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The Best Spotify to MP3 Converter for Android

The Best Spotify to MP3 Converter for Android

Recently, some people asked how to download and convert Spotify to MP3 on Android. Spotify is one of the best music streaming services around the world, which was launched in October 2008. Now, hundreds of millions of users access Spotify at least one time a month. It makes senses if you consider that it collects over 30 million of songs and albums, including the latest one. Plus, Spotify is available to most platforms, like Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android. Much like Apple Music and Pandora, Spotify enables users to listen to music online on any devices directly. Is it possible to convert Spotify to MP3 Android for enjoying offline? Here is this post we will offer the ultimate guide.

Spotify to MP3 Android

Part 1: Restrictions to download Spotify to MP3

Spotify contains two kinds of subscription plan, free and premium. Theoretically, users can listen to Spotify songs without paying a penny since the free subscription requires people to watch random ads to exchange free music. On the other hand, the premium plan, which costs $10 for a personal account and $15 for a family account, offers more features, such as free of ads and listening to music offline.

However, the premium account has some limitations as well. The total tracks you can download on one device, for example, is 3333. Plus, you are only permitted to download the cached DRM OGG files, but not MP3 files. And they will be deleted after 30 days. That may be why some people look for Spotify to mp3 converter Android.

Part 2: Record Spotify and convert to MP3 with Screen Recorder

Looking for the method to convert Spotify to MP3 without quality loss? AnyMP4 Screen Recorder is the best answer. Its key features include:

1. Download Spotify to MP3 for listening to offline in a single click.

2. Remove DRM from WMA, M4B, ALAC, etc., by recording the music as MP3.

3. Utilize hardware and advanced technology to enhance the output quality.

4. Support to convert entire playlists to MP3 at one time.

5. Detect the intervals automatically when downloading multiple songs.

6. Offer extensive custom options for advanced users to create unique effect.

7. Overlay your voice on the downloaded music.

8. Pre-listen to the downloaded MP3 with the built-in media player.

In short, Screen Recorder is the best option for both average people and tech savvy to download Spotify music and convert it to MP3.

How to record Spotify to MP3 with recording

Step 1: Install the best Spotify to MP3 converter

Screen Recorder has two versions, one for Windows 10/8/8.1/7/XP and the other for Mac OS. Get the right one on your computer and launch it when you want to download Spotify music. Select Audio Recorder on the home interface to open the best Spotify to MP3 converter.


Step 2: Set Screen Recorder

There are two sections on the window, System Sound and Microphone. Turn on the former and disable the latter at the same time. This will only download music from Spotify. To change other custom options, like output quality, hotkeys, and more, hit the More settings at upper right side to open the Preferences dialog.


Step 3: Convert Spotify to MP3 simply

Open your web browser, access Spotify and sign in your account. Click the REC button as soon as playing the desired song or playlist, Screen Recorder will work automatically. When it finishes, hit the REC button again to save Spotify to MP3.


Congratulations! Now you can transfer the downloaded Spotify music to any devices and listen to it at any time offline.

Note: Screen Recorder does not have restraint on the length of the MP3 audio. And you can set the Duration based on your song or playlist, and then it will stop and save the audio automatically.

Part 3: Convert Spotify to MP3 on Android without recording

As you can see, no matter you are using a free Spotify account or premium plan, it is impossible to download Spotify to MP3 on Android without third party tools. In this part, we will tell you two simple tools to download Spotify to MP3 on Android without premium subscription.

KeepVid Music is a Spotify to MP3 converter without recording, which has the capacity to rip the music on Spotify and export it in MP3 format. Unfortunately, it is not available in Google Play Store, so you have to get it from the official website and install it on your Android phone as Unknown Sources.

Step 1: Run the Spotify converter app on your app drawer and select Spotify from home interface.

Step 2: In the built-in browser, search for the song that you want to listen to offline later and enter the address into the URL box.

Step 3: Touch OK to start grabbing the music from Spotify and saving it in MP3. This way may not work on all Spotify music.



In this tutorial, we concentrated on how to download and convert Spotify to MP3 and listen to it on Android or other devices. As mentioned, Spotify does not allow users to download music in MP3, no matter you have a free account or premium subscription. And Spotify to MP3 converter Android apps apparently include various shortcomings. So, we shared the best way to convert Spotify to MP3, AnyMP4 Screen Recorder. It allows you to get what you want without paying for the premium plan. And according to our testing, the output quality is amazing.

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August 28, 2018 20:01

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