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How to Record Any Netflix Movies on Mac/PC for Offline Playing

How to Record & Download Any Netflix Movies for Offline Playback

Netflix is the most popular streaming site where users can subscribe to watch a wide variety of TV shows, movies, animes, and more. Frequent updates of TV shows and movies weekly enable users to be willing for paying for watching Holiday in the Wild, Let It Snow, Cadillac Records, The Irishman, The Haunting of Hill House, and more.

Unfortunately, you can't watch Netflix without Internet access.

Can I save movies from Netflix to watch offline?

Yes, you can.

In this post, we will share 2 ways to copy movies and TV shows from Netflix to watch offline by recording and downloading on iPhone, Android, Mac and PC.

Download and Record movies on Netflix

Download and Record movies on Netflix

Part 1. How to Record Any Movies and TV Shows from Netflix on PC/Mac Unlimitedly

The first way is the recommended way to rip any movies, TV shows, TV series, etc., from Netflix by recording.

To get rid of the download limits from Netflix on device numbers, title numbers, and account activation, capturing movies from Netflix is the ideal solution to save the Netflix movies forever and watch them offline on the go.

What you need is the Netflix movie recording software. AnyMP4 Screen Recorder is the easy screen capture software on Mac and Windows 10/8/7 to record any movies that are playing on your screen through Netflix, YouTube, Vimeo, Vevo, etc.

  • Record movies, TV shows, TV series, animes, documentaries, and more on Mac and Windows computer.
  • Save the Netflix movies to hard drive as MP4, WMV, MOV, M4V, MP3, AAC, GIF etc., for offline playback on most devices.
  • Advanced recorder like lock window, exclude window, etc., can record Netflix movies while doing other things on computer freely.
  • Save high-quality Netflix movies from 720p HD, up to 1080p HD, even 4K UHD on hard drive.
  • Edit the recording while capturing the Netflix videos like add text, add arrow, etc.

Note: This Netflix movie recorder is only for the personal use of Netflix movie offline playback, not for commercial use or other uses against Netflix's terms.

Now, let's check how to use the Netflix movie recorder to rip the movies from Netflix.

Step 1. Run Netflix movie recorder on Mac

Free download this Netflix recorder on your computer. It supports both Windows and Mac, and you could download the exact version according to your needs. Here we take Mac computer as an example.

Run it after the successful installation. In the main interface, you can see its 3 functions. Here, we select "Video Recorder".

Select video recorder

Step 2. Get recording settings for capturing Netflix movie

Before starting recording Netflix movies, you should adjust the recording settings.

Select recording region or window

You can select the full screen or customize the freehand region for recording by moving your mouse. Alternatively, Advanced Recorder under the REC button features the window recording by following the window, excluding the window, etc.

If you open the Netflix via the browser, then you are recommended to use the freehand region to select the play window from Netflix.

Custom recording region

Note: "Task Schedule" is the recording feature, which sets the starting and ending time for recording any video and audio in advance, and this software will start completing the recording task automatically. When you are not in front of the computer, you could use the feature to record Netflix movies automatically.

Enable recording audio settings

As for the audio recording settings, you could turn on/off both of either of "Microphone" and "System Sound" according to your needs.

For example, if you want to save the Netflix movie with the audio, you should turn off "Microphone" and turn on "System Sound".

If you want to make spoof videos from Netflix videos by adding your own sound, then you could turn on both sounds.

Turn on system audio

Output Netflix recording quality and format

Click "Settings" button and you can select the output format and quality for the movie recording.

Click the "Output" tab and you could select the output from the supported output formats of MP4, WMV, MOV, F4V, AVI, TS and GIF.

For getting a high quality of Netflix movie recording, you should select "High" next to "Video Quality" and set a high fps up to 60 next to "Frame rate".

Output preferences

Hotkeys, mouse, and others (Optional)

Other settings like mouse, hotkeys, recording, etc., are optional according to your needs.

Step 3. Record Netflix movie

While all settings are made, click "REC" button in this software on clicking the play window of Netflix. Then this software will start recording Netflix videos immediately.

You can pause/resume recording the video file, and edit the video files like draw a line, add caption, callout, etc., while recording

Record movie

Step 4. Preview and save Netflix recording

Once clicking the stop button, you will be directed to open the preview window, where you could use the clip feature to cut the unwanted parts of the Netflix recording. After that, click the "Save" button to export and save the recording from Netflix to your hard drive on computer.

Preview and save recording

Part 2. How to Download Netflix Videos to iPhone/Android/Windows 10 (100 Titles at Most)

Currently, you can download the TV shows and movies on the Netflix app to watch offline later. The downloaded titles are only available on the device where you download. In other word, you cannot copy the downloaded Netflix movies to another device for offline playback.

For using the Netflix app to download the titles from Netflix, you should meet the following demands:

Now, let's check the steps of downloading Netflix movies in details.

Step 1: Open the Netflix app on your iPhone, Android, Windows 10 or other compatible devices. Here, we take iPhone as an example.

Step 2: Tap the menu button on the upper-left corner like three horizontal lines

Step 3: Hit "Available for Download".

Step 4: Tap the movie that you want to download.

Step 5: Hit the download button (like an arrow-down) next to the movie or TV shows.

Then the Netflix movie will start downloading. Once the video has completed downloading, you can access it from the My Downloads section of the app.

Download netflix movies

That's all there is to it.

Part 3. Netflix Movies Download Instructions You Should Know

Though downloading movies from Netflix is illegal, still some instructions you should know while downloading the Netflix videos.

1. Not all movies are available for downloads in Netflix

Not all titles are available for download. Do not see the download button? Your device may do not meet the criteria for Netflix downloads.

2. There is a limit of video downloads in Netflix on a single device

Currently, the maximum number of the titles is 100 on a single device at any given time. The number of the titles is dependent on the available storage on your device. Not all devices have a capacity of 100 downloads.

3. There is a limit of devices to download Netflix videos

The maximum number of the devices you can use to download the Netflix videos is equal to the number of the screens you can watch Netflix at the same time. All those are based on your Netflix plan. When the maximum number of the devices is larger than planned, you should delete all the Netflix downloads from at least one device before you intend to download into a new device.

The steps of deleting the downloads from Netflix are locating to the My Downloads section and tap Edit to hit the delete button next to the Netflix title.

Delete netflix download

4. Downloads playback will be NOT available if you close the Netflix account

Even if you have downloaded the Netflix videos on your device, you cannot watch them after closing the Netflix account, let alone watch Netflix downloads offline.

5. There is a limit of times of downloading a Netflix title

Due to the licensing rights, some titles can only be downloaded a limited number of times per year. If you insist on downloading a title to get rid of the limit, you will receive an error message notification.


Netflix is the great app to watch the movies and titles online. However, once your device is getting no Internet, you will be eager to know how to play the Netflix movies offline. In this post, we gather 2 ways of saving Netflix movies and watching offline. One is using the built-in download feature to download the Netflix titles on supported devices. However, there are many limits to watch the Netflix downloads. Another way is recording the Netflix movie. You can save the Netflix movie copy into your hard drive and move to other devices for unlimited offline playback, even if you close the Netflix account.

Which way is your preferred one? Any good suggestions to play Netflix movies offline?

Let me know by leaving your comments.

What do you think of this post?


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