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Convert Facebook Video to MP3

How to Download Convert Facebook Video to MP3 on Desktop or Online

Facebook is the biggest social media sites around the world. A lot of people share various videos related to pets, wonderful moments, recipes, how-to guides, life hacks and music videos on Facebook. For some reason, you may want to download Facebook videos to MP3 for listening to on your mobile or computer. So, you will need a Facebook video to MP3 converter. This article will tell you several ways to extract MP3 files from Facebook videos and the details.

Facebook video to MP3

Part 1: Easiest Way to Convert Facebook Video to MP3

AnyMP4 Video Downloader is widely regarded as the best Facebook video to MP3 converter, partly because it offers extensive benefits. The easy-to-use features allows beginners and average people to master quickly. For advanced users, the custom options can meet different needs.

  • Download Facebook videos via URL simply.
  • Convert Facebook videos to MP3 while downloading.
  • Keep the original audio quality with advanced technology.
  • Batch process multiple Facebook videos at the same time.
  • Support a wide range of output formats and portable devices.

How to Convert Facebook Videos to MP3

Step 1: Get the best Facebook video to MP3 converter

The Facebook video to MP3 converter and downloader is the desktop software, so you need to download and install it on your computer. Then launch it and start download Facebook videos to MP3 files.


Step 2: Extract Facebook video from URL

Open your web browser and find the Facebook video you want to convert to MP3. Copy the video address to your clipboard. Click the Paste URL button and paste the video address into the box. Once hit the Analyze button, the media files in the URL will be extracted.


Step 3: Download Facebook videos as MP3

Check a proper media file and locate the bottom area. Select Automatically Convert to and pick up MP3 from the dropdown list. Click on the OK button to initiate downloading and converting Facebook videos to MP3.

Note: If you want to download other Facebook videos, simply perform the steps above. Moreover, you can convert Facebook videos for playing on portable devices, such as iPhone, iPad, or Android phone.

Part 2: Best Online Facebook to MP3 Converters

Web-based Facebook to MP3 converters are another way to extract MP3 files from Facebook videos. They do not require installation, and you can use them on any platforms with a web browser. The shortcomings of online Facebook video to MP3 downloaders are obviously, such as file size limitation, bad performance, and poor output quality. We identify three online apps that have the capacity to extract MP3 files from Facebook videos.

Method 1: How to Convert Facebook Video to MP3 with Apeaksoft

Apeaksoft's Online Video Converter is a free tool to get what you want. It does not have file size limit, so the performance is depending on your internet connection. One thing you should note that this video converter only supports local files converting to MP3.

Download Launcher

Step 1: Copy and paste into the address bar of your browser, and hit Enter key to open the Facebook video to MP3 converter.

Step 2: Click the Add Files to Convert button to get the launcher and then hit the Add File button to import the Facebook videos you want to convert. It supports batch-process.

Step 3: To adjust the custom options, hit the Gear icon next to the video and you will get Bitrate and other options.

Step 4: After Facebook videos importing, click the Music icon at the bottom and select MP3.

Finally, hit the Convert button to start converting Facebook videos to MP3 files.

Method 2: How to Download Facebook Video to MP3 via Online Video Converter

As its name said, Online Video Converter is a web-based app to download and convert Facebook videos to MP3 or other formats. Besides Facebook, it is available to YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo and more.

Facebook videos online Converter

Step 1: When you find a Facebook video interesting or useful, create a new tab in your browser and visit the online Facebook video to MP3 downloader.

Step 2: Copy the address of the Facebook video and paste into the box on the converter page.

Step 3: Click and expand the Format dropdown list and choose MP3 under the Audio Formats section. If you want to trim the media file or adjust the quality, hit More Settings to expand the panel.

Step 4: Click the Start button to begin downloading the Facebook video to MP3 file. When it is done, you can download the audio file to your hard drive.

Note: It can only handle one Facebook video per conversion.

Method 3: How to Download Facebook Video to MP3 through MP3 Hub

MP3 Hub is another web app available to many video hosting platforms including Facebook.

Extract audio from facebook video hub

Step 1: Access the web app in any browser and enter the URL of the desired Facebook video into the box. Hit the Search button to extract media files from the address.

Step 2: Click the Download icon on the next page to display more options. Switch to MP3 from the format option by hitting the Upward and Downward buttons.

Step 3: Hit the Download button to start Facebook video to MP3 downloading.

Bonus Tip: AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate

Add MP4 files

If you have downloaded Facebook videos to your hard drive, the best way to convert audio and video to MP3 is AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate. It allows you to process hundreds of video files at one time. Though it contains a lot of pro-level functionalities, such as video and audio editing tools, everyone can grasp them quickly.


This article talked about how to download and convert Facebook videos to MP3. Sometimes, audio files are better than videos. They take up less space and can play in the background. When you discover some useful Facebook videos, AnyMP4 Video Downloader can help you to extract MP3 files from online videos simply. Moreover, we also shared two web apps to do it online. If you have other questions related to Facebook video, please leave your message below this article.

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