How to Screen Record Instagram Story on PC/Mac/iPhone/Android

How to Screen Record Instagram Story on PC/Mac/iPhone/Android

Due to Stories, Instagram expanded quickly and has become one of the most popular social media platform. Unlike still image post, Instagram Stories are short video clips or slideshows to tell a full story. You can easily make a Story within Instagram app’s record function. However, there is no option to download or save it to your memory. In result, you have to screen record Instagram Stories with extra apps. This article will tell you the best ways to do it on iPhone and Android.

Screen Record Instagram Story

Part 1: Does Instagram Notify When You Screen Record Story?

Firstly, Instagram does not notify users when you screen record a story. Back to 2018, Instagram has experimented with notifying users when anyone take a screenshot of their posts. However, the social network gave it up shortly after. Therefore, you can do Instagram screen recording without any worry.

Part 2: How to Screen Record Instagram Story on iPhone

It is well-known that Apple had introduced a screen recording function into iOS 11 and above. If you have updated your software, you can screen record an Instagram Story with it directly.

Step 1: Firstly, set up the screen recording function. Open your Settings app, find Control Center and tap Customize Controls. Tap the green plus icon in front of the Screen Recording option to add it to your Control Center. If the little button is red, it means you have set up.

Add Screen Recording Feature

Step 2: Go to Control Center, tap the screen record icon, and touch Screen Recording. Then it will turn to a menu bar at the top of the screen.

Record iPhone Screen iOS 11

Step 3: Open your Instagram app, find the Story and play it. iPhone will record the Instagram Story automatically.

Step 4: When it is done, tap the top menu bar and choose Stop button. If prompted, tap Stop to save the story to your Photos app.

Step 5: Head to the Photos app and find the recording. Now, you can remove the redundant frames by moving the sliders.

More details about recording screen on iPhone can be found here.

Part 3: How to Record Instagram Story on Android

Unfortunately, Android does not provide the screen recording function similar to iPhone. It means that you can only screen record Instagram Stories with a third-party recorder app, such as Mobizen Screen Recorder. You can use the basic functions for free with an account.

Mobizen Screen Recorder

Step 1: Once you installed Instagram Stories recorder app and signup, a virtual button labeled M will appear on your screen.

Step 2: Run Instagram app and find the Story you wish to record. Tap the M button and select Record. Start playing the Story before the 3-sencod countdown is over.

Step 3: Tap the virtual button and choose Stop icon when the Story is complete. Now, go to the recorder app and you can edit the video.

You can find more screen recorders on Android to record Instagram stories here.

Recommend: Record Instagram Story on PC

Though you cannot upload Stories to Instagram on PC, it is possible to screen record it on your desktop. AnyMP4 Screen Recorder is one of the best screen recorder software available to Instagram Stories recording.

Key Features of the Best Instagram Stories Recorder

In short, it is the easiest option to screen record Instagram Stories on PC.

How to Record an Instagram Story on PC

Step 1: Install Instagram Story Recorder

When you wish to screen record Instagram Stories, install Screen Recorder to your PC. Pick Video Recorder from the main interface, and then you will get four options on the window.

Video Recorder

Step 2: Record Instagram Story

DISPLAY is used to capture everything on your desktop.

Webcam can capture your face via your face-cam.

System Sound is able to record sound from your system.

Microphone can record your voice through microphone.

To screen record Instagram Stories, turn on DISPLAY and System Sound while disable Webcam and Microphone. Then set the recording area and adjust the volume.

Find the Instagram Story you intend to record in a browser. Click the REC button and start the Story immediately.

Tip: Hit the Settings icon to open the Preferences dialog. Here you can change the options related to output, hotkeys and more.

Start Recording

Step 3: Save Instagram Story recording

During recording, select the Pen tool and you can add text, paintings and more on the recording directly. When Story playback finishes, click the Stop button to open the preview window. Remove unneeded frames with the Clip tool and click Save button if you are satisfied with the Story recording.

Preview Video

Part 4: FAQs of Recording Instagram Stories

Can you record someone’s Instagram Story?

Both your and someone else’s Instagram Stories can be recorded if you pick the right screen recorder application. We have shared the best methods to do the job on iPhone, Android and PC above. You can follow our guide to do it easily.

Will someone know if I screen record their Instagram Stories?

Firstly, Instagram won’t notify for screen recording Instagram Stories. Though some apps announce they can check screen recording, it is impossible according to our research. Therefore, you can do the takes. However, we suggest do not use the Story recording for business.

How to record Instagram Live?

Live stream is another important visual feature in Instagram app. Since the event cannot be downloaded or saved, you have to screen record your own Instagram live stream as well. What you need is a good screen recorder application for Instagram live stream according to your situation.


This guide has shared the best methods to screen record Instagram Stories on iPhone and Android phone. No matter you wish to save your own Stories or others’ post on iPhone, the built-in screen recording function can meet your need. For Android users, you have to use a third-party screen recorder app. Of course, you can do the job on PC with AnyMP4 Screen Recorder as well. If you have other troubles, please feel free to leave a message in the comment area below this post.

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