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iOS 8 Runs on iPhone 6: What to Expect

iPhone 6, the next generation smartphone from Apple will be used as a trump card to throw a challenge to the other competing brands. Apple products have always been considered as the Miss beauties of its kind. Not only physically fancy, Apple products are all equipped with brilliant brain, its operating system. Apple has planned a major overhaul of iOS, the brain that navigates iPhones.

Ever had you registered at Chinese Sina Weibo (a hybrid of Twitter and Facebook) and coincidently you are an iOS zealot, you are sure to have seen the "leaked screenshot" of the upcoming iOS 8 running on the forthcoming iPhone 6, revealing what Apple's new OS will look like.

iOS 8 on iphone 6

The screenshot shows a number of Apple stock apps that are already known and several new ones such as iTunes Radio, Healthbook, and CarPlay. That does fall in line with the previous rumors that iOS 8 will introduce new apps and functionality. In addition, several other Apple apps that are not pre-installed on the current iPhone 5S appear here as well, including Keynote, Pages, Numbers, iPhoto, Garage Band, and others leaked apps such as TextEdit, Preview, and Tips.

In terms of the various smart apps, we are here not to give further ado as the functions of each app are almost implied by its name. Here is what may deserve some attention according to the rumors. Apple could hardly release a new version of iOS if it doesn't update everyone's favorite personal assistant-the Siri. According to tech site The Information, Apple wants Siri to be able to interface with third party apps. Currently it's compatible with a number of popular third party apps on the condition that Apple worked directly with the developers to add the functionality.

Information from 9to5Mac says that iOS 8 may feature split-screen multitasking to Apple devices. While splitting the screen between two apps is said to be limited to the landscape mode of an iPad Air, and may be initially unavailable on the iPhone and the smaller iPad mini.

iOS 8 Split Screen

That's all we have seen from the leaked screenshot, another rumor source around the upcoming iPhone 6. While one thing for sure is that as Apple has announced to launch the iOS 8 on June 2nd at this year's WWDC as the tradition goes releasing the latest mobile and computer's OS in this annual meet. Therefore we are expecting the same course of event to take place this year.

That means we will get a much clear knowledge about the iPhone 6 with the debut iOS 8 as the new flagship is rumored to be launched in December, three months later after the release of the updated iPhone operating system.

Collecting the rumors around iPhone 6 and iOS 8, we may now have a not vague look at this cutting-edge combo of fancy design and display and smarter operating system: The largest-to-be iPhone yet, slighter and thinner, with rounder figure and smarter brain-iOS 8 to even accompany you as a private doctor.

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