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How to Screen Record Encrypted Videos on Windows and Mac Computer

How to Screen Record Encrypted Videos on Windows and Mac Computer

Encryption is a way of encoding information. Only authorized parties can get access to the encrypted content. In DVD, Blu-ray and streaming videos, encryption can be called as DRM protection as well. It is not supported to use a video downloader to download DRM protected videos. Because the encryption algorithm will make the encrypted data unscramble, unless you enter the right key.

To successfully download encrypted streaming videos, you can use a screen recorder instead. Actually, it is a better choice to screen record encrypted videos for offline watching. You can get the original video quality from those recorded videos. There will be no encryption in your recording files. Thus, you can use any video player to play the recorded video on any device.

If you want to know how to bypass video encryption and record protected videos, you can continue reading and find the answer below. All online streaming platforms and disc types are supported.

Screen Record Encrypted Video

Screen Record Encrypted Video

Part 1: How to Screen Record Encrypted Videos

AnyMP4 Screen Recorder is a good choice to record encrypted videos on your Windows and Mac computer. The screen recording activity cannot be detected or blocked. Just play an encrypted video as usual. Later, run AnyMP4 Screen Recorder to screen record DRM protected videos. You can record screen video and audio simultaneously and losslessly.

To record encrypted video playlists, TV series or DVD/Blu-ray movies, you can use a timer to auto start and stop recording. Even though you need to go out, you can still leave the computer alone for encrypted video recording. The program will start, stop and save a recording video in one stop. Furthermore, you can even make your computer shut down after screen recording automatically.

In addition, there are many other powerful screen recording features, such as webcam overlay, annotations, voiceover, hotkeys and more. As for recording encrypted video without decrypting, here’re the main functions you can get.

Step 1: Free download AnyMP4 Screen Recorder. Launch the video recorder and downloader after the installation. Choose Video Recorder to screen record DRM protected videos.

Video Recorder B

Step 2: Choose between Full and Custom to set the screen capture area. You can use your left-click mouse to draw around the video as well. Then turn on System Sound to record restricted videos with audio.

Custom Recording Area

Step 3: You can click Settings to get the Preferences window. In the Output section, change the output video settings based on your need. You can enable hotkeys and other recording functions as well.

Output Preferences

Step 4: Click REC to start recording streaming video. The DRM protection will not influence screen recording. Click Stop or use hotkeys to stop recording encrypted video.

Start Recording B

Step 5: In the Preview window, preview and trim the recorded video. At last, click Save to download encrypted videos as MP4 format.

Preview Video

Note: Recording encrypted videos is not a 100% success guarantee, because some video stream encryption technology are too special to crack. Therefore, we suggest you download the free trial version of this software to check if the encrypted videos can be recorded successfully before you buy it.

Part 2: FAQs of Recording Encrypted Video Files

Is it possible to record a video with the latest encryption algorithm?

Yes. You can screen record all encrypted videos with AnyMP4 Screen Recorder. The program can bypass the current DRM protection and encryption.

Can you record DRM protected videos for free?

Yes. You can run AnyMP4 Free Online Screen Recorder to record encrypted streaming video for free. Though the available recording quality options are limited. There is no lossless screen recording support in this free screen recorder online.

How many protected videos can you record?

Unlimited. You can record any copy protected video into offline files. There is no maximum recording length. The AnyMP4 Screen Recorder full version allows users to record a video that is protected unlimitedly.


It is true that screen recording encrypted videos is illegal due to the copyright infringement. But it’s okay if you only watch the recorded videos on your phone or computer. Don’t share, send or sell those video content. Then you can feel free to screen record videos from YouTube, Netflix, Hulu and other commercial websites.

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