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7 Effective Ways to Download and Convert Vimeo to MP3 on Windows and Mac

7 Effective Ways to Download and Convert Vimeo to MP3 on Windows and Mac

It is well known that Vimeo is one of the most popular platforms that enable members to upload, view and share videos. Since founded in 2004 by a team of filmmakers, it has attracted more than millions unique visitors and active registered users per month. Though users are allowed to stream videos in 1080p and 4k Ultra HD online, there are still some reasons that people need to download and convert Vimeo to MP3. The most common reason is to listen to music, audio books, presentations, meeting records, lectures and more without videos and images. High definition videos will take up too much storage space and battery power. While MP3, which is a compressed audio format, could save a lot of space and battery life, especially on mobile devices.

Vimeo to MP3

If search for Vimeo to MP3 converter in Google, you will get a very long list including hundreds of results. For ordinary people, it is impossible to test everyone and discover the most appropriate options. Don't worry! We have collected millions of users' reports and tested popular MP3 converters enable to extract audio from Vimeo. In this post, we are going to share best ways to complete this task. Generally speaking, there are two approaches to save Vimeo to MP3, desktop software and online applications. Spending a few minutes, you can get all best ways to get what you want by following our guides and suggestions below.

Part 1: Best Way to Download Vimeo and Convert It to MP3

To convert Vimeo to MP3, there are usually two steps, get the Vimeo videos offline and then convert them to MP3. Is there all-in-one solution? AnyMP4 Video Downloader is the answer you are looking for. It can download Vimeo videos and simultaneously convert them to MP3 format. Moreover, it is a feature rich downloader and converter:

1. It helps you download videos efficiently from mast online video websites, such as Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook, BBC, TED, Vevo, CBS, Metacafe and more.

2. With this software, you are allowed to automatically convert Vimeo to MP3, MP4 without damaging audio quality after downloading.

3. It can also download music from the popular music websites like Vevo, Soundcloud, etc.

4. It supports 4K UHD/HD and all other popular video/audio formats.

5. To listen to Vimeo on mobile devices? This software supports almost all smartphone and tablet models as target device.

All in all, Video Downloader is the best way to download Vimeo to MP3 and get the awesome audio experiences.

Step 1: Launch the Video Downloader

Choose the right version based on your operating system, install and launch it on your computer. Click + Paste Url to enter the Add New Download window.

Paste Url

Step 2: Download online videos from Vimeo

Copy the URL of the Vimeo video you want to download and paste it into the URL box, and click on the Analyze button. After finishing analyzing the Vimeo videos, you can select a proper resolution.

Analyze Video and Set Resolution

Step 3: Convert Vimeo video to MP3

In the Add New Download window, you will find there are two options under the video. One is Only Download, and the other is Automatically Convert to. If you don't have the need to convert the video, you just check the first option. Here we check the second option Automatically Convert to to automatically convert Vimeo videos to MP3 format. Then, from the drop-down format menu, select MP3 as the converted audio format.

Select MP3

Then click OK button to start downloading and converting. If you have more than one video to download, repeat the operations to grab them in batch.

Start Downloading Converting

Step 4: Check downloaded Vimeo videos and its converted audio files

From the right panel, choose the Downloaded option to check downloaded videos. You can right click the video and select Open Downloaded Folder to check all downloaded videos.

Check Downloaded Videos

Or choose the Converted option to check the converted MP3 files. Right click the MP3 file and select Open Converted Folder to check all converted audio files.

Check Converted Audio Files

Part 2: Alternative Way to Download Vimeo MP3

Vimeo allows users to add password to protect private videos. Others only can view the videos online, but not download through URL. In such cases, you will need AnyMP4 Screen Recorder to download Vimeo to MP3. Its benefits include:

1. Users could extract MP3 from Vimeo videos without downloading the original videos.

2. It works on all Vimeo videos, including private and password protected online videos.

3. You can overlay your voice on the Vimeo MP3 when downloading by enabling system and microphone at the same time.

4. The quality of the MP3 file can be set based on your requirements.

5. And the built-in media player allows you to pre-listen to the result before saving it.

6. Plus, Screen Recorder does not limit how long the MP3 file you record and it can stop automatically if you set the duration.

In short, if you want to download Vimeo in MP3 directly, Screen Recorder is one of the best options.

How to download Vimeo MP3 using Screen Recorder

Step 1: Install Screen Recorder on your computer

Open your browser and navigate to the video you want to get. Start the best Vimeo MP3 downloader after installed it on your computer. Click on Audio Recorder on the main interface to open the Vimeo converter.

Launch program

Step 2: Settings before download Vimeo MP3

Toggle the switch of System Sound to turn it on. If you want to add your sound while downloading, enable Microphone as well; otherwise, disable it. Then hit the More settings link at upper right corner to customize other preference options.

System audio

Step 3: Download audio from Vimeo

Finally, click on the REC button and start playing the Vimeo video. When the video is done, hit the red button again to stop downloading.

Next, listen to the MP3 recording and cut MP3 file as you like. If you are satisfied with the result, you can save it to your hard drive in MP3.

Record vimeo

Part 3: Top 5 Online Vimeo to MP3 Converters

Online Vimeo Converters are attractive, partly because they are free to use and not require you to install anything on your computer. Here we will share top 5 online Vimeo to MP3 converters.

Top 1: OFFMP3

Key features:

1. It supports nearly 40 websites as input sources, including Vimeo.

2. You can decide to download Vimeo in MP3 or MP4.

3. It allows you to edit MP3 tags, like album name, artist, year, genre and more.

4. And you can trim the result and remove unwanted parts.

5. This online Vimeo to MP3 is free of charge.

6. It does not have limitations on how much time to use every day.


1. This online converter will not add watermark on your video.

2. The onscreen instructions are helpful.

3. The output quality is ok.


1. You cannot change bitrate and other parameters.

2. The custom options are limited.


How to download audio from Vimeo

Step 1: Visit in your browser when you want to download audio from Vimeo.

Step 2: Copy the URL that contains the desired Vimeo video and paste it to the box.

Step 3: Hit the Convert & Download button. When it is done, click Download MP3 to get it offline.

Top 2: KlickMeo

Main features:

1. As a Vimeo downloader and converter, KlickMeo supports all videos on Vimeo, including UHD, HD, SD High and more.

2. It supports one-click to download a Vimeo video and convert it to MP3.

3. And beginners could follow the onscreen guide to use it simply.

4. Finally, you can decide to download the Vimeo video in MP3 or other formats.


1. The interface is user friendly and easy to navigate.

2. All features are free of charge.

3. You can download audio from Vimeo for multiple times a day.


1. It only supports Vimeo.

2. This online app runs pretty slower than other online Vimeo to MP3 converters.

3. This is no custom options.


How to download Vimeo mp3.

Step 1: Put into the address bar of your browser and access it.

Step 2: Copy and paste the Vimeo video address into the box and click on the Download button to start grabbing the video.

Step 3: Finally, select the MP3 file and download it to your computer.

Top 3: Vimeo-to-MP3

Principal features:

1. Unlike other Vimeo to MP3 converters, this online utility is able to extract audio file from Vimeo video directly.

2. You can decide to download Vimeo videos in MP3, MP4 or HD MP4.

3. It is available in a wide variety of languages, like English, Chinese, and more.

4. The interface displays large characters, so everyone can see the functions clearly.

5. It integrates Vimeo downloader and converter together.


1. The user-friendly interface makes this online converter easy to navigate.

2. Both Vimeo download and convert are free to use.

3. It does not require sign up.


1. This online app takes longer time to download and convert Vimeo to MP3.

Viemo to mp3

How to get Vimeo to MP3 online

Step 1: Copy the video address when you discover a video on Vimeo and want to save it to MP3.

Step 2: Open a new tab in your web browser and access

Step 3: Paste the video address into the field and click on Download MP3 button.

Step 4: Finally, download the MP3 result to your local hard drive.

Top 4: Videoconvert's Vimeo Converter

Attractive features:

1. Grab Vimeo videos from URL address.

2. Select to convert the video to commonly used video and audio formats, like MP3.

3. Trim the video by setting start and finish points.

4. One-click to complete download and convert Vimeo video.

5. Support more than a dozen languages.


1. This Vimeo to MP3 converter does not need registration.

2. It supports extensive multimedia formats.


1. The MP3 output quality is not as good as other online converters.


How to convert Vimeo to MP3 online

Step 1: Input into the address bar of any web browser and press Enter key.

Step 2: Copy and paste the URL includes the desired Vimeo video into the box. Make sure to select MP3 from the dropdown list.

Step 3: Click on the Download button, wait for it to finish, and hit Download again.

Top 5: ForHub.IO

Basic features:

1. This online Vimeo to MP3 converter works on a wider range of websites.

2. It is able to extract video or only audio from the URL of Vimeo video.

3. If available, you can use it to download and convert a playlist.

4. It could extract all video and audio files from the Vimeo address and you can decide to download any one.


1. The interface is well designed.

2. Besides MP4 and MP3, you are allowed to convert Vimeo videos to other formats or for mobile devices.


1. It requires you to register an account with personal information if you want to convert Vimeo video to other formats.

2. The success rate is lower than other online converters.


How to download Vimeo MP3

Step 1: Go to when you want to convert a Vimeo video to MP3.

Step 2: Copy and paste the video link into the box on the home page and click on the Download button.

Step 3: When the result page pops up, scroll down and find the MP3 file, and hit the Download button next.


In this tutorial, we introduce how to download the Vimeo video and convert it to MP3. And we also show you how to download audio with MP3 format from Vimeo. AnyMP4 Video Downloader and Screen Recorder are worth a try. For online Vimeo to MP3 converters, you can choose the one that suits you best. If you have the needs to convert videos/audio, you can do it with AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate.

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