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Transfer Spotify Apple Music

How to Transfer Spotify Playlist to Apple Music or Vice Versa

This article will tell you three ways to transfer Spotify playlist to Apple Music or vice versa. Today, we have more ways to get entertainment than ever before, from online videos to music streaming. It makes sense that you want to switch from one music streaming service to another, such as from Spotify to Apple Music.

What about your playlists and favorite music? The good news is that you do not need to leave them behind. You can transfer your favorite songs, artists and albums to the new service if you follow our guide.

Transfer Spotify Apple Music

Transfer Spotify Apple Music

Part 1: Transfer Spotify Playlist to Apple Music Online

By default, you cannot transfer Spotify playlist to Apple Music since they are totally different music streaming service and competitors. Thanks to some third-party utilities, such as TuneMyMusic, you can take your favorite music to the new service.

Step 1. Open your web browser, visit, and click Let's Start to display the next screen. Then choose the source service, such as Spotify and log in the service with your access credentials.

Choose Spotify

Step 2. Check the boxes next to the playlists you'd like to migrate and click Next: Select Destination.

Transfer playlist spotify

Step 3. Then choose the destination music platform, Apple Music, and click Start Moving My Music to start converting and transferring the playlists.

Step 4. Finally, log in your Apple Music account and verify that everything looks good. Play some songs in the playlists.

Note: Sometimes, you may find some songs are missing from the playlists after you transfer them from Spotify to Apple Music. That is because Apple Music does not support them or you have to purchase the songs separately. Moreover, this online utility also supports to transfer playlists from Apple Music to Spotify.

Part 2: Transfer Spotify Playlist to Apple Music with SongShift

You may wonder if you can transfer Spotify playlists to Apple Music without a computer. The answer is yes and an app called SongShift can meet your need.

Step 1: Install the music transfer app from App Store, open it and tap Get Started to begin transferring Spotify playlists to Apple Music.

Step 2: Choose Spotify icon in the interface, enter your account and password, and tap Log in. Touch Agree at the bottom to grant the app access your Spotify playlists.

Transfer spotify playlist to apple music songshift

Step 3: Next, choose Apple Music icon and tap Authorize to grant the app access your music library too. Tap OK to confirm it and touch Continue to move on.

Step 4: Now, choose the Spotify icon and select the playlist you want to listen to in Apple Music. Then tap Continue -> Destination and choose the Apple Music icon.

Step 5: Tap Create New Playlist to open the Configuration screen. Tap Destination and enter a name for the playlist. Tap OK -> Process and wait for the process to complete.

Create new playlist songshift

Note: It make take a while to complete the transfer process depending on how many songs in the playlist. Moreover, it cannot handle the songs that do not include in Apple Music.

Part 3: Transfer Spotify Playlist to Apple Music on Soundsgood

Soundsgood is another website that allows you to transfer playlists between Spotify and Apple Music or other streaming services. Plus, you can also make new playlists and add them to your streaming service.

Soundsgood to apple music

Step 1. Input into the address bar of your browser, and press Enter key to open the home page. Sign in your account to open the dashboard page.

Step 2. Click the Import button at the upper right side to open the pop-up. Then copy and paste the address of the Spotify playlist into the URL box, and click Import again to load it.

Step 3. Turn on the switch next to Apple Music on the right side, make sure the Spotify appears in the drop-down list of From, and click the PUBLISH AND SYNC button at the upper right corner.

Note: With Soundsgood, the track will be added to your Apple Music playlist when you add a track to your Spotify playlist, if a matched track is found in Apple Music. However, this platform requires registration with your personal information or Facebook account.

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Now, you should understand how to transfer Spotify playlists to Apple Music or vice versa. Considering we are facing more and more music streaming services, playlist migration has become an important skill for both music enthusiasts and ordinary people. To get it, you can rely on online apps, such as TuneMyMusic and Soundsgood. SongShift, on the other hand, is the best option for mobile-first. Plus, AnyMP4 Screen Recorder can help you download online music easily. If you have better recommendations or encounter troubles when transferring playlists, please leave a message below and we will reply it as soon as possible.

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