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How to Download Bandcamp to MP3 on Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android

You may prefer to discover and purchase fantastic or latest music from independent musicians on Bandcamp. However, it is difficult to download Bandcamp as MP3 files. You are allowed to listen to any songs online for free on Bandcamp, but there is no download option. It seems the only downside. This article intends to share the best ways to download and convert Bandcamp songs to MP3 files on mobile and computer, so you can listen to them on any device without the internet connection.

Bandcamp to MP3

Part 1: What is Bandcamp?

Bandcamp is a popular online music service as well as an online music store. Artists are able to publish and distribute their amazing works on it. Music enthusiasts can find their favorite songs or the latest albums, listen to them online for free, send purchased songs to friends, and more.

Part 2: Download Bandcamp to MP3 on iPhone

Nowadays, more and more people become mobile-first, who do everything using their smartphones. If you are a member of mobile-first, it is a convenient way to enjoy your favorite music that download Bandcamp to MP3 on iPhone. You cannot find Bandcamp to MP3 downloader app in App Store since Apple performs serious copyright regulations. However, you can still get what you want following the steps below.

Download Bandcamp to MP3 on iPhone

Step 1: Make sure to install the Bandcamp and Documents apps on your iPhone.

Step 2: Open the Bandcamp app and find the album you want to download. Tap the Share icon and choose Copy to save the album address.

Step 3: Next, run the Documents app and open the built-in browser from the bottom of the home interface. Unlike Safari, the built-in browser in Documents permits you to save files from websites.

Use document download videos

Step 4: Visit a Bandcamp to MP3 downloader site, such as Tubeninja. It is able to download audio files from Bandcamp and save them as MP3 files automatically. Paste the album link into the box and tap the Download icon. When prompted, confirm downloading Bandcamp to MP3.

More ways of using other software to download MP3 files on iPhone iPad, just check it here.

Part 3: Download Bandcamp to MP3 on Android

For Android users, the good news is that you can download Bandcamp to MP3 within an online Bandcamp downloader directly. Android is an open system and allows you to download files from websites. There are several Bandcamp to MP3 downloaders online, such as Bandcamp album downloader and Catch Tube. We use the latter as the example.

Download MP3 Android

Step 1: Run the Bandcamp app or visit the website in your browser. Locate the Bandcamp album you want to download as MP3 and copy the link.

Step 2: Access Catch Tube in your mobile browser and switch to the PC version if the mobile version pops up. Then paste the address into the box and click the Catch Video button to extract media files from the URL.

Step 3: When analysis is done, you will be presented all the media files available. Tap the MP3 file for each song and download them to your phone.

Note: After downloading Bandcamp to MP3, you can listen to your music offline. However, when you do it, you still need to connect your Android phone to a good Wi-Fi network. Otherwise, it will take longer time or get your phone freezing.

Part 4: Convert Bandcamp to MP3 on Computer

Sometimes, downloading Bandcamp to MP3 on mobile is not the best choice to get your favorite music from the online music store. If you have a computer and want to get several albums, AnyMP4 Screen Recorder is the better option. As a flexible MP3 downloader, everyone can master this tool quickly.

  • Download Bandcamp to MP3 or other audio formats simply.
  • Keep the original quality and settings of the Bandcamp music.
  • Let you pre-listen to the MP3 recording before saving it.
  • Include a wide range of custom options related to output, hotkey, etc.
  • Work on any Bandcamp albums and single song.

How to Download Bandcamp to MP3 on Computer

Step 1: Install the best Bandcamp to MP3 downloader

In order to get the stable performance, you need to install the best Bandcamp to MP3 downloader to your PC. There is a dedicated one for Mac. Next, launch it and select Audio Recorder from the main interface.

Audio Recorder Feature

Step 2: Extract MP3 from Bandcamp album

To download Bandcamp to MP3, turn on the System Sound option while disable the Microphone option. Then adjust the volume to a proper value. Click the Settings menu to open the Preferences dialog and set MP3 as the output format in the Output tab.

Open your web browser and find the Bandcamp album you want to save as MP3. Start playing it and click the REC button to initiate downloading.

Tip: If you want to customize other options, you can find them in the Preferences dialog. Moreover, you can set the Task Schedule based on the length of the album.

Output Settings

Step 3: Save Bandcamp album as MP3 file

When the album is done, click the Stop icon to go to the Preview window. Here you can listen to the MP3 file. If you are satisfied, click on the Save button to save the Bandcamp album to MP3.

Pre listen audio

Bonus Tip: AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate

Add MP4 files

When converting between multimedia formats, you may consider several factors, such as ease to use, output quality, input and output formats, extra features, and more. AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate can meet all your need. It is pretty easy to master, even if you are non-tech savvy. The extensive custom options are available to advanced users. It works on almost all media formats, from MP4 to AVI, from MP3 to AAC. The excellent output quality is another reason you should use it.


Now, you should get the best methods to download Bandcamp to MP3 on iPhone, Android and computer. If you are worried about audio quality, we suggest you to use AnyMP4 Screen Recorder. It utilizes advanced technology to capture the details of Bandcamp albums. If you have other problems, please write it down below.

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