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Everything You Need to Know about Y2Mate MP3 Converter

YouTube has more music than other platforms, but you cannot listen to it without the internet connection. If you search for a YouTube to MP3 downloader online, Y2Mate MP3 Converter may appear on the result list. However, there are still some questions around this service, such as whether it is worth to use and how to use it to extract MP3 from YouTube videos. In this post, we will share an unbiased review of the MP3 Converter of Y2Mate and the best alternative solution.

Y2Mate MP3 Converter

Part 1: What Is Y2Mate MP3 Converter?

Y2Mate MP3 Converter

Y2Mate MP3 Converter is a toolkit of Y2Mate to download YouTube videos through URL and save them as MP3 files. If you prefer to listen to YouTube music offline, it is one of the options to extract MP3 from YouTube.

Key features:



Part 2: How to Use Y2Mate MP3 Converter

Apparently, Y2Mate MP3 Converter is a good starting point to get your favorite music from YouTube occasionally. You can follow the steps below to get what you want.

How to Download MP3 from YouTube with Y2Mate on Computer

Download MP3

Step 1: Open your web browser and visit the Y2Mate MP3 Converter directly.

Step 2: Copy and paste the address of the YouTube music video you want to listen to offline into the box. Choose a proper quality from the Quality dropdown list, and click the Start button.

Step 3: After the YouTube video is converted to MP3, you will be presented the Download button. Click on it to get the MP3 file to your hard drive.

Complete download

Note: The steps above also available to Android devices.

How to Use Y2Mate MP3 Converter on iPhone

Use document download videos

Step 1: Since iOS does not permit users to download online files, you need to install the Documents app from App Store. Then head to the built-in browser in Documents.

Step 2: Copy the YouTube video link that you want to convert, and access Y2Mate MP3 Converter.

Step 3: Next, paste the link into the box, then convert the YouTube video to MP3, and download it to your iPhone.

Note: Though Y2Mate MP3 Converter does not limit the file size that you download and convert, it may slow down and freeze your device if the media file is too large.

Part 3: Best Alternative to Y2Mate MP3 Converter

As an online YouTube video converter, Y2Mate MP3 Converter is more suitable to beginners. Aiseesoft Free YouTube Downloader is the best alternative solution to download and convert YouTube videos to MP3. We recommend Free YouTube Downloader since it offers more useful features.

Method 1: Convert MIDI to MP3 by Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player is the default media player for Windows operation system. It also enables you to convert MIDI to MP3 if you store MIDI files on an audio CD.

1. Extract media files from YouTube video address efficiently.

2. Convert YouTube to MP3 while downloading videos.

3. Batch process multiple YouTube videos using the multi-thread technology.

4. Encode YouTube music for playing on iPhone, iPad or Android.

5. Remove encryption and protection automatically.

In short, Free YouTube Downloader is the best alternative to Y2Mate MP3 Converter, especially when you want to convert several YouTube videos.

How to Download and Convert YouTube Video to MP3

Step 1: Install the alternative to Y2Mate MP3 Converter

In order to offer the stable and fast performance, you need to install Free YouTube Downloader on your computer. When you discover your favorite music on YouTube, launch the best alternative to Y2Mate MP3 Converter.


Step 2: Extract media files from URL

Copy the address of the YouTube video that you intend to convert. Switch to the software, click Paste URL button and paste the video address into the box. Next, hit the Analyze button to start extracting media files from the address.


Step 3: Convert YouTube video to MP3

When analysis is done, select a video file on the list. Then choose Automatically Convert to, and pick up MP3 from the dropdown menu. Finally, click the OK button and the alternative to Y2Mate MP3 Converter will work automatically.


Note: Since Free YouTube Downloader supports the multi-thread technology you can repeat step 2 and 3 to get other YouTube videos at the same time.

Moreover, it also supports other video formats like MOV, MKV, MP4, etc., from YouTube downloading.

Bonus Tip: AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate

AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate

Sometimes, you may find that the MP3 files produced by Y2Mate MP3 Converter are not playable on your mobile device. It is usually caused by the encode issue. If you already have the YouTube videos on your computer, AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate can help you to convert them to MP3 for any media player or portable device easily.

1. Convert YouTube videos to MP3 with a single click on Windows and Mac.

2. Automatic optimize and enhance audio quality.

3. Offer a wide range of audio editing tools and custom options.

4. Transcode online videos for listening to on iPhone or Android.

5. Handle hundreds of YouTube videos at the same time.

6. Available to Windows 10/8/7 and Mac OS X.

In short, Video Converter Ultimate is the best choice to convert YouTube videos to MP3 if Y2Mate MP3 Converter does not work to you.

Part 4: FAQs of Y2Mate MP3 Converter

Is Y2Mate safe?

Y2Mate is not a dangerous website, but it contains many ads that may redirect to other unsafe sites.

Is MP3 Converter illegal?

It is not illegal to convert an online video to MP3, but it is not legal to download a copyrighted music video to MP3 for commercial use.

How do you download music from YouTube to MP3?

There are 3 ways to download YouTube music to MP3.
1. Download the free music from YouTube audio library directly after signing into your account.
2. Download and convert MP3 music from YouTube with the YouTube to MP3 converters.
3. Get a MP3 music recorder to grasp the audio from YouTube video and export it as MP3.


Based on our review and introduction, you must have mastered one of the best YouTube converter services, Y2Mate MP3 Converter. The concise interface makes it attractive to YouTube fans. However, it is still not a perfect tool. That is why we shared the alternative solutions to convert YouTube videos to MP3. AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate, for example, is able to encode YouTube videos to MP3 or for portable devices efficiently. Other questions or suggestions? Please leave a message below.

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