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How to Download Music from Spotify and Burn a CD from Spotify

How to Download Music from Spotify and Burn a CD from Spotify

To speak frankly, it's hard to download music from Spotify. So if you want to burn CD from Spotify, you may feel difficult to save songs from Spotify and burn them to a CD. This post will show you detailed steps to create a CD with Spotify songs.

"I collect 10 great songs from Spotify and make a playlist with them. Now I want to burn these songs from Spotify to a CD and send it to my girl friend, cause her birthday is coming soon. How to burn CD from Spotify? I often burn songs to CD, but really don't know how to download music from Spotify. Any help?"

"I really enjoy the songs with Premium in Spotify. I'm very satisfied the high-quality Spotify sound and like to download them from Spotify. But I notice that I am not allowed to download these songs with copyrights. Is there any simple way to save music from Spotify?"

Burn a CD from Spotify

Spotify is one of the most popular and largest licensed streaming music services which provides a simple and convenient way to access all types of music. Millions of hot songs are collected here to guarantee you easily find what you need by artist, album, genre, playlist, or record label.

However, these DRM copyright encryption protected music can only be downloaded by Spotify premium users. If you want to download Spotify songs for offline listening, you need to pay for $0.99 for 3 months of premium, and $9.9/month afterwards.

You are at the right place if you are looking for a good way to burn CD Spotify. This post will show you detailed information about how to download your favorite songs from Spotify. Moreover, you can learn how to burn Spotify music to a CD with high sound quality.

Reasons why it's difficult to burn CD from Spotify

As we mentioned above, you can download Spotify music if you purchase the Spotify premium. But even so, it is limited to selected devices only. What's more, you are not allowed to export these downloaded songs to computer for burning CD from Spotify.

In that case, even if you are Spotify premium user and have already saved some favorite songs, you can only listen to them offline. What's worse, these audio files will be erased if you clear the Spotify app cache. Actually, you still can't download music from Spotify.

When you want to burn CD from Spotify, you should pay attention to the copyright.

Even you finally get your preferred Spotify songs downloaded, you are only permitted to burn Spotify audio track to a CD for personal usage.

Best way to burn CD from Spotify

In general, burning CD from Spotify contains two parts, downloading music from Spotify app and creating CD with Spotify audio. Here we sincerely recommend a professional DVD/CD Creator to get the job done.

This Spotify music to CD creating software has the capability to directly download your preferred songs from Spotify and burn them to CD. The created CD will keep original sound quality of each song. Just free download it and take the following guide to burn a CD from Spotify.

Steps to burn Spotify music to CD

1. Download and run DVD/CD Creator

With the download button above, you can easily download and install this Spotify to CD burning software on your computer. It provides two versions for both Windows and Mac users. Ensure you download the right version. Insert a blank CD disk to the CD/DVD drive.

2. Download music from Spotify

If you have already saved songs from Spotify, you can click on Add Files to load these audio files to this CD burner. Here you can also directly download music from Spotify.

DVD Creator

Here you can find a Download Online Video button when you enter the interface. Click on it and input the specific Spotify music URL to it for the downloading. Besides Spotify, it also enables you to download online video/audio from YouTube, Vimeo and other popular sites.

Download Online Video

3. Edit audio file

After downloading, you can click Next to move to the next step. It provides many useful features to edit video and audio file, you can try any one based on your need.

4. Burn CD from Spotify

When all settings are done, click on Burn button to create a high-quality CD with Spotify music.

More CD burners on Windows 10, you can check it in this post.

How to download music from Spotify

Since downloading Spotify music is not that easy, this part will tell you an one-for-all way to save any song from Spotify. Recording is a good way to make that happen, so here we introduce you with a good Spotify Music Recorder. It allows you to record any sound from system audio and microphone. So you don't need to worry about the recorded audio quality.

1. Free download, install and run this powerful Spotify music recording software on your computer.

2. When you enter the main interface, choose the Audio Recorder option.


3. It enables you to record Spotify music from "System Audio" and "Microphone". Here you are suggested to turn on System Audio and turn off Microphone.

Audio Source

4. Play the Spotify music you want to download and then click REC button to start downloading it to your computer. Click Stop button when the song is over. The recorded Spotify music can be saved in any popular audio format according to your need.

Besides recording audio, this Spotify Music Recorder can help you record any activity happened on the screen. In addition, you can rely on it to take snapshots. Just free download it and give it a try.

After reading this post, you can handily burn CD from Spotify. Whether you stuck on downloading music from Spotify or burning process, this post will help you finish the job with ease. If you still have any question, you can leave us a message.

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