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Record Twitch Stream

4 Easy Ways to Record Twitch Streams

Twitch is the leading live streaming platform for gamers over the world. It's popular among online gamers which allows followers to subscribe to their favorite gamer's channels and watch them playing online games. Gamers can post their streamed episodes from prior gameplay on Twitch to generate revenue. Sometimes, you may have the need to record your gameplay video and share on Twitch with other players or record Twitch streams of other gamers in order to watch offline and analyze their tricks in a game. In this case, a Twitch stream recorder is necessary. Here in this article we will introduce you with 4 good screen recorders for Twitch streams.

Record Twitch Stream

Part 1. Record Twitch Streams with Desktop App

1. AnyMP4 Screen Recorder

The first desktop app we recommend to record Twitch streams is AnyMP4 Screen Recorder, it's a professional screen recording tool that can be used in many scenes. Whenever you want to record online videos, gameplays, Skype calls, Podcast, online conference, webcam videos, webinars, lectures and more, this screen recorder can do you a good favor. Except the screen recording function, it also has abundant editing tools that enables you to edit the video during recording. So it must be one of the best choices to record Twitch streams.

  • Record any kind of on-screen activity on your Windows or Mac computer.
  • Record video with different audio sources, including system sound and microphone voice.
  • Capture video in customized screen area according to your detailed needs and preview recorded videos before saving and sharing.
  • Edit video or snapshots and draw new labels to the output file.

How to record Twitch streams with Screen Recorder?

Step 1: Download, install and launch this Twitch stream recorder according to your computer OS.

Step 2: Select "Video Recorder" option and set the recording area according to your need. Please remember to keep the computer screen you want to record on the interface.

Select Video Recorder

Step 3: If you want to record your own stream on Twitch, you also need to open the Webcam and Microphone. If you are just recording the Twitch streams of other gamers, there is no need to open them.

Choose audio source

Step 4: Now you can click the REC button to start recording. During recording, you are able to add texts or highlight certain contents on the Twitch screen with the editing feature of this screen recorder.

Edit video

Step 5: Once you finish recording, click on the pause button then you can preview the recorded video and choose a folder to save it.


2. OBS

OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) is free and open source software for video recording and live streaming. It's available for Windows, Mac and Linux. This program is completely free and easy to use. But there are limited editing capabilities and only a few codecs in this Twitch stream recording. Follow the guide below to record Twitch stream easily.

Step 1: Download and install OBS on your computer.

Step 2: Launch OBS and head to the Settings tab to select the file path where you want to save the recorded streams.

Step 3: Go to the bottom of the main OBS window and right-click under Sources. After that, hover your cursor over Add, then add either Monitor Capture or Window Capture to your sources. Monitor Capture will record your entire screen while Window Capture will only focus on a single active window which you can manually specify.

Step 4: When you have added a source, you can click on Start Recording to start recording the Twitch stream as you like. When you have finished recording, you can simply hit Stop Recording and check the recorded stream by selecting File > Open Recordings Folder.

Part 2. Record Twitch Streams Online for Free

If you don't want to bother yourself to install any software on your computer in order to record Twitch streams, here we recommend two free online screen recorders for you.

1. Showmore

Showmore is a free online screen recorder that allows you to record everything on your computer screen with high quality. It can record webcam and screen at the same time, so you can also use it to record your own stream on Twitch. The disadvantage is that there will be watermark of Showmore in your recorded Twitch stream.

Check the easy steps below to record Twitch streams with Showmore free online screen recorder.

Step 1: Go to the official website: to get the online screen recorder.

Step 2: Click "Start Recording", if it's the first time you use this online screen recorder, it will download and install a small launcher on your computer at first. Then click "Start Recording" again, a recording box will pop up. You can select the sound source according to your need.

Choose sound source

Step 3: Launch Twitch, play the stream you want to record and click the red recording icon on the bottom left. If you want to record webcam while you are recording the screen, you can click on the camera icon on the tool bar to start recording the camera.

Step 4: You are allowed to edit the Twitch streaming video during the recording process, just hit on the pen icon and choose tools you need.

Edit recording

Step 5: Click the pause button and the green check-mark when you finish recording. Afterwards, a temp recording file will be generated and played automatically. You can click the icon on the bottom right on the interface to further edit, save it as video or upload the recorded video to YouTube or other platforms.

Stop save

2. Apeaksoft Free Online Screen Recorder

This free online screen recorder only needs you to install a small launcher on your computer at first. Then you can start to record Twitch streams online without limits. This Twitch Stream online recorder enables you to export Twitch streaming videos in various formats, including MP4 and WMV. The operation steps are similar as those of Showmore, so we would not repeat one more again. This free online screen recorder will also add watermark to your recorded video and there is no editing feature available. If you want to edit videos, you can get the Pro version.

Apeaksoft Free Online Screen Recorder


In this article we have recommended 4 Twitch stream recorders altogether, two desktop apps and two online recorders. As for the online screen recorders, the problem would be that you cannot start recording as soon as possible after the launcher is installed. It's because that the online recorder cannot immediately recognize the launcher has been installed and will keep asking you to install it again. What's more, all the recorded Twitch streams will carry a watermark of the online recorder you use. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to use AnyMP4 Screen Recorder as it can record Twitch stream and edit the recorded video with a wide range of editing tools.

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