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Amazon Prime Music Download

How to Download Amazon Prime Music on PC, Mac, iPhone and Android

If you have the Prime membership, you can use Amazon Prime Music for free. There are over 2 millions of songs that are free for Amazon Prime users. You can play, manage and download songs for free. Thus, many people choose to download from Amazon Prime Music for offline playback. Amazon Prime Music songs are free to use before your Prime subscription expires. However, you don’t really “own” the downloaded Amazon Prime Music songs. All your downloaded music files will disappear once you cancel the membership.

Why Amazon Prime Music download fails? It is because all songs in Amazon Prime Music are in the encoded format. You are not allowed to download songs from Amazon Prime Music to desktop or local storage space. Even though you choose the download icon in the Amazon Prime Music app, you still need to open this application to play the downloaded songs. Well, you just rent those music files for a while.

Is there any way to download Amazon music permanently? Of course, the answer is Yes. This article introduces 100% working way to download Amazon to MP3 format. Just read and follow.

Amazon Prime Music Download

Amazon Prime Music Download

Part 1: How to Download Amazon Prime Music on PC and Mac

It is AnyMP4 Screen Recorder that can help you download Amazon Prime Music to desktop. There is no need to save the downloaded Amazon music files within the app. You can save Amazon Prime Music files to any internal or external storage space unlimitedly. Moreover, you can grab streaming music tracks from Amazon Prime Music and then save as MP3, AAC, M4A and other audio formats. The built-in audio trimmer can help you remove wanted audio clips before export.

Furthermore, you can set a scheduled task to download Amazon Prime Music playlists. Just set the total audio recording length. Once it reaches to the fixed start time, the audio recording software will start recording from Amazon Prime Music app automatically. Later, the recorded audio file can be saved automatically. Consequently, you can download numerous songs from Amazon Prime Music or even Amazon Music Unlimited freely.

Step 1: Free download, install and launch AnyMP4 Screen Recorder. To download Amazon Prime Music, choose Audio Recorder in the main interface.

Choose Audio Recorder

Step 2: Turn on System Sound to record audio from Amazon Prime Music. It will record streaming audio from your computer only. So the background noise and your voice will not be captured. You can turn on Microphone if necessary.

Audio Microphone Sound

Step 3: Play your song in Amazon Prime Music. Click REC to record songs from Amazon Music. You can pause and resume to skip the certain audio clips.

Start Recording Audio

Step 4: Click Stop to end up audio recording. In the Preview window, pre-listen and trim the recorded songs. At last, click Save to download Amazon Prime Music to MP3.

Preview Audio

For Windows users, there is a one more choice to download Amazon music to MP3 files. You can use AnyMP4 Free Online Audio Recorder to download music from Amazon to desktop, USB or elsewhere for free. MP3 is the default output audio format. You can use it as your free Amazon Music downloader to get offline playback.

Step 1: Click Click Launch Free Recorder in the main interface.

Download Audio Recorder Launcher

Step 2: Turn on System Sound only to set the input audio source. Later, click REC to start Amazon music recording. You can see the current audio recording time and file size.

Record Online Audio

Step 3: Click Stop to finish Amazon Prime music downloading. Here you can share, delete and manage the recording file directly.

Stop Save Online Audio Recording

Part 2: How to Download Amazon Prime Music on iPhone and Android

The Amazon Prime Music app is available on iOS and Android devices. Thus, there are many mobile users who want to download Amazon Prime Music to iPhone or Android to get offline playback. Firstly, let’s see the official way to download music for offline listening on Amazon Prime Music app.

Step 1: Open Amazon Prime Music and find the song you want to listen offline.

Step 2: Tap Download on the right side under the album artwork.

Step 3: Amazon Prime Music will download the song automatically.

Step 4: Tap the Back arrow to back to the Amazon music library.

Step 5: Choose Cloud Library followed by Offline Library. Now you can play or delete the offline songs within Amazon Prime Music app.

Download Songs from Amazon Prime Music Iphone

Just as above mentioned, the downloaded Amazon songs will expire. You cannot use third-party music player or editor to customize Amazon downloaded songs. To get rid of Amazon Prime Music limits, you can use third-party iOS and Android audio recorder apps. There are many reliable mobile audio recorder applications in the market, you can use Easy Voice Recorder, AZ Screen Recorder, Unlimited Screen Record, REC, Mobizen, AirShou and more to download songs without Amazon Prime Music download. (See how to Transfer Amazon Music to iTunes on iPhone)

Part 3: FAQs of Amazon Prime Music Download

Can I use iOS screen recording to record music from Amazon Prime?

No. Though you can use iOS 11 or later screen recording feature to record video and audio on iPhone, there are still some failures you need to know. You can’t screen record from Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify or YouTube using the default screen recording function. Well, many apps build the protection to stop licenses content from recording. You need to buy the license or upgrade to the premium version to download Amazon music on iPhone.

Why I can’t download Amazon Prime Music songs?

Check your Amazon Prime Music membership is available or not. Amazon Prime Music can be downloaded for offline playback no more than 4 devices. If you want to download songs on a fifth device, you will receive a deactivate prompt.

How to download Amazon Music to iTunes?

You can transfer the purchased music files to iTunes. Just download the song you want to move into iTunes. Then import it to iTunes by choosing File and Add file to Library on your computer. But this method does not work for Amazon Prime Music ad Amazon Music Unlimited titles. Because you cannot download music from Amazon Prime and Amazon Music Unlimited locally.

Is it possible to burn a CD from Amazon music?

No. The downloaded Amazon Prime Music and Amazon Music Unlimited songs can only be played within the Amazon Music app or its web player. There is no official way to download Amazon Music to other storage spaces, not mention to burn Amazon music to CD. If you really want to do so, you can use AnyMP4 Screen Recorder to record and keep music from Amazon Prime. Then you can burn a CD from all music sources.


All in all, you can download Amazon Prime Music on Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android. Even though the Amazon Prime membership expires, you can still enjoy the downloaded songs on your phone or computer. Still have questions about downloading music from Amazon Prime? You can feel free to contact us.

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