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The Best iMovie Video Editors for Android and Windows PC

iMovie is an amazing video editor only provided for Mac and iOS users. So non-Apple users are looking for a great video editor similar to iMovie. Here we will share the best iMovie alternatives for Android and Windows PC.

author14.12.2018 | Posted by Riley Mitchell

Ready for the Graduation Slideshow Songs? Here's Your Playlist

Prepare the best songs for celebrating your graduation season? You can also learn how to create a slideshow with graduation songs with ease.

author12.12.2018 | Posted by Riley Mitchell

Windows Movie Maker and Its Best Alternatives to Edit Video For Free

Windows Movie Maker was a free video editing software developed by Microsoft. But it has been discontinued by Microsoft in last year. So what's its best alternatives? Check this article to find answer.

author04.12.2018 | Posted by Riley Mitchell

6 Best Microsoft Video Editors & Slideshow Makers for Windows 7/8/10

In this article we will introduce 5 most recommended Microsoft Video Editors for Windows with details to let you learn more about their usage. You will also find the best alternative for Windows video maker here.

author26.11.2018 | Posted by Riley Mitchell

Top 5 4K Video Editing Software for Windows and Mac

There are many free or paid video editing software in the market, but not every one supports editing 4K videos. This article will introduce 5 best 4K video editors for you to enhance your 4k video footage.

author15.11.2018 | Posted by Riley Mitchell