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Top 2 Solutions on How to Burn Music From Apple Music to A CD

As a faithful Apple Music subscriber, you will find that you are not allowed to burn any Apple Music tracks to a CD. That is because songs from Apple Music are Apple Music M4P formats and have DRM protection restricting you to burn them to CD or DVD.

Luckily, this tutorial is going to tell you a couple of solutions to solve this problem. What you need is just a professional tool to record Apple Music as well as iTunes and burn it to CD. Read on and learn more details.

Burn Apple Music to CD

Solution 1: Convert DRM protected Apple Music songs and burn to a CD via iTunes

If you are looking for an economical method to burn your favorite Apple Music to A CD, you can consider removing DRM from Apple Music and then convert them to MP3 format. Next it will be much easier to burn the DRM-free songs to CD.

Step 1: Download and install TuneFab Apple Music Converter

Download and install TuneFab Apple Music Converter on your Windows or Mac. This program enables you to convert songs to MP3, and remove DRM from Apple Music.

Step 2: Add Apple Music Songs

After launching iTunes, this software will detect all your Apple Music songs in your iTunes automatically. Tap on the playlist in the left and select songs that you want to burn from Apple Music to CD.

Note: If you want to burn Spotify music files into CD, then you need to download them and import them into iTunes first.

Step 3: Convert Apple Music to MP3

Next you can choose MP3 as the output format in TuneFab Apple Music Converter. And then tap on the “Convert” button to convert your selected Apple Music songs to DRM-free Format.

Convert apple music to mp3

Step 4: Burn Apple Music to a CD

Import these DRM-free songs to iTunes Library and drag them into a newly created playlist. After inserting a blank CD disc, simply tap on “Burn Playlist to Disc” option and select a proper disc format. It is done! Now you manage to burn Apple Music to a CD successfully!

Burn apple music to cd 1

Solution 2: Purchase the songs from Apple Music and iTunes and burn to a CD

If it is a little bit troublesome for you to convert Apple Music to DRM-free format, you can choose to purchase the songs from iTunes Store directly. As you know, all of the songs in iTunes Store are DRM-free and Apple supports you to burn your purchased music to a CD. If you do not know the detailed steps, keep on reading and follow the next tips.

Step 1: Launch iTunes app

Open iTunes app on your computer, search and locate a certain song that you wish to burn from Apple Music to a CD.

Step 2: Show the songs in iTunes Store

Then tap on the “More” button next to your selected music or albums, and select "Show in iTunes Store" button to view the detailed info in iTunes Store.

Step 3: Purchase the selected music

Just tap on the “Buy” button to purchase your desired songs from iTunes Store. After that, you are able to burn your Apple Music to a CD in iTunes directly.

Buy apple music song

Tips to burn streaming songs to a CD without Apple Music interfering


As a Mac user, you launch the burning process on iTunes with your Mac, but each time you hit on the “Burn” button you will find that a pop-up message says like “you can’t”. Even though you purchased them in Apple Music, it does not work. What’s more, when you are trying to burn Apple Music to a CD, it may ruin the disc and cannot be used anymore.


Just select a track, and choose "Remove Downloads" in the "Edit" menu. And next click on the “iCloud” button to re-download. Then this issue should be solved.


In a word, this article is the ultimate guidance about how to burn your Apple Music tracks to a blank CD. In this passage, you will learn 2 different solutions to solve this issue, one is to remove DRM protection from Apple Music and burn them from iTunes music to CD, and another is to purchase songs and add them into iTunes Library. Obviously, the former method costs much less but the latter works more efficiently.

Choose the one you are more interested in to burn streaming songs from your Apple Music to a CD.

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