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Mixcloud Downloaders – Download Mixcloud to MP3 up to 320kbps

Mixcloud, is the most popular British online music streaming service that has gained prominence from Barack Obama and TED Talks.

What draws the users is that the registers can listen and distribute the radio shows, DJ mixes, and podcasts.

Compared with its unlimited uploading service, it gives you no access to download Mixcloud songs due to the rights issues, if you want to play the Mixcloud tracks offline.

That's what we shall share in this post.

We gather the top Mixcloud downloaders to download radio, podcasts, and DJ mixes from Mixcloud to MP3 instantly.

Mixcloud to MP3

Mixcloud to MP3

Part 1. How to Free Download Mixcloud to MP3 Online (Attached Top-6 List of Mixcloud Downloaders) is the free Mixcloud to MP3 downloaders, which can download the Mixcloud song to MP3 and M4A by pasting the song link easily.

Step 1. Go to Mixcloud from your browser to open the song that you want to download, copy the URL of the Mixcloud song.

Step 2. Visit, paste the URL in the input field and hit Enter or click the right button with the three-dot.

Then this site will analyze the Mixcloud track.

Step 3. After the analysis process is done, you will see the Mixcloud song cover with the song information shown in a box.

Right-click the button "Right Click and Save Link As…" and select "Save link as" to select the destination where you will save the Mixcloud song to your computer.

Then the selected Mixcloud will be downloaded automatically on your computer.

Download mixcloud to mp3 online

Note: The downloaded Mixcloud format will be identical to its original uploads. If the downloaded Mixcloud is M4A, not MP3, you should convert it to MP3 further.

Apart from, you could also find other top 5 free online Mixcloud downloader to get MP3 DJ mixes, podcasts and radio.

Mixcloud downloader

Mixcloud downloader ( is the free Mixcloud downloader. You can paste the Mixcloud track URL into this site for MP3 downloads. Moreover, it also lets you download directly from Mixcloud only with your browser by changing the prefix from to, but keeping the left ones.

Mixcloud downloader


4HUB ( is the MP3 downloader from Mixcloud. Only paste the URL of the Mixcloud link into this site and click the Download button to start the Mixcloud downloads.



MIXCLOUD DOWNLOADER ( is the free Mixcloud downloader to MP3 or M4A as you like. As mentioned above, the Mixcloud download format is the original format from the upload in MixCloud. But this site, lets you select the download format from MP3 or M4A optionally.

In another word, it is the Mixcloud to MP3 downloader and converter free online.



9XBUDDY is another one free Mixcloud downloader to extract the MP3 track from Mixcloud. After pasting the track link into the address bar, you should click the download button, and it will display the analysis process. You can download M4A, MP3, M3U8, MPD, etc., from Mixcloud.

This free online Mixcloud downloader also offers an APK for Android users, and those who are using the Android phone can download Mixcloud files to phone directly now.

Note: This free online site bulging with the ads and you should pay more attention.



MyVid ( is the Mixcloud downloader and converter to get Mixcloud radio, DJ mixes, and podcasts to MP3 and MP4. After copying and pasting the URL from this site, it will analyze the Mixcloud track, and you can preview the Mixcloud song. For downloading it, you will need to click the download button.


Part 2. How to Save Any MixCloud Songs and Playlists to MP3

Though the above free online MixCloud downloaders can let you download Mixcloud music, DJ mixes and sets, most of them are not the MP3 format. Moreover, not every Mixcloud track is available for downloading.

For getting rid of the limit, here another Mixcloud to MP3 ripper is for you. AnyMP4 Screen Recorder is the any audio to MP3 extractor.

  • Capture Mixcloud podcasts, DJ mixes, and podcasts to MP3, M4A, AAC, CAF and WMV.
  • Save MP3 from other online sites like SoundCloud, Pandora, YouTube, Facebook, Spotify, and more.
  • Record the playlists from MixCloud by starting the scheduled task without sitting in front of the computer.
  • Record your own music creations for uploading and streaming to Mixcloud.
  • As the screen recorder to capture any screen from desktop, browser, and webcam with video and audio.

Step 1: Select Audio Recorder

Run this Mixcloud to MP3 recorder on your computer. Click "Audio Recorder" in the main interface.

Audio recorder

Step 2: Adjust audio recording settings

In the main interface, you should turn on "System Sound" and turn off "Microphone" to save the Mixcloud audio only and avoid noise around.

If you want to upload your music creation to Mixcloud, just enable "Microphone" and disable "System Sound". However, if you have the accompaniment form your computer for you voice recording, then just turn on both buttons.

Turn on system audio

Select output format

Click "Settings" icon above the microphone image to adjust the recording settings.

Here, apart from the optional settings of Recording, Mouse, Hotkeys, and Others, you should navigate the "Output" tab.

Here select MP3 from the dropdown list of "Audio format" and the Audio quality from low to lossless as you like.

Then click the "OK" button.

Select output format

Step 3: Record Mixcloud

While all settings are made, click "REC" button in this software on playing the Mixcloud music on your computer to start recording Mixcloud audio file.

You are able to pause/resume recording the audio file, and edit the video files like draw a line, add caption, callout, etc.

Note: For recording the Mixcloud playlist, you should add the song into the playlist one by one after login in your Mixcloud account.

Record mixcloud

Step 4: Clip and export Mixcloud to MP3

On clicking the stop button, you are directed into the preview window, where you can trim the Mixcloud audio while previewing. Click "Save" button to save the Mixcloud to MP3.

Record mixcloud to mp3

Part 3. How to Edit and Convert Mixcloud MP3 Downloads

As mentioned above, most free online Mixcloud downloaders may download the songs to M4A. Though M4A file delivers better quality and smaller file size than MP3 at the same bitrate, it is not yet universally playable on most devices like Samsung, HTC, etc.

So, converting the Mixcloud to MP3 is necessary.

AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate is M4A to MP3 converter with trim and merge features.

It can convert M4A to MP3 and adjust the audio bitrate up to 320 kbps and selecting the wanted channel and sample rate as you wish.

Step 1. Add Mixcloud M4A downloads

After downloading this software by clicking the above link, install and run this software on your computer. Click "Add File" button to import one or more Mixcloud M4A audio files into this program.

Add m4a

Step 2. Clip and merge MP3 optionally

This step is not necessary for you to set. It all depends on you.

Select one of the files, and click the "Clip" button in the main interface. Adjust the progress bar to set the starting and ending point. Click the scissors' image to split the one audio file into two parts, while click the plus image to create a new clip.

Click "OK" to save the changes and return to the main interface of this software.

Clip mixcloud

Step 3. Adjust MP3 settings

Select "MP3" from the dropdown list of "Profile" and if you want to get the Mixcloud MP3 with 320 kbps, just click the Settings option next to MP3 to adjust the bitrate, sample rate, channel, and encoder.

Adjust MP3

Step 4. Convert M4A to MP3

After getting all things well, just click "Convert" in the main interface to convert M4A to MP3 on your computer.

Convert M4A to MP3

Now, you can enjoy your favorite POSH DJ mixes, The Lot Radio, John Digweed, etc., offline in Mixcloud on any player.


Mixcloud is a popular free music streaming and listening site. Listening to the radio, DJ mixs and podcasts online is easy, but the offline playback is a little twisted. This post shows you 2 easy ways to download Mixcloud to MP3 and start the offline playback on any device conveniently.

Which way is your preferred one?

Let me know by leaving your comments right now.

What do you think of this post?


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