio Recorder to open the best Tumblr music downloader.

Download and install the software

Step 2: Settings for downloading Tumblr to MP3

Locate to the System Sound section and toggle the switch to ON. Then disable the Microphone option. This will only record the Tumblr audio. Next, press the More settings link at top right corner to display the Preferences dialog. Here you can change the custom options related to Recording, Mouse, Hotkeys, Output and System.

Audio Settings

Step 3: Download audio from Tumblr in a click

Run your browser and navigate to the music or playlist on Tumblr you want to download. Hit the REC button once start playing the Tumblr audio. Then let SR do its job alone. Wait for the audio to be done, hit the button again to save it to your hard drive.


Note: If you configure the duration according to the audio, SR will stop and save the music automatically.

Part 2: Download Tumblr audio with Chrome and Firefox

Sometimes, web browsers are able to grab online music from Tumblr, such as Chrome and Firefox. The cost is that you can download one track at one time. And if the Tumblr music is copyright protected, this way will not work.

1. Download audio from Tumblr by HTML code

Step 1: Run your Chrome or Firefox browser, access the Tumblr blog page that contains the desired audio and wait for the page to load fully.

Step 2: Hit the Play button to play several seconds, then right click on the audio player and select Inspect Element to open the HTML code page.

Step 3: Search for the code [audio preload="auto"], then copy the audio address, create a new tab in your browser, paste the URL into the address bar and hit Enter key.

Step 4: Then right click on the player and choose Save Audio As to download Tumblr audio.


2. Download music from Tumblr using Save Audio As option

Step 1: Load the Tumblr music in your Chrome or Firefox, hit the F12 key to open Developer Console window. Go to the Network tab and wait for fully load.

Step 2: Once play the Tumblr music, the URL of the audio file will appear in the Network tab. Right click on the URL and select Open Link in New tab.

Step 3: Next, navigate to the new tab, right hit the audio player and pick up Save Audio As to get the Tumblr audio offline.

Save audio

Part 3: Download audio from Tumblr using TumTaster extension

TumTaster is an add-on for Chrome and Safari, which enable you to download music from Tumblr. If you want to use this extension on Firefox browser, you have to install the Greasemonkey extension and configure the TumTaster script page. We use Chrome as the example to show you the procedure.

Step 1: Launch your Chrome browser, click and expand the List menu icon, and head to tools-> Extension.

Step 2: Search for the TumTaster extension in Chrome Store and hit Add the extension to install it on your browser. If it is added successfully, you can see the icon appears on the toolbar of your Chrome.

Step 3: Now, visit Tumblr network, sign in your account and navigate to the music you want to listen to offline.

Step 4: Then you will see the Click to download option next to the audio track. Right click on it and press Save link as, when prompted, pick up a proper location to save the audio, and download Tumblr audio to your local drive.

Note: This extension adds a download link for audios on Tumblr dashboard. But similar to download Tumblr music with browser, it only works for the audios upload to Tumblr directly, but not the embedded contents.

Tumtaster extension


Though Tumblr is not as prevalent as Facebook and Twitter, it is a special platform to share contents to followers. In this tutorial, we have shared three simple methods to download music from Tumblr. AnyMP4 Screen Recorder is the most effective way to grab audio from Tumblr. It not only works on all music, but also keeps original quality when downloading Tumblr audio. On the other hand, we also shared the methods to grab Tumblr music with web browsers and extension. They are only able to download Tumblr songs that upload to the website directly. Anyway, we hope that our suggestions and guides are helpful to you.

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