Add and Customize Ringtones on Your iPhone – Best Methods You Should Know

Add and Customize Ringtones on Your iPhone – Best Methods You Should Know

When you need to get free ringtones on your iPhone, what should be the best method? You can find some free websites and apps that you can download the ringtones for free. If you get the free ringtones for iPhone from a computer, you can know the methods to add or customize the ringtones on your iPhone accordingly. Of course, you can also download them directly from an app.

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How to Get Free Ringtones on iPhone

Part 1: Top 6 Websites to Get Free Ringtones for iPhone

1. is an all-in-one website to provide contents for all tastes and styles, such as wallpapers, live wallpapers, video clips, music, ringtones, sticker packs and prints on demand. You can download the ringtones for free directly or by scanning the QR code. However, there are some restrictions for some countries, which you should find some alternative solutions.

2. is another ringtones downloading website to get free ringtones for iPhone, which includes MP3 real tones, SMS tones, and mobile songs. Download MP3 ringtones has more easy-to-use methods. You can find the melodies are grouped by genre and tags, as well as sorted by the date and popularity. Most of the free ringtones for your iPhone are from some old music files and lyrics.

3. provides free ringtones for iPhone and Android phones in both M4R and MP3 formats. It offers a different category of ringtones, such as Hip Hop ringtones, Country ringtones, R&B ringtones, and more others. Just press the Get button to view titles, artist name and other information before downloading the ringtone on iPhone.


4. Melofania

When you want to customize some ringtones online, Melofania is an online ringtone maker website, which enables you to search, download and create ringtones with ease. It also provides you some features to get ringtones on iPhone directly, or even use it to extract the sound from YouTube to make a desired audio file.



Mobcup is one of the most popular ringtone downloader sites, which you can search for the desired files with ease. There are different tags for the files, which you can search for the desired one in seconds. Moreover, you can directly listen to the ringtones online and click the Download button to get the ringtones for iPhone.



Freetone has the latest and most popular ringtones for your iPhone, including the MP3 ringtones, RealTones and MP3 cuttings. What you need is a Flash Player to listen to and download the desired files, even without an account. If you happen to hear a song you admire, you can share it to your friends via the social media websites.


Part 2: How to Add Ringtones on iPhone via iTunes

When you downloaded the ringtones from the online websites, how do you add ringtones to the iPhone? iTunes is the default method to transfer files to your iPhone or iPad. After that, you can change the desired ringtone as the default one for your iPhone with the following steps.

Step 1: Launch the iTunes on your computer and choose the Tones menu under the music play button. Click the File menu and choose the Add File to Library option to add ringtones on computer to iTunes.

Step 2: Connect your iPhone to a computer via a Lightning cable. iTunes is able to detect the connected iPhone automatically. Click the device icon and enter your iPhone to manage the ringtones on your iPhone.

Step 3: Choose the Tones option in the Settings list. You can check the Sync Tones option and select the desired tones you want to add. After that, click on the Apply button to add ringtones to the iPhone.

Sync Tones to iPhone

Part 3: How to Customize Ringtones for iPhone without iTunes

If you need to manage the customize ringtones on iPhone without iTunes, AnyMP4 iPhone Transfer Pro is the ultimate phone transfer and ringtone maker that enables you to add customized ringtones on iPhone. Moreover, you can also transfer, add, delete and manage the tones and music with ease.

  • 1. Transfer tones, music and others between iPhone and computer.
  • 2. Customize your own personalized ringtones with all music files.
  • 3. Pre-listen the ringtones before generating ringtones for iPhone.
  • 4. Preview, add, delete, backup and manage the tones with ease.

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to computer
Download and install the iPhone Transfer, you can launch the program on your computer. Connect the iPhone to computer via a Lightning cable. The program will detect the iPhone automatically.

Run iPhone Transfer

Step 2: Choose the ringtone maker option
Click the Ringtone Maker option at the bottom right corner. Then select the Add file from device option or the Add file from PC option to locate the music files on your computer or iPhone.

Step 3: Customize the ringtone for iPhone
Set the ringtone length by adjusting the start time and end time, adjust the ringtone volume, play and preview the file to enjoy the tones and transfer it to your iPhone by clicking the Generate button.

Make Ringtone For iPhone iPhone Tranfer Pro

Note: Please make sure the ringtone length is no longer than 40 seconds. After that, you can set it as the default ringtone of your iPhone.

Part 4: How to Get Free Ringtones on iPhone without a Computer

How to get ringtones on an iPhone without iTunes or computer? Of course, you can simply download the free ringtones on iPhone. In the method, you do not have to transfer the ringtones to the iPhone. Just take GarageBand for example; you can download the ringtone for iPhone directly.

Step 1: Once you have installed GarageBand, you can open the program and tap the Recents option. After that, you can tap the Plus button to load the audio files.

Step 2: You can import the tracks from recorded audio, music and more. You can simply select Selection A and turn on the Automatic option. Adjust the other parameters to get a desired tone.

Step 3: After that, you can trim the audio clip and pinch the screen to zoom into or out of the timeline, making it easier to trim the song. When you are satisfied with the tone, you can share to your iPhone.


When you want to get a desired ringtone for your iPhone, you can download some free tones online and transfer the files to the iPhone. Of course, you can also use ringtone maker apps to get ringtones on your iPhone directly. Of course, you can easily delete the unneeded ringtones on iPhone. If you need to customize and manage the tones for your iPhone, AnyMP4 iPhone Transfer Pro should be the ultimate solution you can take into consideration.

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