Step-by-step Guide on How to Download Music to A Flash Drive Easily

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Step-by-step Guide on How to Download Music to A Flash Drive Easily

How to download music to a flash drive for a car? Today, we can enjoy our favorite music anywhere with portable devices. According to a recent survey, many people said that they are more likely to listen to music in their car, partly because it is not only a good way to relax, but also able to help them get rid of boring. But from the same survey, we found that the biggest obstacle that listens to more music in car is to download online music and put music on a flash drive. Apparently, some people do not understand how to download music from YouTube to USB and listen to it anywhere. Therefore, we are going to share the how-to in this tutorial.

Download Music to A Flash Drive

Part 1: How to download MP3 music from YouTube to USB

AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate is an all-in-one solution on how to download music to a flash drive. Its key features include:

Apparently, Video Converter Ultimate is the best choice you can find to download music to USB drive.

Step 1: Download music from YouTube

AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate offers two versions, one for Windows 10/8/7 PCs and the other for Mac OS. Get the right one and install it on your computer. When you discover your favorite songs on YouTube or other platforms, launch the application and click the Download menu to redirect to the downloader window. Then copy and paste the video link address into the URL box and hit the Analyze button. This will extract all media files from the address. Select your favorite one and press OK to start downloading the YouTube video.

Video Converter Ultimate

Step 2: Convert downloaded music to MP3

After downloaded, you will be taken to the home interface and the downloaded media files will show up in the library area. Locate to the bottom of the window; make sure to select MP3 from the Profile dropdown list and drop a folder to save the results. Plus, you can find other custom options on the Profile Settings dialog by hitting the Settings button. Finally, click the Convert button to get the desired MP3 songs. Then you can put music on a USB stick from YouTube.


Part 2: How to capture music from Spotify to USB

If the URL does not work, it means that the media file is encrypted and protected by copyright. In such situation, AnyMP4 Screen Recorder could help you to get what you want. Its features include:

How to capture music from Spotify to USB

Step 1: Preparations for rip Spotify music

Download and install Screen Recorder on your computer, start it and hit the Audio Recorder to go to the best online music downloader window. Here you can see two sections, System Sound and Microphone. To capture online music, enable the former and disable the latter at the same time. Then adjust the volume by moving the slider. Next, press the More settings option to activate the Preferences dialog, head to the Output tab and select MP3 from the output format list.

Screen Recorder

Step 2: Capture music from Spotify for USB

After setting, go back to the Audio Recorder window. Search for the music or playlist on Spotify or other platforms in your web browser. Once start playing the music or playlist, click on the REC button on the window. Then let Screen Recorder work alone. Finally, hit the button again when the playback is done. Now, you can put music on a USB flash drive.


Part 3: How to put music on a flash drive

Now, you should understand how to download music to USB. When it comes to the detail of transferring music to portable devices, the steps below are ready for you.

1. Put music on a flash drive on Windows 10/8/7

Step 1: Insert the flash drive into your PC, and click This PC on your desktop to open a Windows Explorer.

Step 2: Check the available storage of the flash drive and make sure that it has enough space to store the music.

Step 3: Navigate to the folder that contains the songs that you want to migrate, select all of them, right click and select Send to-> the name of your flash drive.

Step 4: Wait for music to download, and then unplug the flash drive.


2. Transfer music on a USB on Mac OS

Step 1: Plug the USB flash drive into the USB port on your Mac, and it will appear on your desktop.

Step 2: Open the Finder app, navigate to the location of the music, like iTunes Library, and select all the music files.

Step 3: Then drag and drop the music onto the USB flash drive icon on your desktop to trigger the process of putting music on a flash drive.

Mac OS


Based on our sharing above, you should understand how to download music to a flash drive and play it in your car or other places. First of all, you need an efficient way to download MP3 music from YouTube to USB, such as AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate or Screen Recorder. Then we also told you how to put the downloaded music on a USB from Windows or Mac. We wish that our step by step guide is helpful to you. And if you have more questions, welcome to leave messages below.

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