How to Edit Published YouTube Videos from Yours and Other YouTubers

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How to Edit Published YouTube Videos from Yours and Other YouTubers

“Can I edit videos on YouTube?”

“Can I edit a YouTube video already posted?”

“What editing program do most YouTubers use?”

“Is it possible to edit another person’s YouTube video?”

Well, you can edit not only your YouTube videos, but also videos from others’ YouTube channel. Though Google has retired the complimentary editing suite since 20th September 2017, you can still edit YouTube videos with YouTube Video Manager and third-party video editing software. Yes, you can also edit someone’s YouTube video directly here.

Edit YouTube Videos

Part 1: How to Edit YouTube Videos with YouTube Video Editor

You can edit your YouTube videos via YouTube online video editor here. It is free to make tweaks and add effects to your YouTube video. In most cases, you can make tweaks and add effects to your uploaded video on YouTube channel. However, if your YouTube video has reached 100,000 views, you cannot save video editing changes. You need to create a new YouTube video and delete the old one manually.

Step 1: Access YouTube Video Editor

Open YouTube Video Editor by visiting Remember to sign into your YouTube or Google account. Actually, you can click “Upload” followed by “Edit” to edit YouTube videos for free online. You can find “Video Editor” in the right pane under the “Create videos” category.


Step 2: Add video clips to YouTube timeline

Choose the YouTube video you want to edit from various choices. Drag and drop your video clip to the timeline. You can also add clips by clicking the “+” icon below.

What’s more, you can add YouTube videos to this file too. All YouTube videos with “Creative Commons” are available. Later, you can go to the CC tab and drag the video to the timeline too.

Add Video

Step 3: Edit YouTube videos on YouTube

You can see 6 sections in the right pane of YouTube Video Editor. Now, follow steps below to edit an existing YouTube video step by step.

Cut/Split YouTube video: Hover your mouse on the video clip of YouTube timeline. Click the scissor icon to cut the clip into two pieces. Later, you can delete unwanted clips and trim the video.

For more details about cutting videos with the professional video splitters, you can check it here.

Cut Video

Change YouTube video settings: Double click the video to enter into the “Quick fixes” section. Sooner, the YouTube quick fixes function does a quick analysis. You can adjust brightness, contrast, color and other settings. Moreover, you can edit published YouTube videos with slow motion, stabilization and more.

Change Settings

Add filters to YouTube video: Head to the “Filters” section. Here you can get many types of filters. Just download the YouTube filter before applying.


Add text to YouTube video: You can also see “Text” in the “Quick fixes” section of YouTube Video Editor. Firstly, click before “Enable text”. Later, you can adjust font, size, color and other details. Edit YouTube video subtitles in the text column below.

Add Text

Add licensed audio tracks to YouTube video: Go back to the main interface of YouTube Video Editor. Click “Audio” on the toolbar to edit YouTube videos with background music. You can drag the song to the YouTube soundtrack timeline directly. Be aware that some YouTube songs are subject to licensing agreements. Thus, you may find popping-up ads in your YouTube video. Sadly, you cannot trim the song either.

Add Audio

Add transitions to YouTube video: You can go to the “Transitions” section to get 16 transition effects. Just download and add a transition effect to your YouTube video.

Add Transitions

Step 4: Create YouTube video

After editing your YouTube video, click “Create Video” on the top right corner of the window. You will be in the video page automatically. At this moment, there will be an error message on your YouTube video page. Several minutes later, you can see the new live YouTube video. Now, you can edit YouTube video description, privacy and other settings.

Create Video

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Part 2: How to Edit YouTube Videos with New Themes and Clips

Though you can make changes with YouTube Video Editor online. There are not much professional video editing tools you can get. Many people complain about YouTube video editing crashes frequently. If you want to edit YouTube video content with better templates, you can try AnyMP4 Video Editor.

This video editing software offers hundreds of visual effects. You can even combine RAW materials with pre-made themes in clicks. In a word, if you want to edit YouTube videos on PC effortlessly, AnyMP4 can be your best YouTube Video Editor alternative.

Main Features of the YouTube Video Editing Software

How to Edit Your YouTube Video for Beginners

Step 1: Launch the video editing software for YouTube.

Step 2: Click “+” to upload your YouTube video, as well as other clips and pictures.

Add Video

Step 3: Choose “Edit” to get various editing tools

You can crop, clip, rotate, speed up/slow down and adjust volume/contrast/saturation/brightness/hue with parameters. All your YouTube video editing changes can be reflected with original and output file preview windows. Then click “OK” to move on.


If you want to edit YouTube video picture, you can choose the picture and click “Edit” too. In the “Edit” window, you can set contrast, saturation, brightness, hue, duration and motion manually. Well, click “OK” to save all changes.

Edit Picture

Step 4: Click “Add Background Music” near the bottom. In addition, you can click “Edit Audio” to edit the audio of a video on YouTube.

Step 5: Select theme and edit your YouTube video

Head to the “Theme” section in the right panel. You can see many ready-made themes. Choose and download the theme before using. Later, you can add text, transitions, filters and elements to the YouTube video with same operations. By the way, you can DIY YouTube movie style with those tools by yourself too.


Step 6: Export your YouTube video

Click “Export” on the lower right corner. You can select the output format, device, resolution and video quality freely. At last, click “Convert” to export a new YouTube video.


Note: It is also supported to edit a YouTube video that is not yours. You need to download YouTube videos for further editing first. To get the YouTube video in original resolution, you can use screen recorder software to access YouTube video offline. Later, you can edit YouTube videos after downloading here with ease. Check this post to get 20 Recommended YouTube Video Editors.

What’s more, you can edit YouTube videos with videos and photos shot by your iPhone or Android too. Thanks to the wide support of media formats, you can run AnyMP4 Video Editor to edit files from and to most popular portable devices on Windows. The old video can be replaced by the new YouTube video quickly. All in all, you can edit all online videos after downloading here.

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