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100% Working Tutorial of Fixing Facebook Videos Won't Play

100% Working Tutorial of Fixing Facebook Videos Won't Play

Facebook videos have become a popular source of entertainment and information as many people choose it to distribute media content. If videos won't play on Facebook, it will become boring.

Videos won't Play on Facebook

Videos won't Play on Facebook

Now, Facebook uses HTML5 to play videos in most situations. That solves many of the issues involved with video playback in Adobe Flash. However, it may bring more problems. This post will focus on how to fix videos won't play on Facebook.

Part 1: How to Fix Videos won't Play on Facebook

Many factors could cause videos on Facebook stop playing. The common factors include the poor network, outdated software, insufficient storage, and more. We concentrate the solutions related to these factors.

Solution 1: Check Your Network

Facebook is an online social platform and you need a good internet connectivity to access it. On the other hand, video files usually consume a lot of traffic to buff and load. When videos won't play on Facebook, the first thing you should do is to check your internet connection.

Step 1: Look at the Wi-Fi signal if you are using a wireless connection.

Step 2: Power off your router and restart it after at least 3 minutes.

Step 3: Close your browser and reboot your PC. Then reconnect it to your network.

Step 4: Access the Facebook video you want to watch and it should work normally.

Reset router to fix problems

Solution 2: Update Your Browser

Outdated software could lead to a wide range of problems including videos won't play on Facebook. So, it may be the time to update your software. We use Firefox as the example.

Step 1: Click the Menu button in Firefox with a three-line icon at upper left corner, and go to Help -> About Firefox.

Step 2: Then Firefox will start checking if there is an update available and download it automatically.

Step 3: Next, click the Restart to update Firefox button to start updating your browser.

Update firefox

Note: If your browser still relies on Adobe Flash Player, you should always keep your Flash Player extension update.

Solution 3: Clear Cache Data

No matter what you read and watch in your browser, they will be stored on your computer as cache data. It will slow down your browser and even lead to videos won't play on Facebook.

For Chrome: Access chrome://settings/clearbrowserdata in Chrome, check the boxes next to each option and click the clear data button.

Clear cache

For Firefox: Expand the Menu button, select Options -> Privacy & Security and click Clear History button. Choose the unwanted data types and click Clear Now button.

For Safari: Click Develop -> Empty Caches in your Safari.

Internet Explorer: Hold down Ctrl + Shift + Del keys to open the Delete Browsing History window, select Temporary Internet files and website files and click Delete.

Solution 4: Quit Your Antivirus Software

Operating systems usually equip firewall technology to protect your computer. Plus, some people prefer to using third-part antivirus software as well. These security solutions may block Facebook videos. When you encounter the problem that videos won't play on Facebook, disable your antivirus software and try the video again.

Solution 5: Download The Facebook Videos

The latest solution to fix videos won't play on Facebook is to download them offline. There are lots of ways to download Facebook videos, such as

Step 1: Create a new tab in your browser, input into the address bar to open the Facebook video downloader.

Step 2: Copy and paste the video address into the URL box, and click the Download button.

Step 3: When prompted, select a directory to store the Facebook video and start downloading.


Part 2: View Facebook Videos offline

After Facebook video download, you need a powerful video player. From this point, we recommend AnyMP4 Blu-ray Player.

How to Play Facebook Videos offline

Step 1: Import the downloaded video into the best Facebook video player

Install AnyMP4 Blu-ray Player on your PC. If you are using Mac, get the Mac version. Click the Open File button and import the Facebook video that stops playing online.


Step 2: Get personalized experiences

If prompted, choose your favorite subtitle and audio track. Press the Play icon to begin watching the Facebook video offline. The Pause, Stop, Snapshot, Volume and other controls are located at the bottom. Moreover, you can get the custom options in the top menu bar.

Play video


With our troubleshooting above, you might understand what you can do when videos won't play on Facebook. Now, you can get your favorite entertainment contents anytime and anywhere. More questions related to Facebook videos, please write them down under the post.

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