Top 3 Efficient 8tracks Downloader Applications for Windows and Mac OS

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Top 3 Efficient 8tracks Downloader Applications for Windows and Mac OS

8tracks is a popular internet radio service. As its name said, users are allowed to create playlists of at least 8 tracks. Similar to other music streaming services, 8tracks is a web-based network. Though you can listen to radio on smartphone and computer, it does not work without internet connection. In this post we are going to share top 3 best 8tracks downloader applications.

If you want to download music from 8tracks without paying the price, these applications can meet your demands. The biggest benefit is that they can download 8tracks playlist at the same time. If you are ready, let's start downloading 8tracks playlists.

8Tracks Downloader

Part 1: Top 8tracks Downloader for computer: Screen Recorder

When looking for the best 8tracks downloader application for computer, people expect what features it integrates? It must have the capacity to download 8tracks playlist simply. This is very important for beginners and average people. And for tech savvy, it should offer extensive custom options. More important, it should produce as high quality audios as possible. From this point, we recommend AnyMP4 Screen Recorder. Its main features include:

How to download 8tracks on computer using Screen Recorder

Step 1: Install Screen Recorder on your computer

Download the latest version of Screen Recorder and install it on your PC. There is another one for Mac machines. Click on the Audio Recorder on the home interface to go to the best 8tracks downloader window.

Screen Recorder

Step 2: Settings for 8tracks playlist download

If you want to only download the playlists on 8tracks, make sure to turn on System Sound and disable Microphone at the same time. Then move the volume slider in System Sound area to a proper position. Next, press the More settings link to open the Preferences dialog. Head to the Output tab from left hand column, and then set output format and destination as you wish. Plus, you can change other options related to Recording, Hotkeys and more.


Step 3: Download 8tracks playlist simply

Finally, run your web browser, and navigate to the 8tracks playlist you want to download. Click on REC button once begin playing the playlist. Let the application work alone, and when the playlist finishes, hit the REC button again to save the playlist to your hard drive. Congratulations! Now you can listen to 8tracks playlist on any devices offline.

Download Playlist

Note: If you have set up hotkeys, you can use them to control recording and stop. Plus, the duration is able to stop recording automatically when the playlist is complete.

Part 2: Best 8tracks Downloader online:

It cannot be denied that there are a lot of online audio downloaders. If search it in Google, you will get a very long list. But most of them cannot grab playlist offline. is one of the few tools that offer the option of download playlist.

Step 1: When you discover a playlist on 8tracks that you want to listen to it later offline, create a new tab in your browser and visit

Step 2: Copy and paste the address of the playlist into the field, select Audio and tick the checkbox in front of Download playlist.

Step 3: Finally, click on the Download button to initiate extracting audios from the 8tracks playlist. Then you can download it to your computer.


1. With the best online 8tracks Downloaders, you do not need install anything on your computer.
2. It is totally free of charge without ads or malware.
3. It does not require registry or signup.
4. All you need is the URL of the 8tracks playlist.


1. It does not work on all 8tracks playlists.
2. The output quality is poor, though it promises to produce best audio quality.
3. You cannot convert 8tracks playlists to your favorite audio format.


Part 3: Top 8tracks Downloader for Chrome: 8tracks Downloader

Another way to download 8tracks playlist is extensions for web browsers. Unlike YouTube and other prevalent online services, there are not many browser add-ons for 8tracks. The 8tracks Downloader is an extension for Chrome. If you have a Google Chrome browser on your Mac, it is a good way to get your favorite 8tracks playlist offline.

Step 1: Run your Chrome, visit the Chrome Web Store, search for 8tracks Downloader and hit Add to Chrome button. When prompted, click Add extension to install it on your browser.

Step 2: Next, create a new tab in your Chrome, access 8tracks; sign in your account and find the playlist or music you want to download.

Step 3: If 8tracks Downloader is installed on your Chrome successfully, you will be presented an extra dashboard. Click the Download button to get what you want.


1. Download audio tracks from 8tracks for free.
2. The 8tracks audio downloader is easy to use.
3. It does not require registry.
4. It is available to both Windows and Mac.


1. This extension does not compatible with old versions of Chrome.
2. If cannot find it in Chrome Web Store, you have to install it from websites.
3. Users reported that it crashed when downloading 8tracks playlists.
4. We cannot guarantee that 8tracks Downloader is legal since it is launched by independent developers.

8tracks Downloader


8tracks permits users to create playlists, share music and monetize. Sometimes, the playlists on 8tracks contain niche genre or latest music. Want to download 8tracks playlists without paying the price? In this post, we have shared top 3 ways to get 8tracks playlists offline. AnyMP4 Screen Recorder is the best one since it offers flexible features to ordinary people and advanced users. Plus, the audio quality generated by Screen Recorder is amazing. On the other hand, you can try web-based 8tracks downloaders. Following our step by step guides, you can enjoy your favorite music on any devices at anytime and anywhere.

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