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Top 5 DVD Players with Netflix

DVD Player with Netflix

Currently, one of the most advanced technologies is wireless capacity integrated in digital devices. Honestly speaking, wireless technology has created enormous freedom and convenience at both home and workplace. Now venders have integrated this technology to other devices, like DVD players. So, you can not only watch movies from discs, but also enjoy popular video streaming services on DVD player, such as Netflix, YouTube and more. There are many DVD players on the market. We will identify the best DVD player with Netflix and share them in this article. If you are preparing to buy a DVD player with Netflix feature, you can choose one from the list.

1. Panasonic DMP-BDT 220

Panasonic DMP-BDT 220 is one of the best high-end DVD players with Netflix that have built in Wi-Fi technology.

1. Panasonic DMP-BDT 220 has a dedicated Netflix button to open the streaming service easily under internet environment.
2. In addition to standard DVDs, it also supports blu ray discs and 3D videos.
3. This DVD player allows users to playback movies via SD card or USB flash drive.
4. Another useful feature is to control the playback with your phone remotely.
5. Panasonic DMP-BDT 220 is also a smart home device that could connect to a home network and communicate with other smart devices.


2. Sony PlayStation 3

Sony's PlayStation 3 is an all-in-one DVD player with Netflix. So, it is still very popular among console game players, although Sony has released PS4. The basic features of PS3 include:

1. Users could access Netflix service by controller and play streaming videos in full 1080p resolution.
2. As a DVD player, PS4 supports most disc formats, including standard DVD, blu ray DVD and more.
3. PS3 has a 320 GB hard drive to store media files.
4. It has built in not only Wi-Fi technology, but also Bluetooth, so you can use keyboard to control it.
5. And users could access plentiful exclusive video games and play with game fans around the world.

Sony PlayStation 3

3. Samsung BD-P3600

Samsung BD-P3600 is one of the best low-end DVD players that have the capacity to stream online videos. Its Wi-Fi capacity allows users to access internet easily. And other useful features include:

1. This DVD player could playback both regular DVDs and blu ray discs.
2. Users could enjoy faster disc load speed and access Netflix service quickly.
3. The concise interface makes it easy to find the applications.
4. This DVD player with Netflix has 1 GB memory to save some music and video clips from internet.
5. Besides video streaming services, like Netflix, Samsung BD-P3600 also provides access to some online music services, like Pandora.
6. The built-in Dolby surround sound will give users wonderful experience.

Samsung BD-P3600

4. LG BP620

LG BP620 is another high-rank DVD player with Netflix. LG is one of the famous digital device venders around the world. And it not only produces smartphone, but also released several smart TV suites, like LG BP620.

1. The embedded Wi-Fi feature allows users to access streaming services easily, such as Netflix, Pandora and more.
2. Through LG applications, users could control this DVD player with Netflix and navigate the menus remotely.
3. LG BP620 supports 4k blu ray upscaling.
4. And users could enjoy 3D videos on LG BP620.
5. Besides Wi-Fi and DVD drive, LG BP620 also could play movies from USB port.

LG BP620

5. OPPO BD-103

OPPO BD-103 is one of the affordable DVD players with Netflix capacity. If you are looking for a most cost-effective DVD player, it seems to be a good choice and has extensive features:

1. This DVD player integrates Wi-Fi, which allows users to stream movies from online services, such as Netflix.
2. In addition to internet, this device also supports various input sources, like discs and USB.
3. It has the ability to upscale and playback 4k videos.
4. And OPPO BD-103 has the ability to convert 2D videos to 3D.
5. The fast starting and quick loading features are impressive as well.



This article has identified top five DVD player with Netflix capacity. If you are planning to buy a DVD player device that supports to stream videos through internet, you can choose any DVD player according to your requirements and budget. On the other hand, DVD player devices are not the only solution to give you wonderful audiovisual experience.

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